Over The Moon 2 Release Date: Is Netflix Announcing It Soon?

Who says that animated movies are made for kids, there is a dark and touching tone behind the colours and music in animated films, and those movies can make you feel the genuine, raw emotions which lack in live-action movies sometimes, we all have an inner, innocent child that makes our truest emotions, so if you think animated movies are for kids, yeah those movies can make you cry like a baby because they touch your soul thoroughly.

 Released on 16 October 2020, Over the moon is just another animation to make you feel things, this is the first Netflix animation and the story is based on Chinese mythology about the goddess of the moon Chang’e, there is a story that Chang’e drank a potion that sends her to the moon forever.

The main character is a young girl Fei Fei voiced by Cathy Ang, is someone who believes in the goddess of the moon and her journey to meet the goddess is a compassionate trip, Fei Fei lost her mother when she was little, and she is connected to her mother by the story she listened to when she was a kid, her memories for her mother makes her belief stronger and she aims to go to the moon to know the goddess.

Shots of her trying to make and work a rocket ship with her little bunny Bungee are the most beautiful and funny shots ever, when she finally makes the rocket work her happiness is more extreme than ever, her determination can make the viewers believe in themselves.

There is another reason why the story of Over the moon is enough to make you feel touched is the fact that the writer of the movie Audrey Wells found out about the Chinese folklore Chang’e on her trip to China and she decided to write a movie on the folklore, after a while Audrey got to know she was suffering from cancer and she knew well that Over the moon would be her last movie, and she decided to dedicate the movie to her husband and kids, to remember her just like in the movie, Fei Fei remembers her mother fondly due to the story of Chang’e.

Over the moon director, Glen Keane said that one thing Over the moon does is, give an example of how grief affects everyone, be it Fei Fei’s father or her stepbrother Chin, everyone is affected, and the experiences Fei Fei gets later in life, teach her to accept other people’s grief and also understanding herself on the journey.

The sequel of Over the moon is highly anticipated by everyone, as it got good reviews on IMDb and on the trailer of the movie, the comments are indicating that people seemed to love the movie, so Over the moon 2 is awaited.

Over The Moon 2 Release Date

Over The Moon 2 Release Date

The film premiered at Montclair Film Festival, and overall received good compliments, but when can we expect Over the moon 2?. An official message has not been made by either Netflix or the directors of the movie, but if the sequel is going to be approved by project managers or the producers, we can expect the film in 2023 or 2024.

It is not uncommon for Netflix to not make a decision about the next part of a movie or TV series early, Netflix is known for this fact, so the wait may be going to be a little more.

Name Of The ShowOver The Moon
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreMusical Fantasy
Over The Moon Release Date16 October 2020
Over The Moon 2 Release DateNot Announced

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Over The Moon 2 Story

The plot of the movie is not known yet, it will be interesting to see the life of Fei Fei afterwards, her adventure has made her more daring to take risks, so new adventures and lessons are going to be in expected Over the moon 2.

This movie got the chance to tell everyone about local Chinese mythology, so it is going to be amusing if the expected sequel has more Chinese folklore to talk about.

Over The Moon 2 Characters

Over The Moon 2 Release Date

Cathy Ang is going to be in the movie, if Netflix gives a signal to the second part, as Cathy gracefully voiced the main character Fei Fei, she has to be in Over The Moon 2.

This movie had renowned actors like Sandra Oh as Mrs. Zhong, Fei Fei’s new step-mother, John Cho as Ba Ba, the father of Fei Fei, and Kim Jeong as Gobi, as a Pangolin who was the advisor of Chang’e

As the cast is not revealed yet, it will be interesting to know who makes a return in the movie, and the new actors and roles in the anticipated Over the moon 2.

Where To Watch Over The Moon?

As it is a Netflix original, Over the moon is available on Netflix.

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