Jason Blum Net Worth: You Will Be Shocked To Know!

Jason Blum is a well-known producer in the American film and television industry he has produced various blockbuster television series and Hollywood movies including Paranormal activities, The Purge, Happy Death Day, The Invisible Man, and others. Blum was born in Los Angeles to Irving Blum and Shirley Blum. Blum is active in the industry business since 1995. However, his production company Blumhouse Production started in 2000. The production house is well known for producing horror movies in the USA. In 22 years of its establishment, Blumhouse Productions has made lots of money for Jason Blum and gave him opportunities to work with some of the well-known directors in Hollywood.

Over the years, various successful projects of Blumhouse Productions have made him a millionaire. Jason Blum lives a lavish life with his millions of net worth. He also owns various luxury cars and real estate properties. After knowing this if you wonder, what his net worth Jason Blum is, then we have brought you all the information about Jason Blum’s net worth and property. Read the full article to know.

Jason Blum Net Worth

Jason Blum Net Worth
Jason Blum Net Worth

According to various sources, the net worth of American film producer Jason Blum is $225 Billion. In a career span of more than two decades, Jason has produced various popular movies and television shows. Some of his films and movies are also recognized with various film and television awards. Notably Blumhouse production’s horror movies like The Invisible Man, paranormal Activities film series, and other are very much popular worldwide.

According to various sources, Jason Blum makes more than 2 million US dollars in a month. While his yearly income crosses $25 million. Notably many Blumhouse production movies earned 10 times to 20 times more than the investment made by the company. Such projects include Insidious, Paranormal Activities series, Halloween, Split, etc. This shows Blum is a very tactful and aware businessman. Notably, the data also show that over the years Jason Blum has managed to increase his net worth considerably. Even the outbreak of the global pandemic which hit everyone economically did not affect Blum’s net worth. In 2019 Jason Blum’s net worth was $195 million which increased to $225 million in 2022 which is very good growth for any businessman.

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Jason Blum Assets

The fans who keep interested in the economies of their favourite celebrities, always want to know the assets the celebrity possesses. Jason Blum is a wealthy film producer in the United States. Hence, he also carries attractive assets. Jason Blum has born and brought up in Los Angeles, California. Hence, he has various real estate properties in the city. In New York, he owns a house in Brooklyn Heights which is a very post residence of the Brooklyn city. He bought this house in 2019 which cost him 9.8 million then.

Apart from real estate, every celebrity or wealthy man possesses luxury cars. Jason Blum has also bought a number of luxury cars for him. His car collection includes Mercedes, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce Phantom, MacLaren, and probably many more. Notably, we have this much information about Jason Blum’s wealthiest assets. However, the list might be bigger.

Jason Blum Personal Life

Jason Blum Net Worth

Jason Blum lives in Brooklyn Heights with his wife Lauren A.E. Schuker and kids since 2019. The film producer wedded Lauren in 2012 who was a Times Reporter then. The couple has three kids together.

Jason Blum Career

Jason Blum started his career in the mid-90s. Earlies in his career, Blum has worked as an executive producer for various commercials. Later his career got a new path when he started his own production company Blumhouse Production. This company is well known for producing horror movies and series. From the second half of the 2000s, Blumhouse Production started making successful big-budget movies and series. One of the major early successes that Jason Blum earned is the Paranormal Activities film series. the first film of the series was released in 2007 and became a commercial success. Later, a total of eight films are made in the series between 2007 and 2015. However, in the time span of the series, various other production houses also contributed to the movies but Blumhouse remained the major producer. The movie has earned more than 800 million US Dollars.

In his career, Jason Blum has received various awards and nominations. In industry, the major award he won was Emma Award for the 2014 film The Normal Heart. However, various films he produced also managed to receive nominations and big awards in the industry which made Jason a successful producer.

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