17 Best The 100 Episodes That You Should Not Miss!

Sci-fi and mystery, drama tv series fans must have heard the name of a series named The 100, no sci-fi fans can have not known about this brilliant series. The 100 is an American tv series developed by Jason Rothenberg the series is based on the 2013 young adult novel of the same name by Kass Morgan. The series premiered on March 19, 2014, on The CW, it has completed 7 seasons so far consisting of 100 episodes each running for about 43 minutes. 224K IMDB users have rated the series 7.6 the series has been ranked at 173 among the most popular IMDB series of all time. The series depicts the story of humans after earth was destroyed due to nuclear weapons because of the nuclear apocalypse only some humans managed to survive and all the living beings on earth have become extinct. After the nuclear apocalypse 12 nations had 12 space stations in space after combining these 12 stations a single station was formed and all the humans who were alive after the apocalypse lived in that single station called Ark. However humans were running out of oxygen in ARK and the council came up with a plan to sent 100 underage prisoners back to earth and get some new findings and experiment.

1) Season 5 Episode 13 Damocles: Part Two

This episode begins after the retreat and the group was rescued people were complaining about the failure of the plan. In the camp they come up with a plan to fight back against the prisoners Octavia surrenders and vows before Madi as the commander, Madi then goes to Gaia who was severely wounded after the last battle Madi shares her insights about the battle and the two of them communicate about their plans to win the battle. Madi comes up with a plan to fight back the prisoners and the group go back for the battle they somehow manage to win the battle and regain their control over the valley.

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2) Season 2 Episode 16 Blood Must Have Blood: Part 2

This series begins with Jaha, Murphy Craig and Richards going to the city of lights through the sea route but they had no clue if they were going in the right direction. Craig stops rowing the boat due to frustration, and then Richard sees land the four of them start shouting in Joy At the same time, some sea creature bumps into their boat and Richards falls into the sea Murphy proceeds to help him but the creature takes away Richards into the sea and Murphy gets injured. Craig loses his senses and starts shouting Jaha tells him to keep his calm and row the boat. Murphy begins to row the boat and Jaha throws Craig in front of the creature and he gets eaten by the creature.

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3) Season 4 Episode 10 Die All, Die Merrily

This episode begins with Octavia inside a polis room, Bellamy finds Octavia he proceeds to make her refuse to be a part of the conclave but Octavia does not listen to his advice. Octavia goes to meet Gaia at her request when Octavia reaches the meeting the official announcement was already made about Octavia being a warrior who fights against the sky crew. Gaia then introduces everyone to Ilian who was there to fight in place of his clan, after seeing Ilian in the meeting Octavia asks him what is his reason for being here. Ilian answers her question and tells her that fighting for his clan is a duty for any warrior and he is here to fulfil that duty.

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4) Season 4 Episode 13 Praimfaya

The episode begins with Bellamy telling Octavia about his decision to go to space on the radio and the two of them to decide to meet soon. Octavia tells her that she will be waiting for him by hiding inside the land, Bellamy reminds her that she is no longer a child she is all grown up and mature. Octavia tells him that she is not ready for all these and she does not even know how to act like a leader, Bellamy tells her that this win was only possible because of her. Octavia confesses her feelings to Bellamy and tells him how much she loves him then the radio disconnects and Bellamy could not convey his feelings to Octavia.

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5) Season 7 Episode 8 Anaconda

This episode leads to the past where the story begins, at the beginning of the episode Clarke and Raven’s teammates get to know about Bellamy’s death they could hardly comprehend this and breaks out into tears. Miller assigns Niylah and Jordan to keep their eyes on the disciples, Clarke gives her condolence to Raven and tells her that they need to fight for Bellamy’s death. At the same time, the door of the chambers opened as Anders and Shepherd were standing there with some of their guards. Shepherd assures Clarke that he has no weapons Clarke hints to the Bardo guards to leave the place Shepherd then enters the room and the chambers are closed.

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6) Season 5 Episode 12 Damocles: Part One

In this episode, Octavia reaches the planned location with Wonkru and she was waiting for the space crew’s single. Echo, Raven, Murphy Emori and Shaw were firing their guns from a different location McCreary’s guards who were guarding a particular location moves from their location to the firing location. The place where McCreary’s guards were guarding before Wonkru’s people enters the location however the plan backfires and McCreary’s guards start firing their guns in the firing along with Ethan the other Wonkru members die in the process. The death of the Wonkru members proves that Diyoza and Kane have betrayed the Wonkru members with McCreary.

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7) Season 5 Episode 3 Sleeping Giants

Some prisoners with weapons come out from the dropship they spotted the green spot in the sky and that’s why they landed there.
Clarke was keeping an eye on them to find out how many people have landed and what kind of weapons are they carrying. The prisoners from the dropship find Madi, and Clarke runs after them to save Madi. Clarke and Madi kill the prisoners however the noise of the gunshot alerts the other members from the dropship that they are not alone here. In the second down sword fighting was going on Octavia was watching the fight from her throne, Nathan, Gaia and Indra were also watching the fight from a distance.

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8) Season 2 Episode 8 Spacewalker

Clarke returns to the camp after talking to Lexa, she tells Abby that in agreement with the grounders commander Lexa it has been decided that after Finn’s death grounders will support the sky people. Most of the people in the sky people camp were ready to entrust Finn to the grounders because Finn wasted 3 months’ worth of oxygen for a spacewalk in Ark. A severe fight breaks out in the camp people Raven pushes Major Byrne. In a flashback in Ark Finn used to help Raven in her Zero-G exam he asks her what she wants for her birthday gift she tells him that she just wants to pass the exam and wants to walk in 0 gravity.

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9) Season 1 Episode 13 We Are Grounders: Part 2

The episode begins with Finn and Clarke coming out of the tunnel Finn washes his bloodstained hands in the water Finn confesses his feelings and tells her that he still loves her but Clarke does not show any interest. They hear a blast from the camp in the dropship Bellamy opens the doors he then sees that murphy has blown one side of the dropship with gun powder Jasper wants to follow him but Bellamy tells him not to as grounders will not let him live. On the radio, everyone hears that Clarke and Finn have returned then Bellamy comes out.

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10) Season 2 Episode 15 Blood Must Have Blood: Part 1

Bellamy somehow manages to come inside the harvest chamber he frees Echo the two of them free all the other grounders. Bellamy suggests Echo tell the grounders to get ready for the battle after getting out of the cage all the grounders get excited about the battle and Echo tells them to stay calm. Bellamy and Echo make their plan for further situations Cage announces on the radio that now everyone can go back to earth. He tells everyone that before her death Dr Lorelei already found the treatment which is the bone marrow of the kids from the sky he thinks that after hearing the announcement mountain man will hand over the kids to them.

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11) Season 2 Episode 14 Bodyguard of Lies

Jaha along with Murphy and other members were travelling from Dead Zone towards finding the city of lights they were having a good time but suddenly one of them ended up dying because of a blast after seeing this one of the other girls started shouting and running but ends up dying in blast. Jaha realizes that this area is covered with mines everywhere in Mount Weather Cage asks Emerson about the disappearance of the 44 kids Emerson tells him that their man is finding the kids in every room. Emerson also tells him that some mount weather people are against the bone marrow project.

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12) Season 4 Episode 12 The Chosen

In Becca’s lab, Raven was constantly talking to Becca, Raven suddenly feels the presence of some shadow but Becca tells her that she should focus on her work after working for a while Raven suddenly gets a nose bleeding and gets a seizure unconscious Raven sees Sinclair standing next to her and offering his hand to Raven. In Arkadia, Monty was keeping an eye on the situation wearing his hazmat suit he warns everyone to vacant the bunkers everyone’s condition was getting worse in Arkadia Harper’s condition was getting worse Riley falls due to radiation and ends up dying.

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13) Season 3 Episode 3 Ye Who Enter Here

Clarke has been held in the prison of grounders Capital polis, Lexa comes to meet her and tells her that she has called a summit in the evening in which she will hand over Clarke to the sky crew. Lexa also tells her that the ice nation queen was planning to kill her but she saved her life, Clarke is pissed at Lexa because she left them in mount weather Lexa tells Clarke that she wants the sky crew to get together with them and it will be known as 13 clans if Clarke bows in front of her then sky crew will remain safe. Clarke advises Lexa that she should kill her and then she will get all the power of Wanheda and refuses to bow in front of her.

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14) Season 2 Episode 11 Coup de Grâce

The episode begins with Bellamy getting captured by the mount weather people, he is then tied with a chain for the contaminate process, they throw boiling water on Bellamy and then it is scrubbed he is also given some medicine. Maya and Jasper are seen upset in the mess hall at Mount Weather since Monty has now joined Harper in going missing. Maya tells Jasper to pretend that nothing is wrong do not make a bad move for now after Maya leaves Jasper decides that nothing is right and he needs to do something. In the jungle two mountain men were keeping an eye on Clarke and Abby in hiding.

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15) Season 5 Episode 2 Red Queen

In Arkadia, the 7 surviving members were living a good life, but many things have changed between the members Monty and Harper were still together meanwhile Murphy and Emori have split up Bellamy and Echo have started a new relationship. Bellamy looks at the earth from Ark’s window and recalls Clarke. Raven was training Echo and Emori at lunchtime everyone was trying Monty’s new algae dish. However, Murphy was staying alone in one of the positions in Ark the 7-member group were constantly trying to the surviving members on earth but Raven knew that due to the presence of radiation their radio will not work.

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16) Season 2 Episode 13 Resurrection

In mount weather missile strikes in Tondac Clarke was seeing the horrifying situation and she feels bad. Lexa comes to Clarke and she does not care about a thing she tells Clarke that winning always comes from sacrifice Clarke vows that she will not spare any one’s life in mount weather. Abby and Nyko were rescuing the people Nyko tells everyone that they will only rescue those who are in a condition to survive otherwise they will waste their time on people who will not make it. Octavia and Lincoln were also saving the people buried inside the debris Octavia cares about Clarke and she tells Abby that she hopes Clarke will be fine.

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17) Season 6 Episode 5 The Gospel of Josephine

Russell and Simone invite Kaylee to their palace to give her family members mind drives to her which Jade from Sanctum. Before giving her the mind drives Russell asks Kaylee about how she went the Eligius III through a transport ship. She tells him that they went to Eligius III to protect themselves from eclipse, then Clarke or Josephine comes to the palace and she tells them that Kaylee was running away with her family from Sanctum Kaylee listens to this but she did not know that it was Josephine in Clarke’s body. She thinks that it’s Clarke and denies it but then Josephine calls Kaylee by her childhood name Lily and she learns that it’s Josephine, not Clarke.

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