Is The Romance Of Tiger And Rose Season 2 Release Date Arriving?

Romance with a tinge of comedy and historical drama is no less than a boon. The audience can make their weekend a happy one by going with this series. The Romance Of Tiger And Rose is a Chinese streaming television series that is created and written by Nan Zhen under the direction of Cha Chuanyi. Released under the production of Tencent Penguin Pictures, the series follows the story of a young screenwriter who just lost and trapped in her script.

The Romance Of Tiger And Rose Season 2 Release Date

The Romance Of Tiger And Rose Season 2 Release Date

The series premiered on May 18, 2020, and ended on June 1, 2020. The series was a hit on social media and it generated more than 897 million views. The series was praised for the setup and plot although, it was criticized for being inconsistent in the portrayal too. But overall, it is a good romantic series that will take you to a historical part.
Well, there would be many of you, thinking and hoping for season 2 of the series. Read this article further to know more about season 2. As of now, the makers have not released the official dates of season 2 but, with such a huge success of its previous season, the makers are thinking to take the love story further. The audience has to wait for some time more to get the official release date of season 2 and till then, they can go for season 1, if they have not.

The Romance Of Tiger And Rose Season 1 Release DateMay 18, 2020
The Romance Of Tiger And Rose Season 2 Release DateNot Announced
The Romance Of Tiger And Rose Season 2 Release Date

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The Romance Of Tiger And Rose Season 2 Story

The plot of the series revolves around a young scriptwriter, Chen Xiaoqian who is working on her main script and screenplays in present. She has devoted herself to her work so much that she has forgotten her meals and taking care of her health. She was hoping to get paid for her work but, the actor, who was supposed to play her main character, did not understand the setting of the character. After being rejected with her character, she pledged to make her character one of the best ones and, started working on it again.

Her screenplay is set in two cities: Huaheng, women dominate the city, and Xuanhu, the male dominating city. Han Shuo is the lead male character who is suffering from lethal heart disease and, is engaged with, Chen Chuchu, the second princess of Huaheng city. He arrives in this city to obtain the dragon bone which can cure his illness but, the good things do not come easily. As Chen Chuchu is smart and brave enough, he approaches her to help him but, at the same time, Chen Qianqian, the third hated princess of the city forces him to marry her. To get all the resources and conquer the city, he is supposed to poison Chen Qianqian but, she has to manage this to let him stop doing anything wrong. There is anger, jealousy, battle, and war in the midst of love and, this will be going a super amazing series. As of now, there is no officially confirmed plot for season 2 but, the makers can take their love stories further with some more interesting hooks.

The Romance Of Tiger And Rose Season 2 Cast

The main cast of season 1 was Zhao Lusi as Chen Xiaoqian and Chen Qianqian, who is a screenwriter and the infamous third princess of Huayuan city with Zhou Zixin as Chen Chuchu, the second princess of the city, Ding Yuxi as Han Shuo, Prince of Xuanhu city along with Sheng Yinghao as Pei Heng, minister of education and Qianqian’s fiance.

Other than these main casts, the audience also saw the performances of Quan Peilun as Su Mu, a top musician, Xiao Wei as Lin Qi, the young mistress of the Lin family, Chen Minghao as Su Ziying, Pei Heng’s subordinate, Zhao Xin as Chen Yuanyuan, Eldest Princess of Huayuan City, Hu Caihong as Chief of Huayuan City and Wu Yijia as Zi Rui, Chen Qianqian’s servant. Well, there were many more casts in season 1 who have done their jobs incredibly.

The Romance Of Tiger And Rose Season 2 Trailer

The Romance Of Tiger And Rose Season 2 Release Date

If anyone of you has not watched season 1 and its trailer, then you are missing everything. The series is beautifully scripted with the hilarious and amazing moments, the cast has done. At the same time, it gives its viewers the feeling of romance. Before watching season 1, once go with its trailer. Additionally, if you are hoping for the official trailer of season 2, then it is not released yet, not there are any fixed dates for season 2 too. So, it’s better to wait for some time more.

Where To Watch The Romance Of Tiger And Rose Season 2 Online?

Season 1 got released on Tencent Video with its 24 episodes with everyone liked it too. As of now, the series is not renewed for season 2 but, it will release on the same platform if gets renewed.

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