What Are The Hot Tub Time Machine Filming Locations?

A 2010 American science fiction comedy film with Chevy Chase, John Cusack, Rob Corddry, Craig Robinson, Clark Duke, Crispin Glover, Lizzy Caplan, and Rob Corddry as the main cast members, Hot Tub Time Machine was directed by Steve Pink. It centres on four men who use a hot tub to go back in time to 1986 and then have to figure out how to get back to 2010. On February 20, 2015, Hot Tub Time Machine 2 was made available.

Hot Tub Time Machine Filming Locations

Hot Tub Time Machine Filming Locations

The Hot Tub Time Machine was filmed in a number of locations. At the Vancouver Film Studios in Vancouver, the first shots were taken. Other scenes necessitated changing settings. The Fernie Alpine Resort authorized this. The four men decided to take a break before returning to their difficult lives, and the resort served as their hotel. It is situated in the British Columbian town of Fernie.

Released in 2010, Hot Tub Time Machine is almost 12 years old. The project’s initial spending cap was 36 million dollars. After its release, it brought in a total of $64.6 million worldwide, which is quite impressive. The film Hot Tub Time Machine is upbeat.

A feel-good movie, Hot Tub Time Machine takes viewers on a wild adventure featuring characters doing the most infamous things. Given that the entire script has a silly tone, it is appropriate for all age groups. The story does have some flaws, but the cast members’ talent magically distracts from them. When Hot Tub Time Machine was first released, critics from all over the world gave it generally favourable reviews. This fact is clear when examining the movie’s box office performance.

Hot Tub Time Machine Release Date

Released in 2010, Hot Tub Time Machine is almost 12 years old. The project’s initial spending cap was 36 million dollars. After its release, it brought in a total of $64.6 million worldwide, which is quite impressive. A feel-good movie, Hot Tub Time Machine takes viewers on a wild adventure featuring characters doing the most infamous things.

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Hot Tub Time Machine Story

After Lou Dorchen is admitted to the hospital for carbon monoxide poisoning, three estranged and depressed friends—Adam Yates, who was dumped by his girlfriend; Nick Webber-Agnew, a neglected husband working a dead-end job; and Lou Dorchen, an unemployed, alcoholic drifter in his 40s—reconnect. Adam and Nick make plans for Lou to meet up with them and Adam’s nephew Jacob at Kodiak Valley Ski Resort, where the three of them had fun as kids, to cheer him up.

The four unintentionally spill energy drinks on the console while enjoying drinks in the hot tub in their hotel room. The four go skiing the following day and, after a series of peculiar events, realize they have returned to 1986. Although Jacob’s appearance has not changed since he was not, Adam, Lou, and Nick have assumed their younger bodies.

They are warned not to make any changes because they might change history by a mysterious repairman. The group will act out their experiences in order to lessen the butterfly effect: Adam will break up with Jenny and get stabbed in the eye with a fork; Lou will fight and get beaten up by Blaine, a ski patrol bully; and Nick will have sex with a groupie and play with his band at an open mic night. At the resort, they also discover Kelly, the mother of both Jacob and Adam.

The three find their tasks to be challenging; Lou is punched by Blaine and loses his backpack but he must challenge him again later that night. Adam develops feelings for Jenny.

Adam rediscovers his attraction to Jenny and loses the desire to end their relationship, but he is sidetracked when he meets the vivacious music journalist April at a concert. Despite not being married at the time, Nick worries about cheating on his wife.

Jenny turns the tables on Adam by starting their breakup, but Adam still receives a fork stab in the eye after he tries to stop it. Dejected, he wanders the resort by himself before running into April, and they break into a nearby house and have a passionate encounter. Nick, meanwhile, decides to perform more upbeat songs during his set. Jacob realizes it was the energy when the repairman says a chemical is a key to their time travel.

Lou seduces Kelly as the group searches Blaine’s cabin for the drink after saving Lou from falling off the rooftop. Jacob abruptly disappears when he tries to stop Lou and Kelly from having sex. Following the completion of Jacob’s conception by Lou and Kelly, they come to the realization that Lou is Jacob’s father. Lou finally defeats Blaine after leaving Kelly, and the four take the energy drink back to the hot tub where they start a vortex.

Lou chooses to stay in 1986 and tells Adam that his carbon monoxide poisoning was actually a suicide attempt before Jacob, Nick, and Lou enter the tub first. He plans to invest and get closer to Jacob now that he knows what lies ahead. Adam is also adamant about staying.

Adam, Nick, and Jacob learn that Lou changed history by founding the wildly prosperous Lougle, which allows him to live a luxurious lifestyle with Kelly, back in 2010. Adam learns that Nick is a successful music producer married to a devoted and understanding wife, while Nick is happily married to April. They reunite at Lou’s mansion with their families, satisfied with their new lives.

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Hot Tub Time Machine Trailer

In the movie, three men—Adam Yates, who just got dumped by his girlfriend, Nick Webber Agnew, whose wife ignores him and works at a terrible job, and Lou Dorchen, an alcoholic with no job at all—reunite. Because Lou is in the hospital after being poisoned, the reunion is necessary. They all decide to go to the Kodiak Valley Ski Resort in order to have fun and distract Lou from his suffering. Adam’s nephew Jacob also travels with them. When they were younger, the group visited this resort.

As they unwind in their room’s hot tub, they soon begin to drink. The four press some kind of button after using a magic booster

Then, on the screen, comes the oldest, creepiest repairman. He warns them against changing any kind of narrative because doing so could change history. Adam experiences a difficult breakup with his girlfriend once more. On the other hand, Lou experiences the same historical beating from Blain. Nick performs with his band and gets close to a groupie.

Given that they are aware of what their future holds, it is challenging to proceed in the same manner. Their strategy is very dysfunctional, and it soon begins to unravel completely. Jacob actually being Lou’s son was the only thing that made sense. He and Kelly engaged in intimate

At the resort, he had sexual relations with Kelly late into the night and gave birth to him. Lou insists on staying when Adam and Nick make the decision to return. He makes a complete 180 in his life, which has a ripple effect on his friends. The three go on to have prosperous careers.

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Hot Tub Time Machine Cast

Hot Tub Time Machine Filming Locations

List of the Hot Tub Time Machine cast members with pictures when they are available. This list of Hot Tub Time Machine actors includes all of the movie’s actors as well as any actresses who played the role. Use this list as a starting point to find actors or actresses, who you may not be familiar with, among the Hot Tub Time Machine cast members.

  • Adam Yates, played by John Cusack
  • 1991: Jake Rose as Adam
  • Lou “Violator” Rob Corddry Dorchen Brook Bennett as 1986 Lou
  • Nick Webber-Agnew is played by Craig Robinson.
  • 1986: Aliu Oyofo As Jacob Yates
  • Nick Clark Duke in the role of Repairman
  • Kelly Yates played by Collette Wolfe
  • As Phil Wiedmaier, Crispin Glover

Hot Tub Time Machine Production & Marketing

Josh Heald wrote the screenplay, and Steve Pink directed the film. It was primarily shot at the Fernie Alpine Resort in Fernie, British Columbia, and the Vancouver Film Studios in Vancouver. The movie’s art director was Kelvin Humenny.

On July 24, 2009, the first trailer for the movie as well as the red-band trailer debuted online and at Comic-Con 2009. One of the red-band trailers is primarily made up of specially shot, uncut footage of Jessica Paré’s persona relaxing in a bathtub. In the weeks before its release, the movie was given free screenings in more than 50 cities.

Duke and Corddry served as WWE Raw’s guest hosts on March 29, 2010, at the US Airways Center in Phoenix, Arizona, to advertise the movie. Robinson did briefly appear, but it was only via satellite.

Where To Watch Hot Tub Time Machine?

Prepare to stomp some serious history! In 1986, four friends have a wild night of drinking in a hot tub at a ski resort, and the next morning they have terrible hangovers! They may now have a chance to improve their future by altering the past on Amazon Video.

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