Do The Makers Have Announced Another Self Season 2 Release Date?

Another self is a Turkish romance drama tv series that premiered on 28 July 2022 on Netflix the series is written by Nuran Evren Sit and directed by Burcu Alptekin. Netflix Turkey is now producing original Netflix series, which is not surprising, but it is something that should be discussed in relation to this year’s release. Doom of love has also made the cut. Both the critics and audience are showing support and love for original Netflix Turkish content that’s why they are so much invested to release every new series each month fans are loving it because now they are getting what they always wanted. Some of them manage to leave an impact and the audience asks for more meanwhile others go unnoticed it is quite a big decision for Netflix to decide whether their original content will do well or not. Another self is also known as Zeytin Agaci is an 8-episode series the series is about female friendships it mainly shows the three friends their career priorities, love troubles and other things and how they support each other throughout their ups and downs. The series stars Tuba Büyüküstün who is best known for her role in Elif in black money love it is interesting to see her a pillar of strength for her 2 crazy friends.

Another Self Season 2 Release Date

The first season of Another Self came out on 28 July 2022, starring Tuba Büyüküstün, and Seda Bakan these actresses have already done a lot of successful series in the past. As for season 2, the makers have not announced any such plans they have not given any statement to renew the series for season 2. If season 2 gets the green light then it will probably come out in 2023, this is just an assumption since neither the cast nor the makers have said anything about it. It is an 8 episode series and since it is a Netflix original there are chances that Netflix might renew it for one more season but that will be only applicable if the series will not wrap up the story in season 1 itself.

Another Self Season 1 Release DateJuly 28, 2022
Another Self Season 2 Release DateNot Announced
Another Self Season 2 Release Date

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Another Self Season 1 Recap

The series depicts the story of three friends who became friends during their college years now three of them are living different life Ada has become a surgeon, Sevgi has started her career as a lawyer meanwhile Leyla got married and have one son. Even though they have different career goals and dreams the three of them remain friends throughout all these years, Leyla is a very carefree girl she is the one who keeps their friendship so stable. One day Sevgi asks her 2 friends to meet after she finds out that she has cancer Ada suggests she see a doctor but she does not listen to her. She asks Leyla if she knows that she is not going to make it and insists her to got to Ayvalık so that she can find a guy named Zaman. None of this does make any sense to the other two friends but being her good friend they accept her request, and the three of them pack their bags to go on a trip to Ayvalık.

Another Self Season 2 Cast

In the previous season, Tuba Buyukustun portrayed the role of Ada, Seda Bakan portrayed the role of Leyla and Boncuk Yilmaz portrayed the role of Sevgi they played the role of three friends who are pursuing their dreams and living their best life however things change when one of the friends is diagnosed with cancer. In Supporting characters Firat Tanis portrayed the role of Zaman, Ali Bahadir Bahar portrayed the role of Doctor Hakan and Mehtap Demirel portrayed the role of Genc begin. Serkan Altunorak, Riza Kocaoglu, Murat Boz, Fusun Demirel and Umut Kurt was seen in some minor roles. The series has not been renewed for season 2 if does get renewal then all the cast from the previous season will be seen in their same roles.

Where To Watch Another Self Season 2 Online?

Another self season 1 is streaming on Netflix from 28 July 2022, if the series gets renewed for season 2 then it will also be streaming on the same platform.

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