IT Chapter 3 Release Date: Is The Sequel Confirmed?

Have you been a fan of horror movies and is that the genre that comprises your late-night binge list mostly? Then you must have heard of the movie “IT” and maybe many of you have already read the book by Stephen King titled the same as the movie. If you have done so, you probably know what a masterpiece it is and you don’t need to read much of this introductory paragraph and jump right to the next paragraphs where we have covered the main topic of this article, but if you are one of those few audiences, who haven’t heard much of the IT movie series and are very much interested to know how this film goes and the overall story of this movie, then we suggest you read this introductory paragraph.

IT was originally a book which is written by one of the most well-known writers of the horror genre, Stephen King, and if we are talking about the book, the first thing that we must mention is if you are ready for a bit of nightmare and goosebump moments while being alone in the house, this book is a must-read for you. IT is regarded as Stephen King’s one of the best work and it revolves around how a demon takes shape of the fears that originally exist deep in your heart and are lurking around just to eat you up at the end.

Now moving forward to the movie franchise that has been waiting to be transformed into a trilogy for a long time, however, we won’t go into all the talk now, let us brief you a bit about the story and how the movie ended up being made. The original book which is the main source of ideas in the movie franchise is actually set in two time zones, one being in the 1980s and after that, we see a 27-year time skip and we end up in 2016 which follows the story of the same characters whom we had seen year back and the same shape-shifting clown which terrorized them back in the days.

Now this is the first time many of you who don’t know anything about the series, hearing about the main evil spirit in a story being a clown, and you also may end up laughing at the fact, that some people end up considering clowns as scary, however, this shapeshifter clown is very different, from any clown, he is the one, whose thirst is for human meat and only of those humans who are in a state of fear. the first part of the movie which came out in the year 2017 adapted the first period of the story and mainly based is a story on the characters when they were young and the clown Pennywise came into their lives, and the second part of the story is actually covered in chapter 2 of the movie franchise. The second movie came out in the year 2019 and is more well known for the excellent acting skills of the cast starring in the movie.

Now coming to the ratings and reviews of the movie series. Firstly, we must say that the book It has received many awards since the 1980s for its excellent well-written script and for Stephen King doing excellent work in bringing out the true essence of fear in his work. The first movie of the franchise was considered by many critics as one of the best movies that came out in the year 2017 and 2019, just blew off the charts, and had huge success. The IMDB ratings of the show were also very nice and it was an R-rated movie other than that the critic’s comment regarding this movie was also positive only and this movie changed the entire perspective of the audience regarding clowns

Now coming to the main topic which is regarding the third season of the franchise and whether it will be a trilogy. The thing is, the movie story has adapted nearly everything from the book, other than the fact that there is some mythological reference connected to the story, and thus the maker’s word regarding chapter 3 of the franchise is not very positive. Other than that, we have some other theories that have been provided on the IMDb pages which are mainly fan theories. Now another spin-off mini-series is something that the makers of the franchise have been working on this year titled “Welcome To Derry” and that is also set in the same timeline, just many years before the setting of the first movie, and follows the origin of the Pennywise the clown.

IT Chapter 3 Release Date

IT Chapter 3 Release Date

The book on which the entire story has been adapted was written by Stephen King and came out in the year 1986. After that, the idea of the movie adapted came around in the year 2015, and soon, the first movie from the franchise came out in the year 2017 after which we received a break for two years, and then finally the second movie in which we see the end of Pennywise come out in the year 2019. Now as we have said there haven’t been any discussions regarding IT Chapter 3, which is very unprobeable and even if it happens the work will begin in 2023 and not in 2022 anyhow. Other than that, the spin-off series on which the makers of the show have been working titled “Welcome To Derry” is set to make its release by early 2023, however, there are also chances that it may end up getting delayed to mid-2023 but whatever happens 2023 is the year in which it will be finally released to us.

Name Of The ShowIT
Season NumberSeason 3
GenreSupernatural, Horror
IT Chapter 1 Release DateSeptember 8, 2017
IT Chapter 3 Release DateNot Announced

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IT Chapter 3 Story

Now, this is the main thing, that many of our readers have been working on. The first story that we have found as a fan theory and is also available on the IMDB website is that Pennywise before his end, laid a lot of eggs all around Derry, and soon they will hatch and the story will continue with new characters and the looser club still being a part of it. Now this is a very unprobeable theory as this will change the entire story of Stephen King and the sacrifices that have been made till now will end up being in vain. Other than that as we have already told, there is a reference to mythology that Pennywise is actually an ancient evil spider, who resides in the sewers and takes the form of people’s biggest fears and feeds on them and there is also a reference to a turtle hero in that story which may be the foundation of the new chapter of IT, however, the makers haven’t expressed any enthusiasm regarding this story. These are the main two theories that have seemed to be more likely to be used in the next chapter, however, has no confirmation yet and fans shouldn’t be very optimistic about it.

There is a spin-off series that has been announced recently by the franchise and it is actually a mini-series that is set up in the same universe and dates back nearly 25 years from the first chapter, and the Looser Club will mainly concentrate on how Pennywise came into existence. This may end up being related to the mythological reference that we have mentioned so far or may end up being a story with new writers and a new theory that hasn’t been revealed as of now.

IT Chapter 3 Cast

As we have already mentioned there hasn’t been any confirmed news regarding the third chapter yet, and thus we can’t predict a cast for the show. The series which has been just announced a few days back hasn’t released the cast for the show also, so we can’t predict anything about that yet too. However, based on the IMDb page and a fan-made theory, there are certain chances that if IT Chapter 3 is made, we may end up seeing Logan Paul, Bill Sarsgaard, Anthony Mackie, and many other well-known names from the industry but this is just a theory so far.

IT Chapter 3 Trailer

IT Chapter 3 Release Date

The 3rd chapter of the show hasn’t been confirmed yet by any of the sources and thus we also haven’t received a trailer for chapter 3. Other than this the trailer for both the previous chapters are currently available on the YouTube platform. Other than that, the mini-series titled “Welcome To Derry” will supposedly release its trailer by the end of 2022, however, there is also a chance that it can be delayed so do keep an eye on that.

Where Can We Watch IT Chapter 3 Online?

Just like the previous two chapters, if the third chapter happens, it will make its release in the theatres first and then will be available on many streaming platforms such as Netflix and others. We still haven’t received any update on where “Welcome To Derry” will be released.

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