Boo Bitch Season 2 Release Date Is Still Uncertain!

If you want to watch something fun and light-hearted then this Netflix release is the one you have been waiting for Boo, Bitch is Lana Condor’s new mini-series where she will be seen in the role of a ghost. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before star will be seen living her best high school life as a ghost along with her best friend Gia the only person who knows about her death. Boo, Bitch is an American teen comedy mini tv series the series was released on July 8, 2022, and the series has been created by the same creators who made it on my block. The series follows the story of two best friends who have done nothing in their entire high school life apart from studying so the two of them decide to have some fun but everything goes wrong and one of the best friends ends up dead during their little adventure. The series gives you an insight into the dead friend aka Erike Vu’s journey who has already died but she can walk, talk and do everything like an alive person Erike needs to figure out about her unfinished business in her mortal life so she can peacefully get an entry into the afterlife.

Boo Bitch Season 2 Release Date

The Netflix series was released on July 8, 2022, consisting of 8 episodes, since the series was recently released the makers have not announced any plans to renew the series for season 2 as of now. Most mini series get discontinued after just one season but there are cases where we have seen the series getting renewed for more than one season. We are not sure as to in which category Boo, bitch falls right now but seeing the amount of hype related to this series we surely won’t be surprised if it gets renewed for season 2.

Boo Bitch Season 1 Release DateJuly 8, 2022
Boo Bitch Season 2 Release DateNot Announced
Boo Bitch Season 2 Release Date

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Boo Bitch Season 2 Story

The series follows the story of two high school best friends named Erika and Gia who are almost in their last days of high school but all they have done in all these years is study. The two of them decide to have some fun to start living their best high school days but their happiness did not last long as the night of their adventure Erika met with an accident and ends up dead the next morning Gia finds 2 Erika one who is dead and another one who has become a ghost but not like the typical ghost but someone who can walk and talk, also who is visible to everybody, not just Gia. Erika then finds out about the unfinished business theory and decides to find out what did she miss when she was alive. She starts living her best life without a single worry she gets famous and everybody at her high school starts noticing her and it gets to the point where hot guys start taking interest in her. But this newly found social media popularity creates a break in their friendship because of Erika’s new personality change Gia finds it impossible to deal with her best friend’s new behavior.

Boo Bitch Season 2 Cast

The makers have not announced the plans for season 2 but if it does get a renewal then Lana Condor might reprise her role from season 1 along with her best friend Gia. The cast from season 1 is as follows Lana Condor portrayed the character of Erika Vu, Madison Thompson portrayed the character of Emma, Zoe Margaret Colletti portrayed the character of Gia, Aparna Brielle portrayed the character of Riley and Reid Miller portrayed the character of Brad. Tenzing Norgay Trainor portrayed the character of Gavin, Alyssa Jirrels portrayed the character of Alyssa, Jason Genao portrayed the character of Devon, Mason Versaw portrayed the character of Jake C. and Conor Husting portrayed the character of Jake W.

Where To Watch Boo Bitch Season 2 Online?

Boo, Bitch is streaming exclusively on Netflix, since season 1 of the series was released on Netflix the second season will follow the same pattern as of now the announcement for season 2 has not been made yet viewers have to wait until the makers decide to renew the series for season 2.

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