20 Most Hated K Pop Idol: Blackpink Jennie Tops The List!

In this article, we have summarised the list of most hated k-pop artists in 2020 after long research. We hope you learn more about the k-pop artists and understand their problems and suffering. 

1. Blackpink Jennie

Being a part of Blackpink has brought an immense amount of popularity and attention to the artist. Jennie has received hate for her popularity, and many think she is undeserving of such attention. She is also accused of many baseless rumours and controversies regarding her part in the group’s activities. She is highly criticized for having better clothes and promotions by YG and has been receiving much hate for overshadowing the presence of other members. Many people claim that she has a terrible attitude and is lazy. Since Blackpink is popular at a global level, bringing their songs into the Top Charts following their release, it’s only natural that the group has many antis. But, Jennie has been hated for a long time and is completely undeserving of the hate she receives. She is highly talented and has been seen having multiple breakdowns because of the hate she receives. 

2. Red Velvet Yeri

20 Most Hated K Pop Idol

Yeri has always received hate ever since she joined Red Velvet. Being extremely popular and jolly, her nature makes her really friendly towards other people and she is known to have a huge list of celebrity friends. She is often hated for this and is even called an attention seeker for crying at a fellow friend, SHINEE Jonghyun’s funeral. It is completely understandable that one gets devastated and cries at one’s friends’ or close acquaintances’ funerals and she is unworthy of the hate she receives regarding the issue. Apart from this, Yeri is also claimed to be lazy and uncoordinated by anti, who think she is unfit to be a part of a popular and well-formed group such as Red Velvet. 

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3. Momoland Nancy

20 Most Hated K Pop Idol

Momoland’s Nancy once made a joke about Bulimia, an eating disorder, during her teenage days. However, as the idol has grown and has learned her lesson, she should receive the forgiveness she deserves. People often make mistakes when they are young and don’t know the seriousness of their actions. Nancy is clearly reflecting and it’s just not fair to keep drowning her in hate comments, just because of a mistake that she made during her young days. 

4. (G)I-DLE Soyeon

20 Most Hated K Pop Idol

Sooyeon is a talented artist, a leader and a talented producer. She has often been given hate for creating music which inappropriately describes Korean Culture and the controversial topics she includes in her lyrics. She deserves some criticism from Korean fans for not properly depicting their culture, but the hate is still a bit excessive. 

5. BTS Members

20 Most Hated K Pop Idol

BTS doesn’t need an introduction. Their popularity speaks for itself. The group is hated by many who think they are undeserving of their position and are taking up the spaces which should be with other talented artists. Many consider the group to be overrated by the toxic Armies (their fandom), who consist of possessive teenagers. The members are individually targeted on more than one occasion and have always been insulted for stupid reasons. 

6. ASTRO Eunwoo

20 Most Hated K Pop Idol

Eunwoo is hated for being more popular than his group. Although the idol-actor has amazing visuals and is extremely popular, he has been subjected to many hate comments on the internet, who claim that he is not a talented actor and is seen taking similar roles in all of his works. He is also said to have received all his accomplishments and acting projects solely because of his visuals. Although half of the part is true, where the actor is seen to have taken similar roles, he does his best in all his projects and his talent keeps on increasing in his every work. He is also seen to have taken part in roles where he is rather calm and comedic. One can easily spot how much he has improved in his acting skills, and how hard he is trying to live up to everyone’s expectations and earn their compliments. His recent work in ‘True Beauty’, has satisfied many viewers who are in awe of the actor’s presence. 

7. EXO Kai

20 Most Hated K Pop Idol

Being a part of EXO means being subjected to hate which you shouldn’t be getting. Kai is also one of the members who is being hated for many stupid reasons. As the group is really popular, having members with many talents, their fan following and haters are also in huge numbers. Throughout their history, EXO has always received criticism for all the scandals their members have been in and are also criticised when the other members don’t discuss their fellow members’ scandals. Although Kai has an amazing stage presence, he is often given hate for his dating scandals with f(X) Krystal and Blackpink Jennie.

It’s a shame that many fans ship their favourite artists with many other idols, but when they sense that their ship is turning true, they change their love to hate, disturbing the lives of both artists. As idols, celebrities like Kai, who are both competent and popular, cannot date and stay true to their fans. They receive immense pressure and hate from their fans and companies if they are caught dating other artists or normal people. Kai is really friendly and has a lot of celebrity friends. Fans shouldn’t be too possessive towards the artist, as he, too, has his own preferences and choices he wishes to follow. 

8. TWICE Tzuyu

20 Most Hated K Pop Idol

Tzuyu is extremely beautiful and her beauty and appearance have been appreciated by all members and fans. She receives hate for her vocals, which according to many, are not up to the mark, and her expressions or failure in passing emotions to the audience, which is one of the main essences of being an artist. Tzuyu has received small parts and lines in Twice’s songs and many of her fans are complaining about the issue. This often leads to many fan fights and unnecessary trouble towards her fellow artists who are given their parts after consideration. Just because your favourite artist is being wronged, changing the blame towards another fellow artist is just as good as being an anti for the whole group. Expressing your opinion and giving suggestions is all great when it’s done in a positive way. The artists only follow orders from their companies. 

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9. IZ*ONE Sakura

20 Most Hated K Pop Idol

Although Sakura is highly talented, she has been gaining a lot of hate for having more scenes and parts compared to other members. It is understandable as the idol was a part of Produce 48, the reality show for growing talents, and has gained a lot of fans and experience from her participation. She ranked second and has been appreciated by a lot of contestants, fans and judges. Fans of other members of IZ*ONE should understand that the company did the best for the group and the decisions were made after consideration, thinking of all the members, and it cannot be the fault of one single idol as she gained the parts from her abilities. 

10. Kang Daniel

20 Most Hated K Pop Idol

Kang Daniel was a part of WannaOne, an extremely popular group, which consisted of a lot of amazing artists and released many hit songs. The group disbanded in 2019 and the members have a good connection with everyone even after their departure from the group activities. Daniel has always been receiving hate for having many parts during his WannaOne days and even claimed to be receiving favouritism from the company. After his departure from the group, Daniel became a solo artist and created his own company. The popular solo artist has been receiving a lot of hate for dating Twice Jihyo. It’s not uncommon for fans to hate idols who are in a relationship and, due to the hate they have given to the idols, there have been instances where idols have been removed from their respective groups. The duo has broken up and, thankfully, Jihyo is not a subject of the case and is doing really well in her activities. Daniel is also on a roll after his hiatus and has been increasing his fandom. 

11. IU

20 Most Hated K Pop Idol

IU is the sweetest and one of the brightest idols Kpop fans have ever come across. Her sweet voice, high notes and amazingly beautiful and elegant stage presence are the result of continuous hard work and efforts by the artist. IU has the best reputation amongst artists for being extremely friendly with her staff, fans and even her bodyguards, who have often made their appearance at her stage performances. Regardless of all her actions and goodwill, IU is always hated and is also someone who doesn’t deserve to be on this list. She was once involved in a scandal with Super Junior Eunhyuk, which brought her tons of hate from the antis. BTS Jungkook also revealed her to be his ideal type and has said that he is a huge fan of the singer-actress. The first album he ever bought was of IU, and this resulted in a huge backlash from fans against her. The two idols are on good terms and IU has to deal with the hate comments left by Jungkook’s fans. This is something as basic as one idol appreciating the talent of another idol and many think they don’t deserve hate for something so trivial. 

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12. Mamamoo Hwasa

Haasa is someone with a captivating voice and presence which is even accepted and acknowledged by her antis. There aren’t many reasons why the artist is getting backlashed except for a few. Because her features don’t match the Korean beauty standards and she prefers having a hot, confident and sexy appearance on stage. People also call her fat and ugly, which is highly unlikely for Korean idols. However, as things are turning better, many idols are rising, who prefer their health over their weight and aren’t afraid of looking a bit fat. Nevertheless, Hwasa is still a victim of hate to date and now it has turned into an obsession for haters, one which is not easy to let go of. As the stars get popular, it makes sense that their fans and haters increase in numbers. Although her haters are huge in numbers, Hwasa doesn’t care about their nasty remarks and is seen appearing confidently in front of her fans and has even teased haters in her lyrics. It’s really good to know that Hwasa is still positive and strong when it comes to handling her hate comments. Mamamoo in general receives a lot of hate for all the stereotypes they break and all the controversial acts they pull off during their performances. The artists have constantly apologised and should be forgiven. 

13. Super Junior Choi Siwon

Siwon is a talented artist and actor who even has his own company. He is also one of the most popular choices among creators for roles in TV dramas, as all his roles receive high appreciation and viewer ratings. Due to a scandal in 2017 where his dog bit a neighbour, who died shortly after getting infected. The case turned into a big debate amongst many who are afraid of pets and people who keep pets. Siwon was out travelling when the incident happened and he shouldn’t be the one to blame for the incident. It just doesn’t make sense how someone who is travelling prevents something from happening at his home or should be blamed for something that happened when he wasn’t around. It’s been years already and people should stop troubling artists. 

14. Seungri from BigBang

As a member of Korea’s legendary band, BigBang, it is only obvious that his mistakes would be considered a great deal and bring him the maximum amount of backlash. Seungri has constantly been receiving hate from all over the world, breaking the hearts of all his fans, and his actions cannot be justified by any means. Seungri’s scandals shook Korea’s media outlets and were a huge blow to the whole population, being one of the biggest scandals ever witnessed in the history of Kpop. Seungri is on trial, accused of providing prostitution services, embezzlement and sexual misconduct. Korean idols are expected to be perfect and have the best characters to inspire the youth. They should be pure and have a clean history to pursue their profession. At times, this requirement can be quite burdensome as one has to be kept under constant watch and has to be careful about every action. Many idols get depressed and end their lives, unable to handle the extreme pressure. However, not everyone chooses to do things Seungri did, and all the idols who try their best to entertain people should be respected and they shouldn’t be subjected to hate just because one of them decided to do bad things. 

15. Blackpink Lisa

Lisa also makes this list as another member of Blackpink, who is hated by people globally. Blackpink has always been hated by many who think the group is undeserving of their position, which just doesn’t make sense. The group has been acknowledged by many talented and legendary artists worldwide and this alone proves that they are more than deserving of their position. Lisa, as a member of the group, has always been targeted for not being a good dancer and lacking in her visuals. Lisa is considered to be one of the best dancers in the Kpop industry and she constantly learns from other popular dancers, trying to improve her skills. The accusation is completely groundless and many have trouble finding a flaw in the idol.

Lisa has amazing visuals, uncommon for any ordinary Thai woman, and has a great figure and stage appearance. She has also received a lot of hate for being rude or too harsh on the trainees in ‘Youth With You’. In truth, she has supported the trainees and helped them better their skills, giving them tips and monitoring their every move in a professional way to make them the best. The trainees themselves are grateful to Lisa for giving them so much attention and taking turns attending to every trainee to improve their skills. Why should she be hated for being professional and nice? 

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16. Itzy Chaeryoung

Chaeryong is young and a very talented individual who won fair and square against her sister to be a part of Itzy. She is loved and treasured by all her members and fans, who are in love with her straightforward personality and cute character. Thanks to the group’s popularity, Chaeryoung has many fans, but is also subject to a large number of anti-fans, who are always targeting her for baseless reasons. Chaeryoung is considered to be ugly and undeserving of her position by haters. Just because her features don’t match the insanely perfect Korean beauty standards, she is claimed to be ugly. This makes no sense, as she has an amazingly professional stage presence and the members themselves consider her features to be pretty. Chaeryoung has also admitted to having low self-esteem thanks to the undeserving comments and claims, and has realised that haters shouldn’t be more important to her than her fans and loved ones who appreciate her presence. Her mother and sister have also come forward claiming that Chaeryoung shouldn’t receive such hate and people should look forward to her abilities before judging her. 

17. TXT Members

TXT is one of the most popular boy bands of the 4th Gen idols and there is a very clear and obvious reason for that. The group is formed by many talented artists who have many talents and are very humble, gentle and humorous. The group has released many hit songs and their skills keep increasing with their every comeback, making fans curious about their next projects. The band is so perfect in all aspects that it’s a huge disappointment to see their name on this list. All the members of the group are equally criticised for baseless reasons and claims that say they are only riding on their senior BTS’s popularity. Many claims that the group is overrated and wouldn’t be in the place they are if it wasn’t because of BTS. Loyal fans who have seen all of the group’s works aren’t able to relate to this claim and consider it horse-feathers. This results in huge fights on the internet between the fans and the anti’s. The group is no doubt a unique talent and people have to understand and realise that if some other group who were in their place, would be subject to the same accusation thanks to the toxic army. BTS themselves have appreciated and supported TXT and have always said that the members are worthy of their fame.

18. EXO Chen

Chen is a part of the popular group EXO and, along with Kai, he too makes this list. Kai is considered to be amongst the greatest prodigies in the Korean singing industry. The artist has always been respected and loved by many fans, who think of him as a blessing to the group. However, following his marriage and news about his daughter, the fans’ emotions made a complete 180° turn, after they expressed how disappointed they were at Chen. They also demanded the removal of the artist from the group and stopping all his projects, as according to their claims, a father and husband shouldn’t be a part of a boy band. 

19. Jay Park

Jay Park is a popular solo artist and a rapper who was also the founder and former CEO of AOMG and H1ghr Music. He was initially the leader of the popular boy group 2 PM, which belonged to one of the top three entertainment companies in Korea, JYP. He left the group after his controversial and rude comments, which he wrote in 2005, came to light. The comments forced him to leave the group and start fresh. The artist has been doing well ever since and his talents have been recognised worldwide. He is an influential figure in Hip Hop and R & B culture. He has been called out by many fans for using cornrows and dreadlocks, which are controversial hairstyles, and has been completely ignoring all the remarks. There have also been various episodes where the fans thought the artist was arrogant and rude. Jay Park has also called his fans insensitive and ignorant for trying to have complete control over their lives. 

20. NCT Taeyong 

Thanks to his visuals, singing and amazing performance skills, Taeyong has a lot of fans. Being a part of NCT in itself is a big achievement and a dream for many artists and Taeyong managed to beat the competition to be a part of the group. Taeyong’s talents are appreciated by many and his personality is also loved by many artists and his fellow members who look up to him. Taeyong is one of the most popular members of NCT, and being the most popular means being in constant attention and even a small mistake is unacceptable. In 2019, Taeyong was exposed to being a bully by one of his former classmates. According to the reports, the artist physically and verbally abused kids, which even gave them trauma. Taeyong, in return, visited each one of his victims asking for forgiveness and being arrogant in his childhood days. Although it has been a time since the incident was solved, many still consider Taeyong to be unfit to be an idol. 

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