Street Food: USA Season 2 Release Date: When Will It Arrive?

The temptation of street food is always hard to resist, on top of that if you are a food explorer then the journey gets even more scrumptious. Netflix has brought this amazing street food documentary for the viewers now you don’t need to search for hours to watch any series while you are having the food you can just watch street food: the USA to get that part done. Food street will increase your appetite even if you are not feeling like eating anything Street Food: the USA is a Netflix documentary that was released on July 26, 2022. The series is a continuation of the street food series that came out on April 26, 2019, created by David Gelb and Brian McGinn this is the third part of the tv series in the first two parts the creators covered the street food of Asia and Latin America. IMDB users have rated the first volume 7.9 and the second volume 7.8 respectively it not only focuses on the food but also the story of the people who prepares it and the amount of effort and love they shower when they serve their first serving it is an amazing journey that captures that food tales from different parts of the world.

Street Food: USA Season 2 Release Date

Street Food: USA Season 2 Release Date

Street Food: USA season 1 was released on July 26, 2022, on Netflix, if you have been following the journey of the series from the very beginning then you must be knowing that the creator does not want to continue with just one particular geographic area but they want to cover different parts of the world. So the series can’t come back with season 2 solely for this season i.e. street food: USA. Since they have covered two volumes already which are Asia and Latin America, this part solely focuses on the USA and the different street food hubs based in the USA itself. The other two volumes were not renewed for more than one season so it is highly unlikely that this volume will get renewed.

Name Of The ShowStreet Food: USA
Season NumberSeason 2
Street Food: USA Release DateJuly 26, 2022
Street Food: USA Season 2 Release DateNot Arriving

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Street Food Recap

In Buenos Aires, Argentina Pato Rodríguez explained how much Argentina people love cheese she prepared a potato tortilla with Mozzarella. Food journalist Silvina Reusmann tells the viewers the People of Argentina are very passionate about everything now matter it is football, tango or politics. They are very similar to Europe than to other Latin countries she then begins to explain that there are not many native people there now most of the population was decimated in the Spanish conquest and the remaining people were the culture of immigrants. The European influence can be seen in their architecture, culture, art and music and especially in the food. Most of the street food in Buenos Aires first put meat in everything that they prepare then choripan and then milanesa, pizza, empanadas and the tortilla.

The best-kept secret in the city is the stuffed tortilla at Las Chicas de la Tres in the central market. Food writer Allie Lazar begins to explain how she heard about Las Chicas from a few chefs in Buenos Aires. The famous chefs always go to the market to find products and they posted pictures of Las Chicas with amazing food. Las Chicas de la Tres is pretty famous for their traditional argentine comfort food and their main star is their tortilla very similar to a Spanish omelette. Both the dishes have almost the same ingredients in them like fried potatoes, and eggs but with their argentine twist they also added ham and lots of cheese inside to make it more heavenly.

Street Food: USA Season 2 Cast

Street Food: USA Season 2 Release Date

The cast for this season has not been confirmed yet, the cast from the previous volume is as follows. Pato Rodríguez, Francisco Ibáñez, Fabián Peralta and Rubén Batalla. Suzana Sapucaia, Dona Suzana Martinha Rodrigues, Claudia Barbara and “Kabaça” Clementino. Valentina Hernández, Doña Vale, Sandra Ortiz, Doña Brígida Manzano, Aurora Sánchez and Doña Aurora. Tómas Matsufuji, Toshi Pablo Valverde, María Gonzales, Angelica Chinen and Rosana Espirito. Luz Dary, Mamá Luz, Mary Renteria,Doña Bertha Segura and Pilar Delgado & Patrica Delgado. Emiliana Condori, Cristina Zurita, Carlos Suaznábar, Constantina Velasco and Mery Costas.

Where To Watch Street Food: USA Season 2 Online?

Street Food: USA is streaming on Netflix since July 26, 2022.

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