Colors TV Upcoming Serials Of 2022: Big Boss 16 Added To The List!

When it comes to the Bollywood serial industry, one of the Broadcasting station’s names can never be forgotten for its brilliance and the level of show it has maintained over the years. From the statistical reports that we have received, we also need to consider this to be one of the biggest Broadcasting stations that exist in the Indian entertainment industry, and along with that, we must also remember that the viewers this broadcasting channel has got on its list I s much bigger than most other serial-based channels. Indian shows have always been something that has been treated based on the stereotypes that have existed over the years and are often considered to be overly dramatic and not worth the watch. However, this tv channel has produced some of the best shows in the industry, such as Balika Vadhu. It has also been the destination for two of the greatest shows in the Bollywood industry which include Big boss and Khatron Ke Khiladi, which are two reality shows actually, or we may say one is a stunt-based show. However, the main thing is Colors Tv Channel has been trying to break the stereotype and bringing more sensible and watchable shows than most other broadcasting channels out there.

Coming to the main topic of this article, as we all know, most of 2022 has already passed. We have received many famous shows on the colors channel already, including big names such as Parineeti, Spy Bahu, and many others; however, if you are still wondering how to occupy your evening with more entertaining shows, then don’t need to worry. You don’t need to change the Tv channel too, because in the next few months the Colors TV channel is coming up with a few more shows that have been rated very high already and you surely won’t be disappointed in them. Now where to search for this show? You don’t need to, as we have already listed the shows and given you a proper brief of the upcoming shows of 2022, starting from the September months to the following.

1. Big Boss 16

Colors TV Upcoming Serials Of 2022!

One of the biggest shows in the Bollywood industry is this one, and no one can criticize it because the biggest Bollywood star, Salman khan, is the host. He is the main reason this show has been going on for many years. Now, if you are not very well aware of what goes on in this show, then worry not, because we will brief you first; in this reality television show, we see some participants are meant to stay at a house called the Big Boss house and they are not allowed to leave and have to cope with the other contestants who live there and some end up forming some love relations while some end up getting on bitter terms with each other. Then we see these participants being allotted many tasks and stuff which end up creating more drama and chaos than fun for the participants, and that is surely very entertaining for the people out there. This show is all set to make its release in October months of 2022, and thus, we will have to wait a little longer to see our all-favorite Salman Khan in action.

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2. Jhalak Dikhla Ja 10

Colors TV Upcoming Serials Of 2022

Now, this can’t be that you have been a fan of Bollywood and haven’t heard of this show because when it comes to dance-based reality tv shows, this is the most popular one out there. One of the main reasons is the excellent hosts and the judges they have got, which include Karan Johan, Nora Fatehi, and Madhuri Dixit this time. In this show, we get to see many new participants and tv figures who are very renowned in their sector taking the help of Music directors and creating performances with their partners or people whom they end up being grouped with, and mainly it’s a male and a female couple participant in each team. Every episode is a new topic based on which they have to perform, and that’s how we reach the finals. The winner takes home a big prize which keeps on changing. This show is also set to make its release in September months of 2022.

3. Kuberan’s House: Startup ka bap

Colors TV Upcoming Serials Of 2022

Now, this is a brand new show which has been the idea of the very famous Bollywood star Sonu Sood who, after seeing the hype regarding Shark Tank, which was an international concept brought to India, but this time, it’s a complete Indian concept in which every budding entrepreneur who has got a dream and a great idea to bring new welfare projects to the society will be brought to the platform and will be offered investment, and this can be considered very close to Shark tank. Still, the budget is huge, and from what we have heard, it is also the biggest Start-Up based to show that Indian television will ever see. This show is also set to make its release in October months of 2022

4. Sansaar

Colors TV Upcoming Serials Of 2022

The fourth show on our list is not a reality show or anything of that sort, don’t get worried; it is the basic fictional dramatic serial we nearly get most of the time. However, even before the show’s release, the hype has been really good, and the show is supposedly a family drama that will include a couple and a joint family, as it has been in most shows we have seen so far on the channel. However, in this, the daily dramas and the hurdles people have to overcome in day-to-day life will be shown in an extremely realistic and dramatic way, filled with romance, tragedy, and many more genres. Overall, this will be a blockbuster show, and it’s also going to make its release in September months of 2022.

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