Have The Makers Announced The Grand Tour Season 5 Release Date?

Amazon has once again brought to its viewers the motoring experience with the view of so many cars. Created by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, James May, and Andy William under the direction of Brian Klein, Phil Churchward, Gavin Whitehead, and Kit Lynch-Robinson, The Grand Tour is a motoring television series that got released under the production of W. Chump & Sons. Read further to know more about it and its season 5.

The Grand Tour Season 5 Release Date

The Grand Tour Season 1 Release Date18 November 2016
The Grand Tour Season 2 Release Date8 December 2017
The Grand Tour Season 3 Release Date18 January 2019
The Grand Tour Season 4 Release Date13 December 2019
The Grand Tour Season 5 Release DateNot Announced
The Grand Tour Season 5 Release Date

The series premiered on November 18, 2016, and ran till February 3, 2017. Its second instalment ran from December 8, 2017, to February 16, 2018, with season 3 from January 18, 2019, to April 12, 2019. Season 4 premiered on December 13, 2019, and it is unknown when will it conclude.

Till now, all the seasons of the series are liked by the audience due to how it presents motoring challenges and races with car reviews and celebrity guest interviews. The Grand Tour is released for viewers across more than 195 countries and territories attracting favourable ratings and reviews with a good approach to positive reviews.

After having four big interesting and exciting seasons, the fans are now looking for the fifth instalment of the series. So, here is the good news for all those viewers who are passionately waiting for season 5. Let us tell you that the makers have already started filming for season 5 which gives all its viewers the hope that season 5 will soon come. According to the reports now, there is no officially confirmed date for the release of season 5 but it will soon be published.

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The Grand Tour Season 5 Story

The Grand Tour Season 5 Release Date

The first three seasons follow the same pattern as Top Gear and some television films including the car reviews, motoring challenges, and road trip journeys to present which vehicle is best. Alongside the same pattern as Top Gear, the series also presents special episodes to focus on differentiating the vehicles.

Either the presenters or the car drivers got involved in reviewing any vehicle based on its quality, performance, and handling. The Grand Tour has its special track called the Eboladrome which is also used for conducting timed lapses of vehicles. The studio segments were filmed in a large studio tent that housed 300 audiences except for the presenters. There were not many celebrities in the series as they focused more on the films and dropped the idea to present them.

The fourth season vanished all the previous formats including the time-lapse and the conversation street and now focused on the individual adventures of the presenters travelling from one location to the other in their selected vehicles. As season 5 is currently being filmed, there is no official plot but we can guess it to be more adventurous and exciting than the previous ones.

The Grand Tour Season 5 Cast

The Grand Tour Season 5 Release Date

The cast of previous seasons includes Michael Ball, Richard Hammond, Abbie Eaton, James May, and Jeremy Clarkson. The viewers also saw Daniel Ricciardo, Alfie Boe, Hugh Bonneville, and Andy Wilman with so many other stars. The cast of season 5 is unknown yet but we can expect the next cast to be as exciting and adventurous as it had before.

The Grand Tour Season 5 Trailer

Well, there is no officially released trailer for season 5 till now as the filming has not been completed yet but we can hope to get the trailer very soon. We can expect the trailer of season 5 to be released by the end of this year and till then, the viewers can go for the trailer of season 1.

Where To Watch The Grand Tour Season 5 Online?

All the seasons have been released on Amazon Prime Video and it is also available on Australian network Seven Network and French channel RMC Découverte. We can hope to get season 5 on the same platform too.

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