When To Expect Ready To Love Season 6 Release Date?

Ready to love is an unscripted reality dating show released on 23rd October 2018. In 2021, Ready to Love became Friday night’s #1 in the original cable series among African-American women(18+). Black men and women, who are successful in their lives and crave love companions, are invited and cast as contestants. Unlike the popular dating apps, we use these days, the contestants actually get to choose their chosen ones from a group of people, while actually interacting with them together. The show is broadcast and contestants are eliminated from the show. One of the show’s major focuses is capturing the contestants’ emotions on camera. Trust us, the contestants couldn’t get more dramatic and entertaining, the casting is amazing.

The viewers are always on their toes as their ships(people whom you want to stick together) keep changing. Varied reactions and situations create an interesting tension amongst the contestants, and it’s all the more interesting thinking about their situations from our shoes. The contestants are interviewed and are under watch whenever together with their group. The show’s main purpose is to make authentic relationships, may it be friends or lovers. The thing that matters most is helping them find their person while capturing the process and helping others learn from it. 

Ready To Love Season 6 Release Date

Ready To Love Season 6 Release Date

Ready to love season 6 hasn’t been announced yet. The makers are yet to renew the contract. With the constant popularity of seasons 1-5, we can expect season 6 pretty soon, but it’s too early to even speculate, as season 5 finished its 14 episodes of approx 40 mins runtime, on May 6, 2022. Fans have to wait a couple of months or maybe more than that for the news regarding next season. Nevertheless, they are constantly releasing clips and contestant interviews to keep us from forgetting them. The next season is expected to have new members in addition to the cast, more drama and better ships. 

Ready To Love Season 1 Release Date23rd October 2018
Ready To Love Season 2 Release Date23rd October 2020
Ready To Love Season 3 Release Date2nd April 2021
Ready To Love Season 4 Release Date15th October 2021
Ready To Love Season 5 Release Date28th January 2022
Ready To Love Season 6 Release DateNot Announced
Ready To Love Season 6 Release Date

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Ready To Love Season 5 Recap

The 5th season was an opening to many possibilities as new contestants were introduced and they went on blind dates, creating more content and couple chemistry for the viewers. They took their favourite partners to meet their family, compared their chemistry with other contestants, had their dates met with their exes, got their favourites to meet their friends to gain their acknowledgement, and answered fan questions with a bit of fan service, etc. In short, the 5th season was completely fun-packed. There is not a single peaceful day for these contestants and when they try to find their destined ones, they end up hurting some other contestants and their current partners in the process. The expectations and thrill in the 5th season created the ground for a perfect return for the 6th season and we are excited. 

Ready To Love Season 6 Cast

Season 5 focused on Quality over Quantity, hoping to make the best soulmates by making the contestants spend more time with each other. Only 14 contestants, 7 men and 7 women took part. 

Tommy Miles is the host of the show who brings in exciting activities and missions for the contestants. 

The female contestants are as follows:

1. Kina lives in Manhattan and is 39 years old. 

2. Joi lives in Baltimore and is 41 years old. 

3. Precious lives in DC/GA and is 34 years old. 

4. Dakota lives in DC and is 39 years old. 

5. Tiffany lives in DC and is 37 years old. 

6. Ace lives in Richmond, Virginia and is 37 years old. 

7. Sabrina lives in DC/CALI and is 36 years old.

The male contestants are as follows:

1. Demetrius, aged 42 and lives in Arlington. 

2. Tory, aged 39 and lives in Virginia. 

3. Wiley, aged 32 and is from Maryland. 

4. Laverne, aged 44 and is from Indiana. 

5. Clifton, aged 44 and lives in Washington DC. 

6. Fernando, aged 34, address unknown. 

7. Paul, aged 48 and lives in Washington DC. 

Where To Watch Ready To Love?

Ready to love is ready to watch, currently streaming on fuboTV, Discovery+ Amazon channel, DIRECTV, Spectrum On Demand, Discovery Plus and The Oprah Winfrey Network(free with ads). Hulu subscribers have the liberty to have all the episodes at their disposal with some other interesting series. 

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