Skeleton Knight In Another World Season 2 Release Date Updates!

The first season of the television series Skeleton Knight in Another World, which was directed by Katsumi Ono, has 12 episodes with a total running time of 23 minutes. Gaikotsu Kishi-same, Tadaima Isekai e Odekakechuu, popularly known as “Skeleton Knight in Another World,” is an isekai fantasy anime based on the same-named Japanese light novel series created by Enki Hakari.

The series has received mixed reviews from critics, with some applauding the world-building and others bemoaning the slow pace of the program. So it makes sense that after the season one conclusion airs, viewers would wonder if the show will get another season.

Skeleton Knight In Another World Season 2 Release Date

Skeleton Knight In Another World Season 2 Release Date

Only the 23rd of June 2022 marked the end of season 1. It is undoubtedly challenging to comment on the arrival of season 2 in such a brief period. Furthermore, there is currently no formal information accessible. There are plenty of light novel sources available for Skeleton Knight in Another World’s second season.

The anime will end around Ennki Hakari’s third volume, according to Animation Geek. Japan published 10 volumes of light novels on June 23. Three 12-episode TV seasons’ worth of material is available.

The bad news is that light book sales, which can be a stumbling block for anime renewals, have not been aided by the anime. Neither the light novel nor the manga series was among the top 20 best-selling titles on Oricon at the time of the anime’s April 2022 debut. The studio might pick up Skeleton Knight season 2 development in 2022 once their next three games are released later this year.

Skeleton Knight In Another World Season 1 Release DateApril 7, 2022
Skeleton Knight In Another World Season 2 Release DateNot Announced
Skeleton Knight In Another World Season 2 Release Date

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Skeleton Knight In Another World Season 2 Characters

There are no announcements on the release date or the return of Season 2, as was previously stated. The release date of Skeleton Knight in Another World Season 2 is anticipated to be in the summer or fall of 2023 if no announcements regarding prepare 2 are made in the next several months. Unfortunately, we might expect a postponed season or new timings for the anime if there are no announcements in the upcoming few months.

However, because our main characters are still present, there won’t be many cast changes for Skeleton Knight in Another World season 2.

Arc, Ariane, and Chiyome, the triplet, will return in the upcoming season along with a guest appearance by Dragon Lord Wiliahsfim.

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Skeleton Knight In Another World Season 2 Story

Arc Lalatoya, a boy, awakens to unfamiliar surroundings and looks. In his video game, he discovers himself as the avatar he selected. He seeks to remain anonymous as much as he can since he cannot figure out why he is in this other, unknown realm. In case he ever gets lost, he finds a bunch of bandits and attempts to follow them from a distance. He discovers, however, that these bandits attempt to rape and hurt two women.

Arc musters the courage to thwart those men and defend those women. When it was discovered that the women he saved were noblewomen, he was approached for a reward but declined. Later, he received a copper passport that will enable him to travel.

Ariane is ecstatic to learn that Roden has taken up the mission of finding the missing elves in the season one finale. It appears that Sir Darcy’s prediction that humans and elves will someday coexist is coming true, as she and her friends recall. Arc is also happy that he may now freely pursue his adventures in the gaming world. He even mentions going to the ninja village with Chiyome, who will undoubtedly be happy to have him join her on her adventures.

In season 2, Arc will journey with Ariane to the well-known forest known as Lord Crown in order to use the mysterious Spring to heal his body. Sadly, he will irritate Dragon Lord Wiliahsfim, and they will engage in a quick battle. Fortunately, their differences will be quickly forgotten and Arc will learn that the locals are friendlier than he had anticipated.

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Skeleton Knight In Another World Season 1 Recap

The story begins with Arc discovering himself inside an 8-foot-tall skeletal knight that resembles his game persona. He possesses all of the aforementioned character’s abilities. He travels off in search of resources and comes across two women who are about to be sexually assaulted by a group of bandits. He received payment for his rescue. He did accept the reward, but he was also given the go-ahead to travel about and explore the nation.

On May 12, 2022, a brand-new episode of Skeleton Knight in Another World will debut. To find out what happens to Arc, keep reading.

Skeleton Knight In Another World Season 2 Trailer

Sadly, there isn’t a trailer available for the show’s second season. The anime Skeleton Knight in Another World is still broadcasting its first season. Additionally, there are no updates on the air dates for the second season of the aforementioned anime.

Where To Watch Skeleton Knight In Another World Season 2?

The anime is not listed on any streaming websites because there has been no confirmation of a second season. Netflix presently has the first season of Skeleton Knight in Another World!

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