25 Best South Indian Movies On Netflix (2022) That You Must Try!

When it comes to Indian movies, one sector which has been suffering from a lot of stereotypes is the south Indian movie sector, yes, we all have heard the rumors that the law of physics doesn’t work in those movies, and practically speaking there are some movies which do consist of that stuff, however, there are also certain movies that you all are missing just because of those of stereotypes. We can never forget the hype some recent movies such as RRR, KGF 2, and some other south Indian movies have received and the amount of money along with the contribution to the movie sector they have made.

When it comes to the south Indian industry, there are a few names which we must introduce you to first, we have Dulquer Salman, then we have Vijay Deverakonda, and some other big names such as Allu Arjun and if you find any movie on Netflix which includes this name, you don’t really have to check the reviews and stuff, just go and hop on the seat and press the play button, because these actors will never disappoint you.

Now recently if you have been following the industry, you would know that there is a lot of chaos, as most of all the people who have been a fan of the Indian movie genre have got the Netflix platform, and it is expected that all big movies will have their streaming services available on that particular platform, however, some of the big names are missing and there has been a lot of chaos regardi9ng which movies are available and will be worth a watch on the platform. Firstly, we will ensure you that there are many south Indian blockbuster hits available and we have listed down 25 of our personal recommendations which you all can surely give a try. The IMDb ratings and the subbed and dubbed option-related information have all been stated below.

Best South Indian Movies On Netflix

1. O Kadhal Kanmani

Best South Indian Movies On Netflix

So many of you out there have heard of the movie ok Jannu which was one of the best hits of Aditya Roy Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor, yes many of you may not know about6 the fact that just like Kabir Singh is a remake of a south Indian movie, Ok Jannu is a remake of this movie, and something from our experience we can say is that this movie is on another level. If you have loved Ok Jannu, you will love this one more. This movie has received an IMDb rating of 7.4, which is quite amusing based on the genre it is from.

This movie stars Dulquer Salman and Nithya Menen and is directed by the legendary Mani Ratnam Sir. The movie has been described by many critics as one of the best depictions of modern-day love chemistry and how perfect relationships are. Overall, a great movie and a perfect watch if you are looking for something in the romantic genre.

2. Ala Vaikanthapurramuloo

Best South Indian Movies On Netflix

Now if you have been looking for a family drama for a long time and have been a fan of great humor sense with great songs and just a package of entertainment, then your stop has also arrived. This movie stars the most stylish hero and the legend of the south Indian movie industry, Allu Arjun, whom almost everyone knows for his Pushpa character.

This movie came out in the year 2020 and was a big hit on the Netflix platform, if you are looking for something which you want to watch with your family, you can actually go for this. There are some amazing songs and this movie is available with subtitles as well as there is a dubbed version available for this movie. The IMDb rating of the movie is 7.3 which is again quite moderate for this particular genre.

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3. Hey Sinamika

Best South Indian Movies On Netflix

Dulquer Salman has been just growing massive hits this year, we have all heard of the movie Sita Ramam, however unfortunately that movie isn’t available on the Netflix platform. Though don’t be sad as another majestic love story has been brought by him this year only and that is available on the platform. This movie has received a 6.0 IMDb rating, which is again quite moderate.

The movie mainly shows the story of a husband and wife, and how their first few years were absolutely amazing but as time passed the wife planned on getting a divorce and for that, she asked the help of a therapist, as the therapist ends up wooing her husband and they start falling in love, the wife gets completely jealous and understands the true value of her husband. The entire movie is amazing and a great watch for all the people out there who regret leaving someone behind.

4. Major

Many of you may have heard of this movie already and if you haven’t, you may have known the name of the personality on whom this movie is based. Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan, a name whom none of us should ever forget, is one of the most diligent soldiers we lost during the Mumbai attacks of 2008. This movie is basically a depiction of his life, how he became a soldier, how he was as a human being and the major risks he has taken, and the sacrifices he has made to save thousands of people’s lives.

If you have been looking for an army-based movie, then this movie is the perfect watch for you. This movie also came out in 2022 and has received an 8.2 IMDb rating out of 10 which is just amazing. Nothing more needs to be told, the critic reviews stand extraordinary and this is one of those movies, that you can enjoy alone, with friends, family, or anyone.

5. Tughlaq Durbar

Best South Indian Movies On Netflix

Comedy movies have been a specialty of the south Indian movie industry and when it comes to legendary actors from the south of India, we can’t ever forget the name Vijay Sethupati. One of the greatest stars and a person who has given us some of the most legendary films out there. This belongs to the comedy genre and has concentrated on split personality disorder. Basically, the movie is set in a political background where the main lead has got two personalities but that is discovered much later, it very political move he makes, that is soon messed up by his other personality, and the movie is filled with those dilemmas filled actions, sometimes you yourself will be confused which action is taken by which personality.

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6. Super Deluxe

Many of you may have heard of this movie because this is an absolute hit and a very unique take of the makers. The movie is basically a compilation of four different stories that are connected by a thin uncanny thread and gets to a happy ending by the end, but while coming towards the ending, you are just going to be a different kind of adventure. The movie has starred some of the greatest actors in the south Indian movie industry and has received an 8.3 IMDb rating out of 10 which is quite amazing. The movie has been critically praised and has received a lot of awards for its unique depiction.

7. Doctor

Best South Indian Movies On Netflix

This movie is also another very underrated movie in the industry. Human trafficking racket has been a big thing all over the world and movies based on those are many but something that can be so real, it hasn’t been thought of by the Indian entertainment sector as of now. This movie is basically based on how an army doc gathers his team and sets on a mission to recover the niece of his fiancé and while doing so they unveil one of the biggest human trafficking rackets going on out there. The movie has received a 7.4 IMDb rating and is worth a watch.

8. Andhaghaaram

Best South Indian Movies On Netflix

For this movie, we are going to describe three different characters, the first is a psychiatrist, who is very lonely and doesn’t know what’s going on in his life, then we have a cricketer who has failed professionally and has got a messed up daily life and lastly, we have a librarian who is blind. All three of these characters end up getting connected, though the connection ends up being supernatural and that is how this horror mystery and thriller story goes on. The show has received a 7.6 IMDb rating and has been very much praised for the groovy story and the amusing performance of the actors.

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9. Shyam Singha Roy

The entire concept of reincarnation is very uncanny and confusing according to most. Does it happen, or does it now, we actually don’t know much about it. However, in this movie, we see the story of a new director who ends up getting charged with plagiarism after his movie just goes viral, but the plagiarism charges are pressed against him by a publishing house according to whom, all his works are a copy of an old writer from Bengal. Is it true, if it is not and even if it’s true, what is the connection between this director and this Bengali writer? To know more watch this movie right now. The movie has received a 7.7 IMDb rating which is also quite great.

10. Bheesma

Best South Indian Movies On Netflix

When we are talking of south Indian movies, we can’t just rule out the fact that the gorgeous Rashmika Mandana is one of the biggest stars of the industry and she has also come up with a new film just a few days back. Though Pushpa is a different case, Bheesma is here to quench your thirst. This movie came out just a few days back and is also a love story, where we find a company and a boy to coincidentally share the same first name and this boy also ends up falling in love with a girl working in that company. However, just like most other stereotypical movies, we have got a villain and a hero and Bheesma is here to save the lives of many.

11. C/o Kancharapalem

Best South Indian Movies On Netflix

This 2018 movie has received critical acclamation from all over the world. This movie is a must-watch and also one of the highest-rated movies out there. The movie’s concept is very simple, we have got four different love stories going on, each has got its own problems and own struggles and how will they end up till the end, that is something we will need to find. The movie has received an 8.9 IMDb rating out of 10 and has been very much praised by critics. It has represented India on many world stages and overall, this is a must-watch if you really want to understand south Indian movie culture.

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12. Kabali

This movie can’t be missed anyhow. The Thalaiva himself stars in this movie and the entire concept of this movie is also very nice. The IMDb ratings of the movie are 6.1 out of 10 which may not seem a lot but based on how the movie was, it’s quite decent. The movie depicts the story of how a man was wrongly imprisoned when he tried to bring justice to Indian laborers in Malaysia and when he gets out of prison, it’s his story of getting his revenge and providing justice to everyone out there. This movie may not be one of the greatest works of Rajnikant Sir, but it still, can’t be ignored when it comes to south Indian movies.

13. Jagame Thandiram

Before describing the movie, we need to tell you that, this movie is just different, and don’t judge this based on its ratings. If you are a Dhanush fan, you are just going to love this movie, beyond whatever the story is. This movie is basically the story of a gangster, who wasn’t meant to be a gangster, the evilness was just not for him and when he gets trapped between choosing good and bad, he doesn’t know what to do, we have also got a love twist in this movie and all over a movie starring Dhanush just can’t be bad anyhow.  His smile is enough to make people fall in love with the movie and sometimes he is “rowdy” enough.

14. Wild Dog

All the Nagarjuna fans out there, we know you all have been waiting for one of his movies, and congratulations as the wait is finally over. Wild dog is one of our favorite movies of Nagarjuna sir and though it hasn’t been very highly rated if you are looking for an action thriller with a great depiction of how the Indian nation’s intelligence departments work, this movie is going to be a great watch for you all. The movie is basically a team of Indian officers, who have been given the task of eliminating any attacks from outside India which will possess a great danger to Indian security and citizens. The team goes through an extremely dangerous situation and fulfills its task at all costs.

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15. Kannum Kannum Kollaiyadithaal

Another Dulquer Salman movie is, yes, we also know that you want some other artists, but what can we do, he has been just going on giving us hits after hits. This movie is another comedy and romance genre movie and is basically the story of two scammers who get on the right track after finding the love of their lives, but people shouldn’t forget the fact that they are scammers and I someone messes with them they know how to handle stuff. This movie is a fun watch with engaging songs and cute budding love chemistry and if you love cars, this movie surely has got some great cars.

16. Mallesham

One of the best movies on this list is this one. Mallesham tells us the story of Chintakindi Mallesham, you all may not know about him but his contribution will never be forgotten. This is a biographical movie and follows the story of a man who revolutionized the entire weaving industry which is basically a woman-powered sector, and the conditions out there are absolutely not what they deserve. This man turned the tables, dropped out of school, and walked on a way that will turn the loves of, millions of women. The movie is very much watch-worthy and covers a beautiful story and mainly it is a tribute to a great man’s contribution.

17. KGF

We all know about this movie very well, and if you don’t, then you need to grab onto your seat belts and get ready for one of the most action-packed films in the south industry. The superstar Yash stars as rocky in this movie and goes on an adventure to make his name a brand. A brand that will scare everyone out there. The KGF movie is one of the best movies to be watched on this list and mostly this movie has got a second part also, which will soon be available on the streaming platform. This movie is just worth the money.

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18. Irul

This is one of our personal favorites on the list. If you have been a fan of mystery and thriller movies, this one is just made for you. We all know how great of an artist Fahadh Fasil is and how much he has proven himself in the last few years. This movie is just another of his great works. The movie shows how a couple gets entrapped in a house whose owner is related to something very horrific and everyone related to that scene, just gets their entire life turned around. The owner of the house is none other than Fahadh himself and this movie will just give you goosebumps at every step.

19. Petta

Previously we gave you a movie of Thalaiva that may be a little bit criticized, however for this one, you all will thank us for sure. We all know how much Thalaiva loves the action in his movies and how well he plays that role, and this time he is taking up the role of a simple hostel warden who has got a very boring life however things get turned when our Thalaiva gets messed up by a few gangsters and now is their time to regret because we all know how the movie will end. Though throughout the movie, there are certain twists and turns that you can’t miss at any cost. Overall, a great watch for all.

20. Sarkar

All the joseph Vijay fans out there, this movie is for you. Sarkar is basically a 2018 movie that was quite a massive hit and follows the story of an NRI business that didn’t know much about the Indian conditions but after coming back to India, is shocked to see how the voting system actually works here. So, he decides to unveil the truth however two dangerous politicians are also ready to even kill him before he does any harm to the corrupt system that has been set for years.

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21. Njan Prakashan

We have already praised Fahadh a lot and that’s the big reason that he has come up with another movie. Njan Prakashan is basically a comedy film but quite unique. The story is of a man who escapes from studying nursing and earning a lot of money and dreams of leading a life outside of India, a very lavish lifestyle filled with comfort and luxury and for that, he needs a visa. Now for getting a visa he needs a rich spouse and for that, he does a scam. It’s all chronological but quite funny and that’s why you all should miss this movie.

22. Varane Avashyamund

Now women’s marriage age is quite a controversial topic and everyone has got some opinions, but the fact is no one needs to have any opinion regarding it. It’s completely what she wants and that is what we get to see in this movie. Two couples of two different age groups and their search for love. This movie has also been rated quite highly and the critics have also praised it a lot regarding this movie. Overall, a great watch for all the audiences out there.

23. Saakini Daakini

This movie is another great watch and one of the best movies of 2022 when it comes to south Indian movies. The movie follows the story of two police trainee officers who have a lot of ambition regarding their dream job however everything turns around when one night they get to see a girl get kidnapped and when they report that to the nearby police station, they end up getting no help. Soon they start their own mission to help the girl. This movie has been moderately rated and quite entertaini9ng for the audience.

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24. Ayana

Do you dream big? Have you always faced people’s judgment when you have tried to go against the flow? You are not alone, there are millions of [people out there doing the same and this is a movie that you should watch as it covers the life of an entrepreneur who is ready to give up everything to get the life of his dream. The movie is surely worth a watch and has received a lot of appreciation.

25. Ante Sudharaniki

Interreligious marriages are tough and almost all of us know that very well by now. However, this is a movie that will still give hope to all the lovers out there, who have lost hope of love, due to such problems. The story of two childhood friends, who fall for each other after growing up, and is their journey of convincing their conservative family’s regarding their marriage.

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