Dwayne Johnson Turtleneck Style That We All Adore!

Dwayne Johnson has always been the talk of the town for his amazing acting skills, he’s funny and witty humour and his over-cheesy but somehow cool aura. He turned from a wrestler to one of the highest-paid Hollywood actors in the blink of an eye. The actor has proved to be a golden egg for producers, with almost all of his movies being a big hit and bringing a lot of love and support from viewers.

He has also featured in a lot of iconic movies and series, like Fast and Furious and Jumanji. He is known to be a family man and a great personality who doesn’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to giving fan service and sharing glimpses and happy moments in his life with his fans. But apart from this, he also has always been constantly in the media’s limelight for his turtleneck style and his way of accessorising himself with an outfit.

Of course, it isn’t fair to hide that perfect muscular body which he has worked years to build and maintain in a turtleneck. The actor doesn’t bat an eye while hiding his body to wear his favourite outfit and for his fashion style. He is known to be a lover of body-hugging sweaters and even has a great sense of styling them. He is frequently seen sharing his styling tips and suggestions during interviews and is worshipped by many for how effectively accurate they are.

Turtleneck brought him a lot of fame, especially the time when one of his photos from the 1990s became a meme and many made fun of it and enjoyed sharing and recreating the picture. He has a fan following of over 321M on his Instagram handle and he always keeps updating his fans on small things and achievements. He also entertains them with small and funny stories and images, which receive a huge response. 

One such event was when he wore a black turtleneck tucked in blue jeans, accessorised with a chain necklace, bracelet on his right and a watch on his left with a black belt with a fanny pack, which he wore in the past. He placed a handkerchief below his elbow while posing to prevent the outfit from getting soiled. He also revealed that it took him a great deal of confidence to post that particular picture on his Instagram handle.

During an interview he mentioned that his fanny pack wasn’t empty, but instead had condoms in it. Humorous indeed! The fanny pack became a hot accessory to own in 2017 and it was all thanks to our superhero model. He posted this picture in 2014 and the photo has been a hot choice for different fancy dresses or Hollywood-themed parties and Halloween.

A lot of people confidently post themselves in the style of catching the minute points and expressions of the buff ex-wrestler. What was once considered an example of fashion terror, is accepted and loved by people worldwide. One can always find a black turtleneck and simple blue jeans in their closet and if you can’t, then this is your call to stack your closet with some, as they are the basic outfits every fashion maniac has in their collection. The simple style is really easy to replicate and the accessories are easily available worldwide. What’s more, you get to experiment with the poses and add your own style to the simple outfit and it turns out even better. 

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Not just his fans, Kevin Hart, the actor’s BFF and co-actor also dressed up to recreate the meme and joined the Johnson family for trick and treat. He even shared a video of himself in the Johnson house. He posted a split photo of him and Dwayne captioning “This s**t made me laugh”, and the co-actors had a little funny argument in the comments, entertaining fans who laughed holding their bellies watching the silliness of two grown men. After all, what else can we expect from our favourite Tom and Jerry-like relationship actor?

In the video, there are kids showing up, dressed up in Jumanji-themed costumes and asking for treats. Dwayne gives them king sized candies and they leave. When the doorbell rings again, Dwayne is surprised to see Kevin and asks him why he’s there and what’s with his fashion. Kevin replies saying that it was his costume and teases Dwayne by saying he went to the costume store and asked for a stupid costume and was suggested the particular look. He imitates Dwayne’s meme posture in a dramatic and extra Kevin Hart way.

Dwayne argues, saying this is not how he stands and they have their normal bitter-sweet bickering. Dwane asks Kevin what he wants, to which Kevin replies saying he needs the good stuff aka king-sized candies the kids are talking about. To this, Dwayne replies saying he’s giving the kids the good stuff but there’s none for Kevin(Poor Guy).

Our dysaudicant Kevin says he wants Trick Or Treat, to which Dwayne gives him tiny, mini-sized candy instead of king ones, and mocks him saying he deserves those candies for being small and mini-sized like the candies(Poor Guy X2), and tells him to put that in his fanny pack. Kevin gets angry and says he can save money for the decorations the next time, shouting that The Mighty Rock’s giving out Resins and pennies. The video ends with a teaser for their Jumanji sequel. The video was absolutely hilarious and dramatic, and was even featured in news outlets. Dwayne also gave  support and compliments to many fans who tried out the same look with creative and witty captions and comments, proving how much of a humour-lover he is. But the story of turtle neck doesn’t end here. He has constantly been wearing his popular, almost signature outfit on many occasions till date. 

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One of those events was when he wore a similar elbow-length sleeve, body-hugging turtleneck for his FBI character image in the Netflix big-budget action film, Red Notice. The actor’s charisma knows no boundaries and, after looking at this picture, you know exactly what we mean. The actor is seen flashing his veins in his all-black outfit and extremely serious and tough appearance. Dwayne wore a similar black turtleneck when he gave a mini interview for Instyle. During the interview, he looked fine as ever and we couldn’t take our eyes off him.

The interview starts with him revealing his most recent buy at a drugstore, a KitKat, a diet coke and, of course, condoms. The interview proceeds by asking questions like, who was your first celebrity crush, what is the last thing you googled, what is the one thing you’ve taken from a set or shoot, what’s one accessory that gives you instant confidence, what movie will you watch every time it’s on TV, what are you reading right now. All these questions are entertaining and so are the answers. The interview is short but explains a lot about Dwayne’s personality and himself as a whole. He answers the questions with sincerity, and seriousness, a bit witty, with a few humorous elements. The interview was released in 2017 and is really short, so we suggest if you are a fan, please watch the interview and you won’t be disappointed. 

He also attended the 2019 Time 100 Gala on April 13th, held in New York City. His outfit for the occasion was without a doubt, posh and classy, but this time we got to see a turtleneck which wasn’t black. The actor aces the style points by wearing a light brown velvet suit outfit, releasing retro vibes. The outfit received mixed reactions, as some people said he looks dashing in brown and the colour does him wonders, while others said his muscular body isn’t suitable for such outfits and his neck looks extra wide as the turtleneck gets involved. There are plenty of other occasions when he has tried styling the outfit, but these few are by far the most impactful ones and have been in light for years now. As much as Rock likes to maintain his figure, he plays real close attention to his looks and style, always staying on point with the current trends. Hence, there are a lot of styles the actor can slay, and the turtleneck is just one of the many. 

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