When Is Sins Of Amish Season 2 Release Date Coming?

Do you think India is the only country where the freedom of women is being suppressed? No. There are many countries and communities in the world in the present time too, where the freedom of women is being suppressed and killed by the male generation. Either they have no freedom of speech or to go anywhere. Well, we are talking about all this because we have brought you a series that revolves around the same tags.

Released under the production of The Content Group, Sins Of Amish is a crime documentary series that revolves around the sexual abuse being done in the Amish community. The ladies of this community come forward to express their past abusive stories that shook everyone.

Sins Of Amish Season 2 Release Date

The series premiered on May 24, 2022, and covered the plot in two parts. The audience is so shocked to know the hidden truth about the community for a very long time. Although they have praised the centralized plot of the series but felt so bad about the women.

Till now, the makers have made no comments on season 2 of the series. Although season 1 has gained satisfying ratings, the makers are not sure whether to come up with season 2 or not. However, there is a little chance of the renewal of season 2, the makers can soon come up with the good news.

Sins Of Amish Season 2 Release DateMay 24, 2022
Sins Of Amish Season 2 Release DateNot Announced
Sins Of Amish Season 2 Release Date

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Sins Of Amish Season 2 Story

The series follows the story of four Amish women of different backgrounds. They all open up with their personal stories of sexual abuse and search for their justice. The very first woman, Mary Byler, a 39-year-old woman, recounts her abusive and traumatic past. She described that she was first abused at the age of five by her biological father. An advocate by profession recounts that she was not safe in her own house.

She was also being sexually abused by her brothers: Johnny, Eli, and David too, when her father died. Several members of the Amish community came forward against her and in support of her rapists when she brought her brothers to court. Johnny had confessed raping her more than 200 times but he was sentenced to only one year in jail. She now fights for the survivors of the Amish community through her organization, Misfit Amish.

The other three women: Meg, Misty, and Audrey also share similar stories. Misty was raped by a bishop in the church. Meg and her sister Rebekah had a similar story to Mary. They both were being sexually abused by their brother and Rebekah was being blamed for the abuse when Meg told their parents. Although Audrey was not abused three of her daughters were and that is too by their father: Audrey’s husband Mike. He was harassing Marlena from when she was 10 until she turned 16 and repeatedly raped Angie when she was just 5. Audrey filed for divorce and he was sentenced to 10 years in prison. Season 2, if gets renewed, will come up with more such stories.

Sins Of Amish Season 2 Cast

Sins Of Amish Season 2 Release Date

The cast of the series includes all the four women who have gone through the bad times in their past. Mary, Meg, Mist,y, and Audrey have opened up with their tragic past stories. If the series gets renewed for season 2, it can come up with more victims of sexual abuse who will open up with their stories.

Sins Of Amish Season 2 Trailer

The audience can see how the women tell their stories to the world. It is, on one hand, shocking and terrible to know the truth but praising at the same time that many of them have come forward to let the world know in depth about their community. The audience also liked the trailer. As there are no whereabouts of season 2, we are not so sure about its trailer too.

Where To Watch Sins Of Amish Season 2 Online?

Season 1 of the series got released on the Peacock network. If the series get renewed for season 2, it will surely release on the same platform.

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