20 Things To Know Before Watching Moon Knight!

Moon Knight (2022) is the newest edition of the Marvel Cinematic Universe‘s ever-growing array of heroes. Because Moon Knight (Oscar Isaac) is a lesser-known figure than Spider-Man or Doctor Strange, it may be tempting to miss this new Disney+ series. Moon Knight, on the other hand, is more than capable of sharing the screen with other Marvel Superheroes. Audiences will devour Marc Spector’s comic book chemistry with the Avengers and forthcoming characters like Blade and The Black Knight (Kit Harrington). Understanding the source material may be necessary in order to completely absorb the new series, which premieres on March 30th. So let’s discover more things about moon knight.

Moon Knight Is Dressed Entirely In White For A Specific Reason.

20 Things To Know Before Watching Moon Knight

Moon Knight isn’t one to skulk in the dark or carry a Tide stick, so he dresses in all-white on purpose. Many superheroes dress to blend in with the crowd (Batman, Black Panther), while others dress to stand out (Deadpool, Wonder Woman). Moon Knight dresses in white so that his foes can see him approaching. Wearing all-white requires a certain degree of self-assurance and swagger, and Moon Knight embodies both. He believes that, even though he is a visible target, his opponents will never hit him because of their dread of his unpredictable brutality. Moon Knight’s suit did, in fact, contain yellow highlights on occasion, but only in proportion to Batman’s insignia.

He used the Moon Sign to identify criminals.

20 Things To Know Before Watching Moon Knight

In 2006, a series of Moon Knight issues featured a darker and more violent Marc Spector. Moon Knight loses patience with “the scum of the Earth,” much like Batman in Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, who has no qualms about being ruthless with the criminals he confronts. Moon Knight shows no mercy when facing the absolute worst of humanity. He etched a crescent-shaped mark on their foreheads. Moon Knight never thought he could go far enough in revealing the twisted brutality of the criminal underground, especially because it seemed to lie in plain sight most of the time.

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Over the Years, Moon Knight has worn a variety of outfits.

20 Things To Know Before Watching Moon Knight

Moon Knight’s costume was designed to honour his role as Khonshu’s fist of vengeance, but he changed it several times throughout the years to show his dedication to his duty or his ever-changing mental condition. When he joined the Cult of Khonshu, he added gold artefacts to his costume, and when he joined the Secret Avengers, he switched to a fully armoured suit. He also donned a fine white suit, gloves, and a plain white mask with a crescent moon for his new role as Mr Knight, a supernatural detective. He was also dressed in a contemporary black and white outfit.

His abilities were lunar in nature, changing with the moon.

20 Things To Know Before Watching Moon Knight

Moon Knight has been portrayed as a stripped-down superhero with no genuine superpowers but great martial arts training and gadgets in recent iterations. However, some Moon Knights have evolved enhanced abilities dependent on the phases of the moon.  \\Marc Spector was possessed by an old Egyptian god who resurrected him and transformed him into the Moon Knight in the 1985 film Moon Knight: Fist of Khonshu. He received heightened speed, agility, night vision, and accelerated healing as Khonshu’s avatar. However, his powers were only active while the moon was full, and they faded as the moon declined.

He opposes joining Super Teams.

20 Things To Know Before Watching Moon Knight

Moon Knight, like Batman, is a bit of a loner. In superteams like the Fantastic Four or the X-Men, he doesn’t fit in well. But, like Batman, he reluctantly assists his fellow superheroes on occasion and even joins the Avengers as a card-carrying member. Moon Knight was ordered by the Egyptian God Khonshu to join the West Coast Avengers in 1987, which he duly did. Moon Knight has just been elevated to the status of an official Avenger, rather than a superhero who occasionally responds to Captain America’s distress cry. It’s just as well because it gives him unlimited supplies, cash, and technology (not that he didn’t already have).

Moon Knight Makes Use Of Similar Technology And Vehicles To Batman.

Billionaire Marc Spector, like a certain playboy, turned Caped Crusader, has the financial means to invest in as much Moon Knight technology as he desires. He invented a cape, similar to Batman’s, that he can use to glide from rooftop to rooftop, as well as different grappling hooks that shoot out from his telescoping adamantium fighting staff.  Moon Knight has everything an obnoxiously wealthy modern crime-fighter might want, from supersonic jets to crescent-shaped throwing darts. His preferred mode of transportation is his Mooncopter, which is essentially a hovercraft equipped with all of the latest weapons in one sleek package. He also owns a limousine and a motorcycle-inspired by the moon (because of course he does).

He Fights in a Distinctive Style

20 Things To Know Before Watching Moon Knight

Moon Knight was a dark, nasty, and cruel film in 2006. Moon Knight didn’t care how violent his administering of justice grew as an agent of the Egyptian God Khonshu’s vindictive will, and the more Khonshu tightened his grip on his psyche, the worse his rage and bravado became. Moon Knight’s combat style is distinguished by his dogmatic onslaught. He doesn’t block anything, allowing knives and gunshots to pierce him, and is only motivated by his own lunacy or faith in Khonshu’s protection. Taskmaster (the infamous mercenary recruited by a crime gang to take down Moon Knight) fails because his ability to exactly copy his opponents’ fighting methods would have ended in his death.

He’s dated a number of his teammates.

Being a member of the Avengers means that office romances are elevated to new heights. When Marc Spector joined the West Coast Avengers, he began dating Tigra. Their romance, on the other hand, was ardent and volatile, and in the end, they realized they treasured their freedom too much to keep each other bound. Moon Knight became associated with Echo, who had joined the Avengers as Ronin, after Tigra. They are infatuated over their shared link of feeling like drifting outsiders with too much baggage, two misfits with a predisposition for melancholy moodiness. 

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Randall, His Brother, Was A Serial Killer Who Transformed Into Shadow Knight.

20 Things To Know Before Watching Moon Knight

Randall, Marc’s younger brother, was bullied a lot as a kid, so his elder brother had to protect him. Over the years, they had a tumultuous relationship. They both joined the military and operated as mercenaries together, albeit Randall was responsible for the death of Marc’s loved one, and their connection ended with Rand’s apparent death.  He later reappeared as the Hatchet Man, a manipulative serial killer. After that, he attempted to usurp his brother’s role as Khonshu’s avatar by assuming the identity of Shadowknight, a homicidal and insane villain.

His Father Was A Jewish Rabbi Who Managed To Flee Nazi Germany

Marc Spector’s father, a prominent Jewish Rabbi in war-torn Germany, escaped captivity by coming to America and settling in Chicago. Despite being regularly harassed by thugs because of his spiritual views, he maintained his unshakeable nonviolence. Marc was dissatisfied with his father’s apparent cowardice and began training him as a boxer when he was a small child.  His father despised his violent behavior and attempted to persuade him to put down his gloves permanently. Marc retaliated by striking his father and knocking him out before enlisting in the Navy the next morning. 

Moon Knight Debuted In The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) In 2022 With A Disney+ Series.

Fans of the comic book Moon Knight were finally rewarded with the news that he’d be entering the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2022, starring in his own series. Moon Knight was cast by Oscar Isaac, and the series promises to give the character a bigger position in the MCU. The figure has been given some liberties in the series, including what appears to be a living outfit from Khonshu. It also delves into his Dissociative Identity Disorder, which has given his persona a new lease on life, even for long-time followers.

His Shadow Cabinet Is A Group Of Experts With Whom He Collaborates.

Moon Knight has the strangest definition of “alone” of all the superheroes who claim to operate alone. He has his devoted sidekick, Frenchie, and his assistant, Marlene Alraune, but he has also created a committee dubbed the Shadow Cabinet that he relies on for their knowledge. The Shadow Cabinet convened at Moon Knight’s command center, the Shadowkeep, via a holographic interface.

Law enforcement, behavioural psychologists, and even ex-convicts were among those involved. Moon Knight would gather his team and analyze the complexities of a particularly strange or intricate case. This frequently resulted in more squabbling and less issue resolution, but Moon Knight was always able to extract the crucial advice.

After A Childhood Trauma, He Developed Several Personalities.

20 Things To Know Before Watching Moon Knight

Moon Knight’s Disassociative Identity Disorder is something that all of his incarnations have in common. He’s gone through ten distinct alters, whether he’s being influenced by an old Egyptian God or slowly sliding into lunacy. Moon Knight, Marc Spector (the show’s host personality), and other characters are all linked to his deadly history. Surprisingly, all of the Avengers are represented! Given his many personas, it’s no wonder that a recent incarnation of Moon Knight from 2016 ended up in a mental institution. His deeds as Moon Knight were dismissed by hospital staff as hallucinations caused by paranoid schizophrenia, a wholly other mental illness.

He’s Been Known To Take Things Too Far.

Moon Knight has a reputation for being a particularly nasty superhero. Marc is a crime fighter who makes Batman look like a boy scout since he may be overtaken by the essence of the Moon God of Vengeance at any time.  Moon Knight spent years seeking vengeance on Raoul Bushman, his former boss who abandoned him in the Egyptian desert. He eventually tracked down Bushman and fought him in a fierce fight. Moon Knight pulled out two crescent darts and did various nasty things to Bushman’s face but had two shattered knees.

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He Fights Crime With His Alters

20 Things To Know Before Watching Moon Knight

Marc Spector was born with several alters (alternative identities) due to his Personality Disorder. As a kid, he was eventually admitted to a psychiatric facility to assist him to cope. He was, however, able to employ the alter egos to help him in his crime-fighting work as Moon Knight. Moon Knight’s powers were given to him by mercenary Spector, who also exploited the public persona of rich playboy Stephen Grant to distract attention from his operations and fund his objective. Jake Lockley, a cab driver who kept his ear to the ground for intelligence, was also invented by him.

He Started His Career As A Mercenary

20 Things To Know Before Watching Moon Knight

Moon Knight’s reasons for affiliating with a criminal enterprise were retconned as deception, meaning he didn’t so much work for them as try to undermine them from the inside, despite his first comic appearance depicting him as a supervillain. Writers created a new origin for the character once he began appearing as a superhero in Spider-Man comics.  Marc Spector, a hired mercenary, earned his moniker. Spector went to Africa to work for Raoul Bushman, but when his boss was willing to massacre a tribe in order to get to an Egyptian treasure, Spector stood up for what was right, even if it meant sacrificing himself.

His Ability To Comprehend Reality Has Been Called Into Question.

20 Things To Know Before Watching Moon Knight

It’s a tall order to create a different personality for each chapter of someone’s life, but it’s essential to Moon Knight’s identity. Certain aspects of his life were marred by violence and tragedy, and he devised aliases to deal with them. Unfortunately, he’s had problems discriminating between his real life and his delusions on occasion. Marc Spector’s mental health concerns have been more prominent in recent issues of Moon Knight, prompting fans to question how much of what is seen on the page is based on fact. Spector was sent to a mental health hospital in recent years, where the professionals sought to persuade him that his exploits as Moon Knight were never real.

He Always Has A Few Loyal Supporting Characters By His Side.

20 Things To Know Before Watching Moon Knight

Moon Knight has a few devoted sidekicks that have been by his side since the beginning of his heroic career, despite his being a loner and reluctant member of the Avengers. Moon Knight met Jean-Paul DuChamp, or “Frenchie,” while working for the vicious mercenary Raoul Bushman while he was just known as Marc Spector. Frenchie accompanied Spector as he escaped Bushman’s sinister group.  Marlene Alraune, an archaeologist who came across Spector in the Egyptian desert after Bushman had abandoned him for dead, is his second devoted companion. She returned with him to America, where she worked as his assistant, accomplice, and girlfriend on occasion.

In Hollywood, He Developed A TV Show Moon Knight Based On His Life

Marc Spector relocated to Los Angeles in order to pursue a new career as a television producer, where he created Legend of the Khonshu, a show based on his actual life as Moon Knight. While in LA, he continued to operate as Moon Knight, albeit he’d devised new heroic personas based on Marvel heroes such as Captain America, Spider-Man, and Wolverine. The series was partially based on his roots as Moon Knight (albeit he changed the names of some of the characters). He fled Hollywood and vowed never to return after the show was cancelled.

Hawkeye Created His Weapons Thousands Of Years Ago

20 Things To Know Before Watching Moon Knight

Moon Knight was originally linked to the West Coast Avengers… 5,000 years before he would finally join them, much like the timeframe of a Terminator movie. Hawkeye (then the captain of the West Coast Avengers), Iron Man, Tigra, and others are thrown back in time to Ancient Egypt in one story.

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