After 4 Release Date Is Finally Announced Before Us!

After is one of the most famous franchises of romantic movies. There are already three parts released under the franchise and all three of them are well received by the audience. The movie is based on the 2014 novel named After which is written by Anna Todd. The first part of the movie was released in April 2019 after which the other two parts followed in 2020 and 2021. After winning the heart of the audience with the last three parts the After franchise is all set to release its next part and here is all you need to know about it.

After 4 Release Date

After 4 Release Date

After 4 or After Ever Happy is all set to be released on September 7, 2022, in the US. The movie will be released a little earlier in cinemas in Europe. People in Europe will be able to watch the movie on 25th August. The release date for the UK is not announced yet so it is expected that the movie will be released on Amazon Prime Videos just like the third part did. The last part was released on Prime Videos after a month of its release in the US so we are expecting the same pattern of release for the fourth part as well. Both the third and fourth part of the movie is working together in 2020 and wrapped up in September 2021.

Name Of The ShowAfter
Season NumberSeason 4
After Release DateApril 10, 2019
After 4 Release DateSeptember 7, 2022

After 4 Cast

The leading actors of the franchise Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin are all set to be back as Tessa and Hardin in the fourth part of the After movie. The other cast members for the film are also going to be the similar faces that we saw in the previous parts. Supporting cast members include Chance Perdomo as Landon Gibson, Kiana Madeira as Nora, Rob Estes as Ken Scott, Frances Turner as Karen Scott, Louise Lombard as Trish Daniels, Anton Kottas as Smith Vance, Arielle Kebbel as Kimberly, Stephen Moyer as Christian Vance, and Mira Sorvino as Carol Young.

The makers however had to recast the characters, Landon and Frances, as the original actors but were not available due to prior commitments to the work. And the sad news about the cast is that the fourth part of After will be the last part portraying Josephine and Tiffin as the main couple. According to the plan of the makers, there are two more parts of the movies that are going to be released in the coming future but Josephine and Tiffin are not going to be a part of the other two parts. So you might not want to miss at least this part of After.

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After 4 Story

In the last part, it was shown that Tessa’s father has arrived which has created more problems for the relationship between Tessa and Hardin. On the other hand, Tessa is all set to move to Seattle to pursue her dream job. Hardin isn’t pleased by the idea of Tessa moving out and does everything he can to stop her from moving out. Later on, we see that Hardin eventually convinces himself that he should let Tessa go and follow her dream. Both of them are now in a long-distance relationship.

Just when everything started working out smoothly, Hardin discovers that his new dad is Christian Vance, owner of Vance Publishing, this turns out to be the company where Tessa is currently working. What makes this situation more awkward is that Tessa and Hardin discover this on his mother’s wedding day in London. The fourth part of the movie deals with Tessa and Hardin’s relationship after a time jump of several years.

If we go through the official synopsis of the After 4, it is pretty confusing. According to the official synopsis, both Tessa and Hardin have grown individually over the years which has affected their relationship in many ways. In the previous chapters, they have fought against all the odds that came on their way but will they be able to fight the circumstances that way will be facing in the coming chapter? The couple will either have a fairytale ending or a tragic ending to their passionate and toxic relationship.

This is the final movie of Tessa and Hardin as the lead couple, the movie will give us the most heartbreaking ending of their relationship or the most beautiful one. Whatever happens, we can ensure you that this movie is going to be one hell of a journey for all its fans across the world.

Where To Watch After 4 Online?

After 4 will be released in cinemas in the US and Europe. Other countries have to wait for at least one month after the release to watch the movie on Prime Videos.

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