What Are The Updates On Rubicon Movie Release Date?

In the film industry, there had a time of romance then thrill and now it’s the time of Science Fiction. In 2022 various movies of these genres are either released or are going to release like The Adam Project, Moonfall, Black Crab, The Matrix Resurrections, etc. In this row, Magdalena Lauritsch is bringing another science fiction movie called Rubicon. The trailer of the movie was released in May and since then it has created huge excitement about the movie in the audience.

Rubicon is an American movie that takes you far ahead in time and not only creates a science fiction but if noticed seriously it will also warn humanity of today for the upcoming challenges. The makers had chosen an amazing subject for the movie. This is on its own a unique subject to make a science fiction movie where the earth faces serious destruction due to excessive air pollution. As the movie is set on the earth a few decades later so you will experience a whole different environment in the movie. The technological development, AI, etc that we are planning today will be real in the movie. All these factors about Rubicon have created huge excitement among viewers about the upcoming movie. For this excitement of yours, we have bought all the essential information regarding Magdalena’s science fiction movie Rubicon. Check out the complete article to know the release date, story, star cast, and streaming platform of the movie Rubicon.

Rubicon Movie Release Date

Rubicon Movie Release Date

The makers of Rubicon fixed July 1st, 2022 for the release of the science fiction movie. Before the release of the movie, the trailer of the Rubicon is released in the month of May to promote the movie and its story. After the release date of Rubicon was announced, fans are seeming very much excited about the movie because of its unique subject. Apart from the trailer, the makers also released various pictures and posters of the movie and characters from the movie. This all is done to create an environment before the release of the movie.

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Rubicon Movie Story

The story of Rubicon takes us on a journey to the future. The plot of the movie is set in 2056. The makers tried to pick a social issue that can cause serious destruction in the future to make a science fiction movie. In Rubicon, the whole planet earth suffers from a huge cloud of toxic pollutants. Due to this toxic storm, everything on the planet starts dying. Human life, animals, birds, and every other living species face a deadly situation. People choke and the environment becomes totally unfit to live in. In these tough times also rich manage to save themselves in an artificial environment with the help of advanced gadgets that will be developed in 2056. However, the poor suffer the most.

Amid this, miles away in space there is a space station called Rubicon. The Head of this space station is Hannah. They realize the situation of the earth when their connection on the other side disturbs. However, the intensity of problems is realized to them only when they check the atmosphere of earth from their gadgets. In this tough situation, they have to choices. Either to stay in their space station and keep themselves safe or go out and try saving as many lives as possible by risking their own lives.

Rubicon Movie Release Date

According to the head of the Rubicon space station Hannah, they have the ability and resources to save some lives on earth. She also proclaims that it is their responsibility to save people who are dying on earth currently. However, another astronaut on the space station Dimitri believes that staying in the Rubicon space station is safer than going out and risking their lives to save others. He wants to stay on the space station and recommends the same to his team also. The movie Rubicon is all about this conflict of doing duty by saving others or saving themselves. However, it is also not even sure that they will be able to bear the earth’s environment and rescue suffering people. Amid all these confusions, Hannah tries to connect to the earth, and the noises she hears from the planet disturb her a lot.

Now it has to be seen what the Rubicon space station does to save the life of people on earth. Do they decide to go out of their safe place and risk their lives to save others? Or they decide to stay where they are, save themselves, and wait for recreation. Meanwhile, in this movie, you will also see some unimaginable technical and scientific development. As the movie takes us a few decades ahead so technical and scientific development looks like magic. The movie will also be a good dose of thrill, suspense, and fantasy. Additionally, this movie not just gives fantasy but also gives a warning. If environmental pollution has not controlled now then in the future, we may really face such a situation. Rubicon is going to give a message that in order to quick development we need not to compromise with our nature and environment.

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Rubicon Movie Cast

Rubicon Movie Release Date

In Rubicon actress Julia Franz Richter is playing the lead character of Hannah Wanger who is a part of the Rubicon ship and wants to save the life of people struggling on earth. The debutant actress has a very stronger character in the movie. You will see the strong as well as the emotional part of her character in the movie Rubicon. Apart from Julia, the other main character in the movie is George Blagdon who is playing the character of Gavin Abbot, another member of the Rubicon space station. The handsome actor has a crucial role in the movie. The third major lead in the movie is Dimitri Krylow played by actor Mark Ivanir. He is the main member of the station who opposes the idea of going out of the station to save lives on earth. In the movie, we will see major conflicts and debates between Julia Franz and Mark Ivanir as Hannah and Dimitri.

Apart from these lead characters, the space station has many other supporting characters. These characters are Philipp Janson played by Nicholas Monu, Tracy Sato played by Daniela Kong, Danilo Krylow played by Konstantin Frolov, Knopf played by Hannah Rang, Sergio played by Ljubisa Gruicic, and Little Knopf played by Jonas Gerzabek.

Apart from actors Magdalena Lauritsch’s Rubicon is written by Jessica Lind, Elisabeth Schmied, and Magdalena Lauritsch herself. In the science fiction movie, where we deal with things and situation which is quite unreal as of now editing and cinematography become much more important areas. In this movie, editing is done by Anna Heuss and Christoph Loidl. While the cinematography is done by Xiaosu Han, Andreas, and, Thalhammer. Additionally the movie is produce by Klaus Graf, Andreas Schmied, and Loredana Rehekampff. While music is given by Daniel Helmer and Wolf Maximilian Liebich.

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Rubicon Movie Trailer

Rubicon Movie Release Date

The official trailer of Rubicon was released on 24th May 2022 on YouTube and other social media platforms. With its release, one more science fiction movie came into the industry. But this time, the movie focuses on some more serious issues. Maybe the growing pollution index worldwide and exploitation of natural resources inspired makers for such a movie.

In the trailer, we saw three astronauts in a space station very relaxed, cherished, and focused on their mission with all their team members. But their happiness remain short-lived when they discovered something very tragic happened on the earth. They found no one to connect with them on the Earth’s station. When they heard suffocating voices from certain radio frequencies and checked the outer atmosphere of earth, they came to know about huge destruction caused by pollution that is taking the lives of people.

In this chaos, some team members find it their moral responsibility to help the stuck people. While some find it better to stay on the space station Rubicon as it is a safe place for them where the polluted toxic cloud can not harm the. The trailer showed the chaos of astronauts, the suffering of people on earth, and panic among members of space stations. Now in the movie, it has to be seen what does the astronauts decide to do? Whether they come forward to save a few lives as their moral responsibilities or choose to save themselves from this destruction and stay where they are?

Where To Watch Rubicon Movie?

The trailer of Rubicon was released in the month of May. As per the officials, the movie will be released on 1st July 2022 in cinemas. After its release on July 1, Rubicon could be watched in the theatres of the United States of America. Later, on 11th July the movie will be released digitally n the USA and other parts of the world. However, the platform for its digital release has not been confirmed yet. It has to be seen at what Over The Top (OTT) platform does the makers release the movie in a different country. Notably, when any information about the digital release of Rubicon will come, we will notify you about it.

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