What Are The Updates On Keep Breathing Season 2 Release Date?

A dark green forest with no signal and no source of food and water with a fear of being attacked by a wild creature! Well, that is all just an imagination but what if you ever get stuck in the middle of those bushy leaves? With no human being to pass the time and the rocky and sandy way, a person lost all his or her wits. Well, you must be thinking why this nonsense for but this is just a starting as we are going to tell you about such a surviving drama series today.

Created by Martin Gero and Brendan Gall, Keep Breathing is an upcoming series that revolves around a woman and her strategies for how she survives after the harsh crashing of the plane. Released under the Warner Bros. Television Studios, the filming of the series was wrapped up in September 2021.

Keep Breathing Season 2 Release Date

Keep Breathing Season 2 Release Date

Season 1 is going to release on July 28, 2022. A six episodic series is getting positive reviews and ratings from the audience through its trailer. The audience is very much excited to have the great look in episode 1. As the trailer is getting a positive response, the suspense and the excitement will surely lead the makers to renew the series for season 2.

As of now, there is no news about the future of season 2 till now, we are not sure if the makers will come back with season 2 or not. The future of season 2 all depends on the rating season 1 gets and, if season 1 does its best, we will surely have another season of the series soon.

Name Of The ShowKeep Breathing
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreSurvival Drama
Keep Breathing Release DateJuly 28, 2022
Keep Breathing Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

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Keep Breathing Season 2 Story

The premise of the series is just simple. A young lady and a New York lawyer get stuck in the middle of the Canadian forest after her private plane crashes badly, injuring other humans too. This struggling time proves to be one of the most difficult times for her as she has to use her intelligence and wits to overcome the situation and save herself soon.

As she is the sole and only survivor, she is left with no other human to be with her. From the trailer, it can be seen how she is yelling for help from a cliff. The viewers must go for this series as they can learn many things too. If season 1 did well, the makers can go further with her struggles of surviving in season 2.

Keep Breathing Season 2 Cast

Keep Breathing Season 2 Release Date

Melissa Barrera and Jeff Wilbusch were finally cast for the roles of Liv and Danny. While Liv is the surviving lady after a plane crashes, Jeff is her on and off-going lover. Florencia Lozano and Juan Pablo Espinosa will be seen as the parents of Liv with Austin Stowell will also feature in the major role.

Apart from these casts, the viewers will also see many more other casts whose names are not known till now but, will be revealed soon or will get to see those humans directly in the series. If season 2 gets renewed, we will surely get to see the same cast again.

Keep Breathing Season 2 Trailer

Having watched more than 390 thousand times, the official trailer of season 1 is pretty much attractive and seducing. The protagonist must have to deal with the overpowering situations and the problems she faces. As the makers have not made any announcement of season 2, the viewers must wait to have its trailer too.
Where To Watch Keep Breathing Season 2 Online?

The audience on Netflix is once again getting a new series to watch which can be knowledgeable for them as it teaches how a person can survive in a situation in which the protagonist gets stuck. On the other hand, if season 2 gets renewed, it will too be released on the same platform.

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