Kim Hasse Net Worth, Biography, And Other Details!

Kim Hasse is an American actress and Model wildly popular in America for her roles in iconic movies like The Brady Bunch, Pleasantville, and the well-known comedy movie Teen Wolf Too. If you have seen any of these movies, there is no doubt Kim Hasse is a talented actress and still retains her charisma at the age of 62. Her husband Gordon Lightfoot is also a well-known singer and songwriter.

Kim Hasse Net Worth

Kim Hasse has a net worth of $30 million USD with most of her income coming from her profession as an actress. Other than that private information about her net worth and earnings are respected so not a lot of details are known about it other than the fact that her husband, Gordon Lightfoot, also has a net worth of around $40 million USD by being one of the most well known and talented Canadian singer and songwriter. 

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Kim Hasse Early Life

Kim Hasse Net Worth

Born on 4th April 1961, Kim Hasse did her schooling at a local high school in her hometown and did not pursue higher education. Kim started off by doing print shoots and later came into the limelight by acting in different movies and t.v. shows but her rise to stardom was in her debut movie Teen Wolf Too directed by Christopher Leitch in 1987.

The movie is still considered one of the best Fantasy/Comedy movies, even having a modern-day t.v. show based on the same franchise by the name of Teen Wolf which was released in 2011. 

After that it was a bright career for Kim who became known for her bold personality, continuing to star in great movies like My Sister’s Keeper (2009),  Pleasantville (1998), and The Baby-Sitters Club (1995)- based on the storybook by the same name and the crowd-pleasing The Brady Bunch movie (1995). 

The Brady Bunch is one of her most notable performances, even though she played the role of a student, the iconic take of the movie from the t.v. show of the same name held significant importance for the characters whether big or small since the movie was an adaptation of the beloved American sitcom of the 70 when the movie came out the audience was very excited about it. 

Another one of her great performances includes her role in Pleasantville where she starred alongside great actors such as Tobey Mcguire, Reese Witherspoon, Paul Walker, and many more. The movie was anticipated by the audience a lot for its revival of the 50’s sitcom of the same name but that wasn’t the only great thing about the movie- making use of brilliant special effects the movie left the audience starstruck seeing their beloved storyline get new twists and turns.

The old Pleasantville is known for its perfect pleasant attire, the name of the movie/sitcom was based on the town called Pleasantville where everything went according to plan and everyone was happy, this aspect of the movie was portrayed in the classic black and white film when the movie took new turns and things started getting changed the movie transitioned into a state of colour, the film used special effects to portray this change in the plot by adding colours to the scenes. Needless to say, the acting, plot, and performance, it was so top-tier that the movie was screened at the Toronto Film Festival in 1998 itself which makes Kim Hasse’s performance in the movie one of her most exceptional ones. Her last appearance was back in 2010 on the Tim And Eric show.

Kim Hasse Personal Life

Kim Hasse has always been very private about her personal life, so not a lot about her is known to the public. She was born in Chicago Illinois to father George G Hasse and mother Shirley Hasse and lived in a Christian Family. Information about her family or siblings is not public. Lightfoot and Hasse first met in 2008 when Hasse was acting as a background actor and then got married to him 6 years later in 2014 at Rosedale United Church in a private wedding ceremony, making her the step-mother of 6 children that Lightfoot had from his previous two marriages.

The kids Ingrid and Fred are said to be from Gordon Lightfoot’s first marriage with Bita Ingegerd Olaisson, their marriage lasted a decade from 1963 to 1973. From Lightfoot’s second marriage with Elizabeth Foon in 1989, they had two kids, Miles and Meredith. Their marriage ended in 2011, three years after which  Kim and Lightfoot got married. The mother of the other 2 children remains mysterious but regardless Kim loves all of them with her whole heart and is living a happily married life with him. 

Gordon Lightfoot still remains one of the most notable Singers/Songwriters who got recognition through very talented folk, folk-rock, and country music. Lightfoot had always been talented and his mother very encouragingly supported him to pursue music. At an early age, Gordon Lightfoot could play the piano, guitar, and drums, and his singing capabilities earned him praises throughout his high school, because of these skills he was even offered scholarships at the University of Toronto and McGill University’s School of Music.

He is most widely known for his popular song The Wreck Of Edmund Fitzgerald which was loved so much that it was even nominated for one of the most prestigious music awards- The Grammys. 

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Looking at Lightfoot’s fame, success and background opened up controversy when Kim Hasse decided to marry him, this was fueled by their age difference. But the couple pulled through it all. Both of them often mention each other in interviews and are photographed being their happiest when they are around each other. Lightfoot’s songs have such beauty and soul to them that when he plays one of his old songs that are supposedly written based on his past relationships, struggles, and heartbreak, Kim often tells him to shut it down, Lightfoot often jokes about being sorry for inflicting so much pain on her through his music. Lightfoot is still active despite his present age and still goes on tours. In an interview where he was asked about his wife, Kim Hasse, he described her as, “a very helpful and good person in so many ways”.

Lightfoot, in one of his tours, was diagnosed with Pneumonia 5 days before he was supposed to begin the tour, hospitalized, but he still insisted on being discharged and going to perform for people, Kim Hasse understood how much his fans and work mattered to him and supported his decision. Not only to support him metaphorically, but she is also always with him when he goes for tours and looks after him, makes sure that he takes his medications, runs errands to the pharmacy, takes care of his appointments, and makes sure that he remains healthy whilst not exerting himself physically.

Lightfoot mentioned in his interview that his wife would “rather sleep on the hospital floor than leave me there.” Lightfoot admits despite having his past relationships, his one true love remains to be Kim. To which Kim Hasse responded with “No one can have all of Gordon- we all have our unique love story with him.” phrasing this in such a beautiful loving manner portrayed how much she knows about being a singer and performer is important to Gordon Lightfoot.

Kim Hasse Net Worth

Because of Lightfoot’s old age and fragile health, he has had many near-death experiences, and now he cherishes his time with Kim Hasse, describing it as enjoying his “borrowed time” with her. The two are obviously in love with each other and not at all phased by the critics and controversies around their relationship, they keep their matters private and enjoy each other’s company.

Despite their age difference Kim and Lightfoot, who was born on 17 November 1938, preserve their love throughout all. She is living with her husband in North York, Toronto. Kim is said to be a very charitable person and is known to donate a lot of money to charities and help people with their education. She also donated to NGOs and trusts.

Her blonde hair and black eyes made her an instant screen star, she still remains very health conscious about her personal health and physique. She is known to be very graceful with a beautiful frame and glowing skin that still betrays her age today. Her big beautiful eyes and long hair made her an instant favourite then and even now. Her favourite colour is white which only added to the fact that she looked stunning in her white gown at her wedding with Gordon Lightfoot. Kim Hasse’s favourite hobby is travelling and modelling. She is known to love Italian Cuisine. She has no social media presence and is not available on any known social media platforms. When asked about her interest in performing and acting on the screen again Kim showed her interest and said that she might want to come back to perform so that people can see her on-screen again.

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