20 Most Popular Bands In The World: Did BTS Kicked Everyone’s Butt?

Music bands have been something that has been going on through generations. But something that has been extremely unique with some of these music bands is that a band that was very popular in the 90 or maybe the 70s is still popular and there have been new popular bands in the market. However, these old bands have had a different place in our hearts. It’s like it has been passed from our parents or grandparents to us and these music bands will never lose their charm. The music they created was extremely unique based on their time and when compared to modern music they may even be able to beat some of the top competitors of the new generations. That’s how the music band industry has been working and that’s how they will go on. Here’s the list of Most Popular Bands In The World.

Like, who doesn’t love to hear good music, and every person nowadays has got their own playlist but something that we have found in common in many people’s playlists are the names of some bands and that just tells us how popular these bands have been. Some of these big names have been heard surely by everyone out there and if you still are searching for those popular bands, your search has surely come to an end. We have searched all throughout the internet, studied proper surveys and are bringing to you the names of 20 bands which have been the most popular ones not only in their times but have had a fan base generation after generation and to know all those names, do continue reading this article till the end.

1. The Beatles

Most Popular Bands In The World

The first name on our list has to be the Beatles. There are very few people out there who still haven’t heard the name of this band, and even if you are one of those people and are reading this article, you should probably go now and start listening to their playlist. The Beatles are no doubt the most popular band of all time and the leading members of the band were John Lennon, a guy whom no one can forget, he was the main founder of the group and he was followed by Paul McCarthy then we have George Harrison. Over the bands, the drummer was changed from Pete best to Ringo Starr. The change happened just before the band attained worldwide fame. For those who are searching for some great song suggestions from the Beatles band, you can try While My Guitar Gently Weeps and A Day In My Life.

2. Pink Floyd

Most Popular Bands In The World

Most of you have probably already heard the name of this London-based rock band and even if you haven’t heard their songs, you have surely seen any of your where their merchandise because it’s all over the place. pink Floyd has had a huge fan base over the years, and the band was first started in the year 1965, and they rose to fame by the 1970s all over the world. They were originally a five-man band and the founders of the band mainly were roger waters and nick mason, and then they were joined by David Gilmour, Syd Barrett, and Richard Wright. However, we also see that wright left the band some years later because of personal issues. However overall, the band has been very successful and some of their most famous songs that you can try are Amused To death, On an island, and Is this the life we really want. They were mainly known for their excellently written lyrics and the music they used to pair the lyrics with.

3. Queen

Most Popular Bands In The World

If you don’t know anything about this band, then you should probably first watch the movie bohemian rhapsody before listening to their songs because that will make you fall in love with the queen as well as Freddie mercury the founder of the band. Queen was not only a band but a revolution in music and the founder of the band was Freddie Mercury along with Bryan may. The band was soon joined by Roger Taylor and John Deacon. This band had one of the biggest reaches all over the world and the fans have just been growing over the years since 1970 which was the year when they were formed. This band was known for their unique songs and their extremely well-written lyrics, and obviously, the main attraction was their lead singer Freddie on whom mainly the movie bohemian rhapsody is based on. Some of the best songs by the queen are We Will Rock You, Bohemian Rhapsody, and Fat Bottomed Girl.

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4. The Rolling Stones

Most Popular Bands In The World

Have any of you heard any hard rock songs? And if you have heard, did you like it? if the answer is yes then this band is the perfect selection for you, because they are the ones who introduced the hard rock genre into music properly and something very unique about this band is the members. The group formations keep changing and at some point, it was actually confusing to understand who is a part and who isn’t. Now the rolling stones have had their fan base spread out all over the world and their merchandise is also one of the most popular ones. The main members of the band were mike jagger, Keith Richards and Charlie Wyatt. They were the members who stayed consisted., the founder of the band was originally Brian jones, however, he left the band soon before his death and he was also drug addicted. Some of the popular song names that you should try are Gimme Shelter, and Sympathy from the devil.

5. Nirvana

Most Popular Bands In The World

Nirvana is another band that we strongly suggest because this band is just legendary and different from every other band on the list. The rock music genre has a particular segment called the alternative rock genre and they were the ones who mainly popularised this genre. you will also find the merchandise of this band to be very famous and they were considered to be the best bands for generation X. the band had much change of drummers but till the end, we had only three final members and they are the ones who make the band so much legendary. They are Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic (this two were mainly there from the start) and Dave Grohl (the final drummer of the band). They have given us many legendary songs and among them, we have smells like teen spirits, about a girl and something in the way.

6. Led Zeppelin

Most Popular Bands In The World

When it comes to bands of all time, this band has to be there. They not only did hard rock or metal but also included some influence from blue and other genres and created a very unique type of music which people of every age loved and led zeppelin within a few years of formation and ended up having a huge fan base all over the world which stands even bigger than initial stages as the days pass by. Most of you have heard the song “Stairway to Heaven” and if you don’t know by whom this song was written or sung. It was none other than Led zeppelin. This band has been one of the most legendary bands of all time and the contributions they have made to the industry will never be forgotten. The key members of the band were, Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, and John Bonham.

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7. The Beach Boys

Most Popular Bands In The World

This is a band many of you may have not heard of and that’s quite okay because the fan base mainly comprises generation X and generation Y. However, when it comes to achievement and sales this music band stands above all. The sales have been massive throughout the year and since 1960 they have been giving us superhits. When we look at the members in this band, there hasn’t been any change over the years and the initial members have continued till the last which is very rare in the case of a rock band however this is what makes this band so legendary. some of the best songs that have been produced by this band are “good vibration”, “wouldn’t it be nice” and “God only knows” these are some of the songs you all can surely try if you haven’t yet heard of any songs from them.

8. The Kinks

Most Popular Bands In The World

While we are talking about bands, this band surely can’t be missed in our top 10 spots. The kinks have been one of the most influential bands of the 1960s and they have been not involved in the metal or pure rock industry like most other bands on this list. They are more into country and folk music with a touch of rock and roll and they were started by brothers originally which is a unique feature of this band. The initial members of this four-member band are, ray davies and Dave Davies, followed by Pete Quaife and Mick Avory however the last two members were replaced by John Dalton who is very famous as a guitar player, and Bob Henrit. Some of the most popular songs of this band which you can give a try are “you really got me”,” waterloo sunset” and “Lola”.

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9. Coldplay

Most Popular Bands In The World

Now, Coldplay is the band that most of you may know because this band was formed in 1996 and some of the songs written by this band have been superhits and everyone has most probably heard them like the hymn of the weekend. This band has also been very famous because of its merchandise collection and the unique type of music they make. Their music is both soothing and has some parts of rock in it which just makes it extremely great, and overall if you are looking for a go-to band whose songs you can hear in any mood, this is the one you can surely go for. The main band members include Chris Martin, who is the lead vocalist as well as the piano player of the band, then we have johnny Buckland, Guy Berryman, and Will Champion. Some of the best songs written by this band are “the scientist”, “yellow” and “the paradise” which you all can give a try.

10. Linkin Park

And the last band from our top 10 list is Linkin Park for sure. How could we forget the band where Chester Bennington used to perform? This legendary band has been one of the most popular bands of recent years and there will be listeners of this band whatever the time it is. They have given us one of the best songs of all time and still, we do crave some more from them. The songs really did have meaning and every bit was so hooking that you will fall in love with their songs just after hearing them once. The main members of this band were, Chester Bennington himself, then we have mike Shinoda, Brad Delson, Dave Farrell, Joe Hahn, and rob bourdon. Some of the most popular songs from this band are “numb”, “in the end” and “what I have done” and these songs are surely worth a try for you all.

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11. Guns N’ Roses

When it comes to music, we all have heard the name slash and if you haven’t heard it you first need to go and see how well he plays guitar. Now, this is the band where the legendary slash used to play, one of the best guitarists of all time. Guns and roses have given us legendary songs and superhits for a long time and these songs have not only been loved by the audience of the generation in which they were released but by most other future generations. However, one thing about this band is that they have changed a lot of members and it has been quite hard to keep a track of who has been a member of these and who hasn’t. when it comes to some songs the readers can try from this band, you all should first try “sweet child o mine”, then “paradise city” and “Welcome to the jungle”.

12. Metallica

When it comes to popular brands, this one surely makes it to the list, however, if you arent a metal genre fan, you may not like this band very much, however, we suggest you give it a try for sure. The merchandise of this band has been one of the most sold ones in the ones when it comes to band and this band has also given us many singles which have made it to the top 10 singles list. The band still exists and some of the members of this band are James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammet, and Robert Trujillo. There are many other famous former members who have contributed a lot to the industry. Some of the best songs from this band that you can surely give a try are, “one”, “master of puppets” and “fade to black”.

13. Bon Jovi

Another band that has made a lot of names all over the world is Bon Jovi. This band has been famous for its unique music and the lyrics they wrote for their songs. This band was formed in 1986 and they were mainly based in new jersey, and one of the best things about this band is that they still exist. The present members of this band include Jon Bon Jovi who was one of the main founding members and after whom the band is originally named then we have the guitarist Phill X, Hugh McDonald, and Tico Torres. This band has given many singles to us which has made the Top 101 singles list and other than that if you are looking for some good song written by them then you should probably check out, “bed of roses”, “livin on a prayer” and “wanted dead or alive”.

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14. The Eagles

Here we come to another one of the most legendary bands of all time. The eagles were just amazing and there isn’t much we can describe; their songs have been just out of this world. Like, who hasn’t heard about the hotel California? and if you haven’t you should just go and listen to this song right now because there is no proper mood for listening to this song, it’s every guitarist’s dream to be able to play this song properly. The key members of this band are Glenn Frey, Don Henley, Randy Meisner, and Linda Ronstadt. Everyone from this band is a legend himself and has contributed much to the industry and when it comes to some of their best songs, you should probably check “lying eyes”,” new kid in town” and “I can’t tell you why”

15. Aerosmith

This band is again a very unique band which belongs to this list surely. Aerosmith is one of those bands that have infused very different kinds of music together and have ended up creating something just legendary. This band is just made to make you fall in love with rock and metal genres and if you already love them, you should probably go and listen to them right now. This band was mainly based in Boston however the fan base is spread all over the world and they are actually very famous for some of their iconic songs. The band members include steven Tyler, joe perry, Joey Kramer, Tom Hamilton, and Brad Whitford and this band was founded in the year 1970. Some of the popular songs from this band that you can surely give a try are “dream on”, “sweet emotion” and “walk this way”.

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16. U2

Now, this may be a band that many of you may not know about even if you have been into music for quite a long time. This is because people of today’s generation don’t really have been following their songs much these days. This is the only Irish band on this list and is one of the most famous bands that have originated from Ireland. The main members of this band include some very famous names such as Bono, The Edge, Larry Mullen Jr, and Adam Clayton. This band however in its days had a huge fan base all over the world and the merchandise of this band is also quite popular but not as much as the other bands. Some of the most popular songs from this band which you can surely give a try are, “with or without you”, “one” and “beautiful day”

17. Black Sabbath

As we are moving towards the end of this list, we were pretty sure that you have been wondering when this band will be mentioned in this list, and here it is. No doubt when it comes to the rock and metal industry. This band comprises some big names which include Tony Lomi, Geezer Butler, Bill Ward, and Ozzy Osbourne. This band has contributed a lot to the world of hard metal and if you love that genre, you should probably go and listen to them right now. Other than that, some of their most popular songs are “paranoid”,” iron man” and sweet leaf”.

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18. Green Day

Yes, we know what you have been thinking, why we have kept these names towards the end, but that is because none of them can’t be placed or compared to each other, all of them are legendry and have contributed a lot to the world of music. Green day is one of those bands, which have their fan base spread throughout a timeline and it will go on forever we hope. Some of the best-written songs by green day are,” basket case”,” American Idiot”, and “when I come around”.

19. The Who

This is again one of those bands which date back to the 1960s and generation x people surely have known heard and loved this band during their time. Although this band may be losing its charm with the new generation, they have done a lot for this industry and have created some of the best songs that we have ever heard. They do include some big names such as Keith Moon and Roger Daltrey and when it comes to songs, you should probably try listening to “my generation”,” pinball wizard” and “another tricky day”.

20. The Doors

The end of the list is surely going to be with this legendary band because the doors couldn’t have anyhow missed this list. The doors date back to the 1960 and they were known for their live performances. They created unique rock music songs and had many huge names included in their bands. This band was just different and some of the songs by them that you should try are “light my fire” and “the crystal ship”

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