Why The Crucible Became So Popular In American Culture?

Why The Crucible Became So Popular In American Culture?
Why The Crucible Became So Popular In American Culture?

The Crucible is a popular American play written by Arthur Miller in 1953. The play is a tragedy that mainly involves courtroom processing. The plot of the play takes you back to 17th century Massachusetts where the Salem witch trials took place in the early 1690s. This play is among the most popular plays in American literary history.

The popularity of The Crucible could be understood by the fact that even n the 21st-century plays are being performed on The Crucible. Not only plays but The Crucible is also adopted for television series and movies in America. The Crucible is a play that is very popular among Americans. Not only in cinema, but The Crucible also has major importance in literature. It is compulsory to read and understand plays for literature students in America. They are also instructed to write research papers on this play. But the question is why a play written in mid of 20th century with a plot from the 17th century is so popular? Why did The Crucible become so popular in American Culture? If you also want to know The Crucible’s importance, then here are we the reasons that make The Crucible so important.

Why The Crucible Became So Popular In American Culture?

Why The Crucible Became So Popular In American Culture?
Why The Crucible Became So Popular In American Culture?

The Crucible is the story of the 17th century, that is why it may seem old and outdated to many readers. But it is the time that changes so quickly, not the culture. In today’s America also The Crucible is so important because the readers and viewers can connect the lessons of The Crucible in today’s world also. The Crucible is a story that is relevant even today. In today’s American culture also, you will see the fear among people that were also among the people of Salem about the witch trial. The distribution of wrong and fake information can cause a disaster like Salem. It is even more dangerous now than during the 17th century. The newspapers, news channels, social media, etc. are considered the simplest source of creating fear and communicating wrong information among people. And when in fear we do something wrong, a situation like the Salem witch trials appears to us.

Apart from the connection between then and the present situation, there is another reason for The Crucible’s popularity. The Crucible is one of those plays that define the history of America. For any nation, its present generation must know its history. The Crucible takes you on a journey to 17th-century Massachusetts. That is why The Crucible is so popular in American culture and it will remain popular for a long time.

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The Crucible Story

The Crucible is an award-winning play in America. Its story is described in four acts. The Crucible is the story about how lies and miss information can cause a serious disaster. In the play we saw, Reverend Parris’s daughter Betty and niece Abigail along with their maid Tituba and other village girls tried witchcraft in the forest. Abigail encourages the girls to witchcraft because she wanted to conjure a curse on Elizabeth who is the wife of her love John. When villagers found the girls doing strange activities in the forest, the situation started becoming poor. When the girls were caught, they started blaming each other and different people from the villagers. Abigail also blamed Elizabeth for performing witchcraft. The matter reached the court of the state.  In the court, due to all these lies and blame games of Abigail and other girls, several people were captured and put under bars and many were even killed.

The Crucible Characters

Why The Crucible Became So Popular In American Culture?

The play by Arthur Miller The Crucible is inspired by true events. But it is not completely a play that describes the Salem witch trial. Certain additions are made by the writer to make the play strong. Notably, The Crucible has four acts that completely define the whole story. However, the court proceedings are the major part of the play. In all this drama, there are various characters. However, the main characters you will see in The Crucible are the minister of Salem Reverend Parris, his daughter Betty Parris, his niece Abigail William, and his maid Tituba. Apart from them, there is John Proctor, with whom Abigail had an affair, and his wife Elizabeth, to whom Abigail called a witchcrafter. You will also find Thomas Putnam and Ann Putnam, the landowner couple and one of the richest persons of Salem. Susanna Walcott, Mercy Lews, Marry Warren, Rebecca Nurse, Giles Corey, etc. are also part of the play. Notably, there are some there characters also in The Crucible.

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