Is Baby Chimp Rescue Season 2 Release Date Out?

Baby Chimp Rescue is a 2020 Animal Life documentary mini-television series. The show was premiered by the BBC and features a home where little baby chimpanzees, who are orphaned by the illegal pet trade, are kept, fed, loved and cared for throughout their stay. The owners and parents of the home and the chimpanzees, Jim Desmond and Jenny Desmond, are worried, as their home is not enough for their 28 growing children. Everything will be congested and the kids will be creating havoc in no time. To prevent this from happening, the couple decides to create a sanctuary for their babies and with the help of Dr Ben Garrod, a chimpanzee specialist, they take on a mission and their responsibility of training their children, on ways to survive in the wild. All of the knowledge and techniques the poor kids missed learning from their biological and wild parents, would be properly and professionally taught by their proud adoptive parents who only have eyes for their family. They are in the process of building a sanctuary in the forest and letting their kids, live in the normal wildlife of chimpanzees which they deserve and could’ve lived if not for their painful past.

The series features a special school which is established especially, consisting of Dr Ben Garrod and a group of local specialists and caretakers along with the Desmond couple. The series also gives us an insight into Desmond’s work and journey of helping the wildlife authorities in their rescue missions to save and care for endangered species and teaching the surrounding localities, informing them about the species’ declining population and the need to protect and shield the animals instead of hunting and eating them or domesticating them as pets. Not understanding these simple things could lead the world to lose the species forever without a chance of revival. 

Baby Chimp Rescue Season 2 Release Date

The last series of the season was released on 23rd January 2020, and the whole journey brought tears to many eyes. The series was amazing and very inspiring, informing us of the troubles faced by the animals who are unable to speak for themselves. Although the series is a total win in the popularity aspect, it is yet to be renewed by the BBC. In addition to this, there is no official news or announcement regarding the cancellation of the series. Hence, it’s highly possible that a new season for the series is already in the making or the network is planning for its next grand sequel. The series is more than qualified for a new season and we can wait for its sequel in a positive light, as sometimes it takes more than a few years to announce the sequels for popular series. If a new season were to be released, we could have more of the Desmond couple’s adventures and could also meet our cute chimpanzees, who must have grown a lot by now.

Fans are desperately waiting to watch the skills and development of the babies. Will Max, the energetic and naughty future alpha male who keeps on skipping his lectures, and getting easily distracted, be able to take the responsibility for his adoptive clan and grow up to be a strong and attractive Alpha male? Will Lucy, the cleverest in the class, who helped her fellow students, be able to grow up as a beautiful woman, worthy of supporting the Alpha and teaching her future generations the authentic skills she learnt? Will Ella, their youngest and newest addition, who is a curious lad and is interested in learning new things, follow the steps of her older siblings and learn the ways of surviving in the wild? All of these questions will be answered in the next season.

Baby Chimp Rescue Season 1 Release DateJanuary 23, 2020
Baby Chimp Rescue Season 2 Release DateNot Announced
Baby Chimp Rescue Season 2 Release Date

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Where To Watch Baby Chimp Rescue?

Baby Chimp Rescue Season 2 Release Date

Baby Chimp Rescue is available on BBC and Discovery +, Fubo TV and DirecTV on subscription. The series is also available to watch, rent and buy on Amazon Prime Video. The series has gained a lot of attention and popularity and is hence available on plenty of small platforms too. You can search for them based on your locality. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can always look for other places where the series is available worldwide and use a VPN to change your location and watch the series peacefully and enjoy it to the fullest. VPN subscription will also help you find other series which are hard to access. If the next season were to exist, we expect it to be on the same platform unless some other companies are interested in the project and secure rights for streaming on their platform. 

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