Is My Life Is Murder Season 3 Release Date Not Yet Announced!

Mystery, crime drama tv-series with a hint of comedy is what makes all these crime drama series different from the rest of the lot. Crime drama series is one of the popular genres these days as per some surveys because people are so much into it for the mystery factor that keeps them glued to the screen until they reach the final episode. Australian crime drama series my life is murder premiered on august 4, 2019 on Network 10. The series did quite well for season 1 and it was renewed for season 2 both the seasons had 10 episodes each running for about 44 minutes. The main plot of the story revolves around Alexa Crowe who retired for good but with the request of Kieran, she returns in action to investigate crimes as she is the best investigator one could ever come across. Alexa goes to any extent even as dangerous as putting her life in danger to uncover the truth of the murder cases. It’s like either Alexa can’t escape crimes or criminals can’t escape Alexa. This series is a thrilling yet comic ride to the uncovering of truth by investigator Alexa Crowe.

My Life Is Murder Season 3 Release Date

The fans of the series will be happy to know that Acorn has renewed the series for season 3 the announcement of season 3 came out in February 2022. The makers have not announced the official release date as of now. My life is murder season 1 premiered on 17 July 2019 on Network 10 and it received a good amount of viewership so the makers renewed the series for season 2 which premiered on 18 October 2021 on TVNZ 1. 3.2K IMDB users have rated the series 7.5 out of 10 even the reviews seems promising none of the users has complained about anything. It seems like there is nothing unlikable in the series viewers can start the series without any worry.

My Life Is Murder Season 1 Release Date17 July 2019
My Life Is Murder Season 2 Release Date18 October 2021
My Life Is Murder Season 3 Release DateNot Announced
My Life Is Murder Season 3 Release Date

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My Life Is Murder Season 3 Story

My life is murder last season followed the story of investigator Alexa Crowe who has retired met with Kieran at his request and assigned her the task to solve a murder case after giving her brief information about the case. Alexa who now makes bread for a living has to make a serious decision if she wants to return to the field and starts working as an investigator as she used to work a few months back.
Madison helps Alexa by collecting all kinds of information as she starts working on the case. Alexa begins her first case after her retirement as she visits the site of the crime to acquire more clues related to the case. As she visits the crime site she comes up with many questions as to why the security cameras were not working when the victim fell from the balcony and such. She first finds that the building manager seems very suspicious of his statements and she discusses the same with Madison. The more she gets into the investigation she faces more hurdles in her personal and professional life.

My Life Is Murder Season 3 Cast

The makers have not announced the cast for season 3 yet, but as we already know the series can not possibly continue without our amazing investigator Alexa Crowe’s character played by Lucy Lawless so she will definitely continue her role in season 3 as well.
As per the other characters, Ebony Vagulans as Madison Feliciano Bernard Curry as Detective-Inspector Kieran Hussey will most probably be a part of season 3 other than them we are pretty sure the series will introduce a new set of characters for the new season just like it did in season 2. In the last season Rawiri Jobe played the role of Harry Henare, Alex Andreas played the role of George Stathopoulos and Joe Naufahu played the role of Reuben Wulf.

Where To Watch My Life Is Murder Season 3 Online?

My Life is Murder’s previous 2 seasons are streaming on Acorn tv so season 3 will also be streaming on the same platform.

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