21 Best Anime Girls With Red Hairs That You Must Know!

Anime characters are made keeping in mind their personality. The body colour, clothes, eyes, and hair are all designed on the basis of traits the character is going to show on the screen. The rule is followed for both male and female characters. Today we are going to focus on one such personality trait of an anime character. 

In animes, you have seen female characters having various hair colours like black, brown, grey, blond, pink, blue, red, etc. one of the most attractive colours among these is read. While black and brown are more common colours, red is a different but attractive colour. This colour is mostly given to antagonist female characters or sometimes to some bold protagonist characters as well. Red colours are also used for various supporting female characters in anime series and movies. 

In this article, we are introducing the 21 best anime girls with red hair. These are the characters who attracted viewers’ attention with their red hairs on the screen. So, here is the list of the characters- 

1. Shura Kirigakure (Blue Exorcist)

Shura Kirigakure (Blue Exorcist)

Shura Kirigakure is seen in manga anime Blue Exorcte. She has red hair and yellow bangs. Her hair makes her look fiery and powerful. She is the supporting protagonist in the 2011 TV series directed by Tensai Okamura. In the series, Shura has been seen fighting with the antagonists. She also bears the title of Meister as a Knight after getting training under her guide Shiro Fujimoto. She is also the mentor of the main lead of the series Rin Okumura. You will see her fighting with a sword several times in the series. 

You can watch the fiery Shura Kirigakaru in Blue Exorcite which is available on Netflix. 

2. Grell Sutcliff (Black Butler)

21 Best Anime Girls With Red Hairs
Grell Sutcliff (Black Butler)

Grell Sutcliff is one of the amazing characters of the Grell Sutcliff anime series. And her red hairs add stars to the character’s personality. She is a fun-loving person whom you even call crazy in some instances. But undoubtedly, she is the red-haired character that you will enjoy a lot in the Black Butler. Grell is an extrovert personality whom you will find enjoying everywhere. There is a different sought of charm that she always carries. You can also see the emotional side of this humorous and charming anime in Black Butler. 

Black Butler is available for viewers on Netflix. 

3. Mito Jujo (Owari no Seraph: Seraph of the End)

Mito Jujo (Owari no Seraph: Seraph of the End)
Mito Jujo (Owari no Seraph: Seraph of the End)

Mito Jujo is the fiery girl in the uniform you can enjoy watching in Owari no Seraph. She is beautiful, attractive, and bold. She is also a member of the Guren Squad. You will see Mito Jujo, doing various action sequences in the movie. She is a trained soldier in the uniform who is capable of defeating various enemies on the battlefield. Her actions will fall you more on her. Her red hairs make her look more like a dangerous fighter for enemies. 

You can watch the web series on Funimation and Netflix. 

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4. Miu Amano (Blend S)

Miu Amano (Blend S)
Miu Amano (Blend S)

Miu Amano is a protagonist character of Ryoji Masuyama’s Manga anime series. Released in 2017, this series is based on Miyuki Nakayama’s novella. Talking about the character of Miu in the anime series, she is a sweet and cute girl. But this is not the only trait of the beautiful red-haired girl. She is also shown as a very responsible and optimistic girl. Miu Amano is also a very good artist in the Blend See. You will find her drawing various things in the series. She is shown as a very mature and real character. 

The web series Blend S is on Funimation. You can watch the sweet Miu in her red hair there. 

5. Karin (Naruto Shippuden)

Karin (Naruto Shippuden)
Karin (Naruto Shippuden)

Arin is the supporting character in the series Naruto Shippuden. She is a fighter girl whom you will see in action various times in the series. She is one of the most liked red-haired girls. With red hair, she also has a set of red eyes which makes her look more beautiful. In the series, Karin has a huge attraction for Sasuke from the time he once saved her life. She also thinks they both can make a good team. Karin had a very disturbing past. Her own family and villagers died in a fire outburst due to war in their village. 

The web series is available on Crunchyroll and Netflix. 

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6. Akane Sakurada (Joukamachi no Dandelion)

Akane Saku

Akane Sakurada is among the main protagonist in Joukamachi no Dandelion. The web series revolves around King Sakurada and his children. Akane is the third daughter of King Sakurada who has the superpower to control gravity and manage her speed and strength. The red-haired girl of the Sakurada family is the shiest among all. she does not like cameras around her. She stays away from any kind of attention. But despite her shyness, Akane is very popular among anime fans and the favourite character of many. In Ayumi Kasunga’s Manga, Akane is a very intellectual girl who also has a great fan following in school.

You can watch this web series and beautiful Akane Sakurada on Crunchyroll. 

7. Miia (Monster Musume)

Miia (Monster Musume)

Monster Musume is a romantic and comedy series. You can see various love angles in the series. Miia’s is also one of those. She is very protective of her love interest Kimihito. She can’t see him with any girl other than her. She is also very loving and caring towards Kimihito. Miia also loves to cook and swim. She is a beautiful red-haired girl whom you will love to see. 

You can watch Miia’s kind of love on Crunchyroll and Amazon Prime.

8. Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail)

Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail)

Fairy Tail is an anime series full of adventure and fantasy. In the series, the character of Erza is a protagonist. She is a fighter and a member of Team Nastu. She with her other guild members, do various missions to save people and prevail in justice. This girl with red hair and brown eyes will make you her fan with amazing action sequences and powerful character. She is a girl with terrible past experiences. That is why she cannot tolerate injustice at all. sometimes, she is not liked by people around her due to her strictness. But her strictness is due to her disciplined nature. 

You can watch Fairy Tail on Netflix. 

9. Flare Corona (Fairy Tale)

21 Best Anime Girls With Red Hairs
Flare Corona (Fairy Tale)

Flare Corona is a member of Raven Tail in the anime series Fairy Tail. She is one of the best red hair among all the red-haired anime characters, her hairs are long and of sunset red colour. She always ties them into two plates. Flare is also very fond of her hair and doesn’t allow anyone to harm them. During one of her battle with Lucy, her hair got badly damaged which put Lucy in some serious problems. 

To know more about the character of this red-haired anime girl, you have to watch the series Fairy Tail on Netflix. 

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10. Yona (Akatsuki no Yona)

21 Best Anime Girls With Red Hairs
Yona (Akatsuki no Yona)

Yona is a beautiful princess of Kouka who has beautiful red hair and violet eyes. As a princess, she always lived a safe, protected, and relaxing life. Her beauty is something that attracts everybody. But this beautiful princess has to leave all her pleasures due to continuous enemy threats. But away from her palace, she prepares herself to save her kingdom and make it a heaven like earlier. Beautiful Yona’s thrilling journey is immensely liked by fans.

This series is available on Crunchyroll. 

11. Rias Gremory (High School DXD)

21 Best Anime Girls With Red Hairs
Rias Gremory (High School DXD)

In High School DXD, Rias Gremory is a beautiful princess. Everybody will have a crush on her with just a glance. Her long red hair gave her a fiery appearance. She is the kind of girl whom every boy wants in his life. But her relationship with Issei cut the chance of everybody else who has an interest in this princess. Apart from beauty, she also has power and self-confidence. She is motivated and focused on her goal which makes her personality that is liked by every viewer. 

To watch Rias Gremory in the web series High School DXD, switch to Crunchyroll or Netflix. 

12. Minori Kushieda (Toradora)

21 Best Anime Girls With Red Hairs
Minori Kushieda (Toradora)

Toradora is a romantic comedy anime. In the series, Minori Kushieda is shown as a supporting character. She is one of the most beautiful girls in the school and is also very protective of her beauty, especially her face. Her red hair enhances her beauty and does justice to her character. She is also a very hardworking girl who always keeps herself busy with some or other work. Minori is a very good and caring friend as well. When she came to know, that her best friend Taiga is dating Ryuji, she took Ryuji aside and asked him to take good care of her friend. 

You can watch Toradora on Netflix and Crunchyroll. 

13. Kotori Itsuka (Date A Live)

21 Best Anime Girls With Red Hairs
Kotori Itsuka (Date A Live)

Kotori Itsuka is among the lead characters of Date a Live. She is a beautiful girl with long red hair and red eyes. She secretly works for an airship named Franxious. She is a commander there. Kotori is also a very caring elder sister to her sibling Shido. Kotori is also a spirit who has some special powers. But she has sealed them. However, to save Shido she used those powers. Being a commander, she also has professional duties. She is a multitasker whose behaviour changes according to the duty she is performing. 

You can watch this interesting character on Netflix. 

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14. Alexandra Magritte (Tada Never Falls In Love)

21 Best Anime Girls With Red Hairs
Alexandra Magritte (Tada Never Falls In Love)

Alexandra Magritte is not a lead character in Tada Never Falls in Love. She is a supporting character. She is a very self-centered girl who focuses on herself and minds her own business. Her red hairs are of chest length. She doesn’t feel attached to many people. Although she had worked with various groups there are not many people with whom she shares a strong bond or attachment. 

You can watch the mysterious character of Alexandra Magritte in the anime series Tada Never Falls In Love on HiDive.

15. Ryoko Sakaki (Food Wars!)

21 Best Anime Girls With Red Hairs
Ryoko Sakaki (Food Wars!)

Ryoko Sakaki in the Food Wars is a popular character. However, she only had a side role in the series. She is a beautiful anime girl with red hair and orange eyes which is a less popular combination. Ryoko loves to enjoy life, she is full of excitement and curiosity. She is well-mannered and a very important character in the series. You will also love her for her fashion sense and beautiful body. What if she is not a lead character, she has gotten enough love from anime lovers.

You can watch Food Wars on various platforms including Crunchyroll, Netflix, and HBO Max. 

16. Grimm (Combatants Will Be Dispatched)

21 Best Anime Girls With Red Hairs
Grimm (Combatants Will Be Dispatched)

Grimm in the Combats will be Dispatched has the supernatural power of cursing her enemies. However, not all the curses of the red-haired girl worked, and her success ratio was also declining. She joins a combat squad that came to her world from somewhere else. With this combat team, Grimm gets the chance to take part in various missions and battles. However, she is a very lazy girl. This mysterious anime character also has the ability to heal her wounds. 

You can watch Grimm in Combats Will Be Dispatched on Netflix. 

17. Chise Hatori (The Ancient Magus’ Bride)

21 Best Anime Girls With Red Hairs
Chise Hatori

The Ancient Magus’ Bride is a 2016-17’s web series. Chise Hatori is a major protagonist character in the series. The beautiful girl with red hair in this series had a very distressing past. Her parents abandoned her. No relatives gave her shelter which made the girl depressed and brought her to an auction. In this auction, Elias Ainsworth bought her due to her supernatural capabilities for 5 million pounds. He took her to London and from here new chapter of Chise began. Despite so many hardships in her life, Chise is a motivated girl. After coming out of the bad past, she looks toward life positively. 

The Ancient Magus’ Bride is available to watch for viewers on Chrunchyroll and Amazon Prime. 

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18. Staphanie Dola (No Game No Life)

Staphanie Dola
Staphanie Dola

Staphanie is a teenage girl whose grandfather was the ruler of Elkia. She is a beautiful girl with red hair. On her red hair, she keeps beautiful blue flowers that match her blue eyes. She is the Elkia and wants to save her nation from extinction. Staphanie is also an emotional girl but a very strong character on whose shoulder the responsibility of a state lies. She falls in love with online gambler Sora but resists her feelings and gets rid of them. 

The series is available on Netflix. 

19. Serara (Log Horizon)

21 Best Anime Girls With Red Hairs
Serara (Log Horizon)

Serara n Log Horizon is a very good housekeeper. She is not a character who has special fighting powers and magical superiority. But her specialities include cleaning and healing. She is too good at that. Her red hairs and girly attires make her look charming. She gets frustrated if someone talks about love and marriage in front of her. He is also a very energetic girl. Serara is also full of etiquettes and manners. Everybody can learn from her. 

This web series is available on Netflix for the viewers. 

20. Sala Shane (Charlotte)

21 Best Anime Girls With Red Hairs
Sala Shane (Charlotte)

Sala Shane is seen as the supporting character in the anime series Charlotte. She is a very popular character among anime lovers. She has dark red hair which she ties in a ponytail. Sala Shane is also a singer who dreams to achieve something big with her songs. In the series, she fulfils her dream to become a singer. But as a successful singer also she faces many challenges including the kidnapping of her younger brother for her money. 

To see Sala Shane’s character and her Journey in Charlotte, you have to visit Netflix or Crunchyroll. 

21. Lilith Asami (Trinity Seven)

21 Best Anime Girls With Red Hairs
Lilith Asami (Trinity Seven)

Lilith Asami is a red-haired anime girl in Trinity Seven. She is known for her calm and composed nature. She is a teacher in the series, therefore, there is an element of discipline and strictness in her character. She is also very caring towards her students and fellow teachers,

You can watch her in Trinity Seven on Crunchyroll.

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