When Is Blinded Those Who Kill Season 3 Release Date Arriving?

Those Who Kill is a Danish crime television series created by Ina Bruen [da] and produced by Miso Film and Viaplay/Nordic Entertainment Group. It was released on Viaplay in the Nordic countries on March 1, 2019, and has been aired/streamed in several other countries since then. The series follows criminal profiler Louise Bergstein (Natalie Madueño)’s attempts to connect unsolved murders. The series was created by Elsebeth Egholm and is a reboot of her eponymous crime thriller that aired on TV 2 in 2011. The second season is subtitled Blinded: Killers in Some Areas.

After six months of searching for 17-year-old Julie Vinding (Alvilda Lineborg Lassen), who went missing on the way home from a party outside Copenhagen, Detective Jan Michaelson (Kenneth M. Christensen) is caught. The boss believes the girl is dead. Michelson continues to investigate the case in his spare time and discovers that Natasha, another 17-year-old blonde girl, disappeared ten years earlier. He soon finds Natasha’s body in the lake and is put back in charge of the case. Michelson’s boss, his MT (Peter Mygindo), enlists criminal profiler Louise Bergstein (Natalie Madueño) to help investigate. When a third blonde girl, hotel worker Emma Horst (Tessa Horder), is kidnapped, investigators discover they may be looking for a serial killer.

Blinded Those Who Kill Season 3 Release Date

Blinded Those Who Kill Season 3 Release Date

Written by Ina Bruen and directed by Mads Kamp Trustrup, Season 3 is currently filming in Copenhagen and Roskilde and will premiere at Viaplay in Scandinavia in early 2023. Starring Natalie Madueño as a criminal profiler forced to confront the darkest recesses of the human psyche, this series returns for the third eight-episode season. When a middle-aged couple is brutally murdered, psychologist Louise Bergstein (Natalie Madueño) joins the police in their search for the perpetrators and remains with the team despite her fears about her previous case.

An investigation leads her and Detective Frederick Haggard (Simon Sears) to a desperate young man with a dark secret, and Louise herself to face personal darkness. Natalie Madueño says: This time we meet a much more vulnerable and human version of Louise who is forced to face her inner demons and her past…and choose how she wants to live in the future.

Name Of The ShowBlinded Those Who Kill
Season NumberSeason 3
GenreCrime, Thriller
Blinded Those Who Kill Season 1 Release Date1 March 2019
Blinded Those Who Kill Season 3 Release DateNot Announced

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Blinded Those Who Kill Season 3 Cast

Natalie Madueno as Louise Bergstein, Kenneth M. Christensen as Jan Michelsen, Tobias Santelmann as Peter Vinge, Signe Egholm Olsen as Stine Velin, Helle Fagralid as Karina Horup, Jens Anderson as Soren Dedenroth, Tessa Hoder as Emma Holst, and Carsten Andersen as Politistatist.

Blinded Those Who Kill Season 3 Story

A man, tied up and bleeding, holds a knife to a masked man and tells him, “I want my mother,” before being tortured and eventually stabbed. They are greeted at Hoonen station by Alice Ebay (Sorbjorg Heuveldt), an old friend of her mother’s who took Louise and her mother in when Louise’s father was abusive. When Louise’s mother returned to her father, she severed their friendship. was not found. Alice has a malignant brain tumour and has only a few months to live, so she feels a sense of urgency. Meanwhile, in another part of the island, a workman named Peter Vinge (Tobias Santelmann) is raising his son Johannes (Louis Ness-Schmidt) more or less as a single parent. She returned and told him that they wanted to promote her and that for the next few years she would live in Singapore. She doesn’t want Peter to come with her, especially since their marriage has been strained for some time.

Blinded Those Who Kill Season 3 Trailer

Blinded Those Who Kill Season 3 Release Date

After returning to Huenen to visit her mother’s friend, Alice Evaye (Sorbjörk Heuveld), Bergstein takes care of her 18-year-old son Markus Evaye (Wilmer Trier) from Every, who is suffering from terminal cancer. Broger) has been commissioned to investigate the unsolved murder case. Researched 5 years ago. Bergstein soon discovers similarities to the unsolved murders of his two young men, Kasper Larsen (Theorepti) and Ricky Hansen (Peter Zandersen), on the island five years earlier. When Markus Ejbye’s friend, her fifth young man William Fjeldby (Oscar Dyekjær Giese), is murdered in similar circumstances, she teams up with Karina Hørup (Helle Fagralid), the lead investigator in the case, to commit a serial killer. track down the culprit. The murder case resumed after 5 years.

Where To Watch Blinded Those Who Kill Online?

You can watch the Blinded Those Who Kill on Amazon Prime Video.

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