Is Ben Azelart Dating? Who Is His Partner?

Benjamin Roger Azelart is famous for his content on YouTube and other social media networks such as Instagram and TikTok etc. He is a well-known influencer, who has also worked on the Brat tv series Brobot. At the age of 20, he achieved a lot of success and love from his fans, other than being an influencer, Ben Azelart is also an actor, skateboarder, vlogger, and TikTok. He was born in a simple family in Texas, United States of America.

Is Ben Azelart Dating?

Is Ben Azelart Dating

Yes, Ben Alzeart is dating. When a YouTuber gets popular rumours about their relationship are common, and it is usual to hear news about Ben Azelart dating a fellow YouTuber or an actor. Ben has worked a lot with Brent Rivera, and his sister Lexi Rivera, rumours about Ben and Lexi Rivera dating are so common now, but neither Ben nor Lexi ever publicly stated that they are dating, but there are a lot of videos to prove that they were.

Fans were upset to know that Lexi Rivera and Ben Azelart have broken up now, but both of them have moved on and have found new partners, Lexi is rumoured to be dating Andrew, another popular YouTuber. There were rumours that Ben Azelart is dating Brighton Sharbino, a popular model, there were photos of Ben Azelart and Eva Gutowski, another internet star.

Ben is currently dating Hannah Thomas an Instagram model, there are many pictures of them together, and Ben has said that he feels lucky to have Hannah Thomas. Hannah is a popular Instagram model with over 100k followers. They both have been featured in many YouTube and TikTok videos together.

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Ben Azelart Early Life

Ben Azelart was born on 10 January 2002, in Texas, United States of America. After a while, he shifted to Hawaii and got his High School education from Kailua Intermediate School Hawaii. Ben is American by nationality and seems to follow the Christian religion. Ben Azelart’s father Lionel Azelart is a fleet captain at Hawaii airlines, and his mother Jill Azelart is a dental hygienist, Ben also has an older brother Julian Azelart, who is also an internet star. After completing school, Ben Azelart got enrolled in a university. Ben Azelart loves to skateboard and hence he has participated in skateboarding competitions.

Ben Azelart Career 

Ben Azelart started his YouTube career in 2016, soon he started gaining viewers and subscribers from the fans, his YouTube channel is popular for challenges and funny videos. He has done many pranks with his friends and YouTubers, he also has a podcast now called Stay Wild. He is friends with many popular internet stars such as Brent River, Alan Stocks, and Alex Stocks, He has also collaborated with his fellow YouTubers such as Lexi Helens, Hannah Thomas, Andrew, Dom, and Pierson. Ben Azelart gets more than 10 million views on every video, and he currently has 10.9 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Ben has also worked in tv series such as Brobot with Brent and Lexi Rivera, the series was uploaded on Brat TV YouTube channel.

Ben Azelart also does boxing, in a YouTube vs. TikTok fight, Ben Azelart was against Landom Mcbroom, unfortunately, Ben lost the fight, but he had the support of millions of people, choosing Ben Azelart over Landom Mcbroom.

Ben Azelart Net Worth

Is Ben Azelart Dating

Ben Azelart has around 10.9 million subscribers on his Youtube channel, and 5.8 million followers on Instagram, 15.6 million followers on TikTok, and he also gets good brand deals. According to many reports, Ben Azelart has a net worth of more than $1.6 million, he recently shifted to his new home in Los Angeles, California. Ben did a house tour and showed them his home. Ben Azelart’s LA mansion has a huge pool, gumball machine, Gym, a fish tank, and other expensive stuff. He also has an expensive car collection.

Ben Azelart Social Media

Ben Azelart is an internet star so it is obvious that he has a lot of followers on all of his social media. Ben Azelart is on YouTube as Ben Azelart and he has around 10.9 million subscribers and over 2.2 billion total views on his channel.  Ben Azelart is on Instagram as @benazelart, he currently has 5.8 million followers and he follows 942 people, he is also on Snapchat as @benazelart. Ben Azelart is on TikTok as @benazelart and he has 15.6 million fans there he has around 359.1 million likes.

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