Physical Season 2 Episode 5 Release Date Is Now Here!

Physical is a comedy-drama set in 1980s San Diego where a tortured housewife Sheila Rubin goes on a self-discovery journey to find herself. The drama focuses on the challenges she faces as a housewife and entertains us while taking us through Sheila’s life story. This drama is a promising entertainer and the dark comedy of the show makes it a must-watch. 

Season 1 has been a successful season for the makers as the audience poured all its love during the first few episodes. After getting entertained in the second season viewers look super excited to watch the second season and are holding high expectations. We hope makers will set the bar higher this time. 

The drama is rated 7.3 on IMDb. After gathering a good rating and love from its viewers the makers are all set for a successful season 2. Find the details related to season 2 episode 5 below.

Physical Season 2 Episode 5 Release Date

Physical Season 2 Episode 5 Release Date

If you love this dark comedy show and follow it regularly you must be very excited to know when will the makers release episode 5 of season 2. The first four episodes of the show have already been released and gathered the attention of the viewers. After the fourth episode audience is very excited to watch episode 5 and know what will happen next.

Episode 5 will be released on 1st July 2022. The episode will be released somewhere around 9 pm (ET). Although we don’t know the exact release time right now as there is no official announcement regarding the timings of the release but it can be expected around this time. The release time of the episode completely depends on how quickly Apple TV airs the episode.

Physical Season 2 Episodes

Season two of the show will be having 10 episodes in total. As the fifth episode of the show releases on 1st July, we will have five more episodes to be released after its release. You can expect many more fun episodes that will make you go crazy as Sheila goes through her journey in season 2.

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Physical Season 2 Recap

Episode 1: The first episode shows us how Sheila has changed from the last season when she was a housewife who only looked at her family and never cared about herself. But now she has started discovering herself and knows the importance of herself. She now has her individuality apart from just being a housewife. The first episode also shows her growing frustration with her husband.

Episode 2: Sheila Rubin takes a challenge in the second episode and manages to give an excellent performance in the aerobics and completes her challenge. It also shows Danny leading a group of youngsters.

Episode 3: Third episode shows Sheila Rubin going through a painful journey. She pushes herself to excel in her career but a lot of overwhelming thoughts, memories, and experiences will keep haunting her as she begins her career. However, her aerobics classes will be a big relief for Sheila.

Physical Season 3 Story Predictions

Physical Season 2 Episode 5 Release Date

As the last two seasons have been a blast for the viewers, it was a perfect combination of laughter and fun. After having such great and enjoyable episodes viewers are very much excited for this season as well. Just like the last two seasons which were a perfect dose of entertainment and the story of Sheila’s self-discovery journey even this season will take us on a roller coaster ride with Sheila and her family. 

We will see Sheila going on a deeper journey with herself and also more of her aerobics classes where she will be taking up some new challenges and improving her performance. You can also expect to see Sheila gaining a new identity as she aspires to focus on her career more and become more than a wife, housewife, or mother. We can say that Physical is not just a comedy show but it also is a show that highlights women’s empowerment and how a housewife can find her own identity even after years of playing the role of a perfect wife. So let’s get ready to cheer for Sheila and laugh with her some more.

Where To Watch Physical?

As Physical is an exclusive original by Apple TV, you can watch this show only on Apple TV and no other platform. So if you want to enjoy the 5th episode of Physical you can watch it on Apple TV on 1st July 2022.

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