When Will Be The King’s Avatar Season 3 Release Date Out?

Action, adventure esports web series is really hard to come across, but there is one such series that exists, the king’s avatar is a Chinese web series that premiered on April 19, 2017. The series is based on the novel of the same name by Hu Dielan, the novel was released on September 10, 2015, Sha Liang has written the series for the web series adaptation and Ke Xiong has directed the series. According to my anime list, the series has been watched by 333k users who have rated the series 7.91 out of 10. The series depicts the story of some players who play a high budget and popular Chinese game called Glory. All the players level up their characters and defeat the boss on every stage, the players have only one dream to become one of the best teams in China. The story focuses on one particular guy named Ye, Xiu who is one of the most valuable players in the game, but his teammates make him resign from the team. He then leaves the team and starts playing the game from the scratch in a cyber café, the visuals of the anime are breathtaking you will get to know the beauty of this anime after watching the series.

The King’s Avatar Season 3 Release Date

The first season of the series premiered on April 7, 2017, it had 12 episodes each running for about 23 minutes. Then the sequel of the series premiered on September 25, 2020, which also had 12 episodes the sequel did far better than the prequel which was quite unexpecting since the viewers always follow up on a series if they find the first season interesting. The first season of the series was well-received by the audience that’s why the makers decided to continue the series for a second season. After the massive success of the sequel they have again decided to bring back the series for 3 seasons yes, the makers have officially announced that they are currently working on 3 seasons and the series is scheduled to be released on 10 August 2022.

The King’s Avatar Season 1 Release DateApril 7, 2017
The King’s Avatar Season 2 Release DateSeptember 25, 2020
The King’s Avatar Season 3 Release DateNot Announced
The King’s Avatar Season 3 Release Date

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The King’s Avatar Season 3 Story

Season 3 will most likely pick up from where the last season ended. In the last season, viewers were introduced to the game called to glory and the most popular player of the game was named Ye Xiu who was known as the god of fighting among the other game players. He was signed to the most popular team in china called Excellent Era him being the most popular player he was also the captain of the team until later on in the series.

Su Mucheng went to attend a meeting with Ye Xiu and the management team, the management blames Ye Xiu for the recent failures and they bring a new player to replace him as a captain. Ye Xiu is banned from playing games and he decides to terminate his contract with the team, but the contract termination comes with a fee that means he has to pay millions of dollars to withdraw his contract. But Ye Xiu decides to do it any way he goes on retirement and on his way he goes to an internet cafe he asks the owner to let him play some game she agrees and starts playing the game and starts the game from scratch and ends up becoming one of the greatest players.

The King’s Avatar Season 3 Characters

Ye Xiu’s character is voiced by Zhang Jie, Su Mucheng’s character is voiced by Tong Xinzhu and Ye Qing’s character is voiced by Tang Rou. Qiao Shiyu is voiced by Chen Guo, Ji Guanlin is voiced by Bao Rongxing, Teng Xin is voiced by Su Shangqing, Wang Jiexi is voiced by Wei Chaoand and Xu Boyuan is voiced by Yang Tianxiang. Yu Wenzhou is voiced by Xia Lei, Sun Xiang is voiced by Liu Sanmu, Wei Chenis voiced by Tutehameng, Zhou Zekai is voiced by Jin Xian and Han Wenqing is voiced by Baomuzhongyang.

Where To Watch The King’s Avatar Season 3 Online?

The series is streaming on Tencent video’s official youtube channel, viewers can find the two seasons on the same platform.
It’s most likely the 3 seasons will also be released on the same platform.

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