The 4400 Season 5 Release Date: Is The Show Happening?

I believe people’s preference for sci-fi is more rational than an obvious explanation. Interest and inquisitiveness in the central issues of life is most certainly one reason why people dive into the universe of fiction upheld by science. However, more critically, it is the inborn human hunger for mystery and the fulfillment of settling it or watching it addressed that makes viewers turn this type, especially cause when some mysterious story is indorsed by science, it’s interest and appeal is enhanced on the grounds that that isolates it from our imaginations and “The 4400” one such television series which is produced by CBS Paramount Network Television.

The series ran for four seasons and everyone’s mind has the same question- when does The 4400 will come back? What’s the latest update of this series? here’s everything we know about The 4400 season 5 which combines its every little specifics and news.

The 4400 Season 5 Release Date

The 4400 Season 5: Release Date

The very first season debuted on  July 11, 2004, and concluded with 5 episodes on August 8, 2004, while its previous fourth season came out on June 17, 2007, with 13 episodes which last aired on September 16, 2007.

The 4400 Season 1 Release Date  July 11, 2004
The 4400 Season 2 Release DateJune 5, 2005
The 4400 Season 3 Release DateJune 11 to August 27, 2006
The 4400 Season 4 Release DateJune 17, 2007
The 4400 Season 5 Release DateCanceled

As regards season 5, Writer and co-creator Scott Peters reported on December 18, 2007, that because of the continuous Writers Guild of America strike, budgetary issues, and lower-than-expected appraisals, The 4400 had been canceled and wouldn’t be revisiting for the fifth season.

The fans of the series were bummed getting this news and showed their heavy disappointment as this cancellation came as a shock when the previous season was still hanging on a cliff-hanger. The decision was taken long back ago but till now the show-runners have no plan in coming back with the fifth season of The 4400 and it still stands officially canceled.

UPDATED: As Of March 2022, the show still stands canceled and there will be no season 5 of the show in near future. It is bad news for the fans, but it’s highly unlikely that they will renew season 5 of the show.

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Is The 4400 Season 5 Coming?

In November 2018, it was declared that a reboot of The 4400 was being developed at The CW. Taylor Elmore and Craig Sweeny, the last of whom chipped away at the first series all through its whole run as a writer and later as a supervising producer.

However, the Reboot will be wholly different from the original series and it will not have any influence from the first makers or cast. That means the fans who are waiting for the reply to unanswered questions from the last fourth season will seem like never be answered.

Nonetheless, talking about the release date of the reboot of The 4400, the official announcement is yet to be made. But it is expected to get a release date of sometime in October 2021. However, it can also be delayed or postponed to the next year 2022 because of the pandemic situation.

The 4400 Season 5 Cast

The 4400 Season 5: Cast

The Main Cast of The 4400 consists of Tom Baldwin portrayed by Joel Gretsch who is the series’ main protagonist, Kyle Baldwin depicted by Chad Faust, Jordan Collier showed by Billy Campbell who is one of the central figures of the 4400, Patrick Flueger as Shawn Farrell, Samantha Ferris as Nina Jarvis, Alana Mareva, portrayed by Karina Lombard, Dennis Ryland depicted by Peter Coyote, Jacqueline McKenzie in the role of Diana Skouris, and including many other main cast members as well as recurring roles.

Since the next season 5 is not coming back, we won’t be seeing the above cast members return in any way. The reboot version will also have whole new cast members and roles. 

The 4400 Season 5 Story

In the series’ pilot scene, a chunk of light stores a gathering of 4400 individuals in the Cascade Range lower regions close to Mount Rainier, Washington in the United States. Each of the 4400 had vanished in a light emission light in 1946 or after. None of them have matured from the hour of their vanishing. Befuddled and confused, they have no recollections of what happened to precede their return.

The NTAC (National Threat Assessment Command) which is a section of the Homeland Security Department, is responsible for handling the arrival of the 4400. Dennis Ryland is the head of NTAC. Ryland relegates Tom Baldwin and Diana Skouris as the lead group to research the 4400. In the subsequent season, Ryland goes to Washington and is supplanted by Nina Jarvis. In the fourth season, Meghan Doyle takes control as the leader of NTAC.

Large numbers of the returnees experience difficulty getting their lives in the groove again subsequent to being gone from the world for quite a long time. All the more altogether, few the returnees start to show paranormal capacities, like supernatural power, clairvoyance, and precognition, just as other “gifts”. For instance, in the pilot, Shawn Farrell shows a capacity to recuperate the messed-up neck of a dead bird, resurrecting it. Moreover, one of the 4400, Lily Moore, has become pregnant between her vanishing and return.

The 4400 Season 5 Trailer

Naturally, there is no trailer for season 5 and won’t be in the future either. Moreover, The CW hasn’t revealed any kind of teaser or trailer for the reboot version of The 4400 so here’s the trailer of season 4 instead for you to check out.

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