When Is Time Season 2 Release Date Scheduled?

Human feelings and emotions are judged the most when a person is in prison, as he has to deal with all the issues and problems that come along his way. Today, we are going to deal with such a series that will purely show human nature.

Written by Jimmy McGovern and directed by Lewis Arnold, Time is a three-part crime drama series that got released under the BBC Studios Drama Production. The series comes up with the story of two different men but at last, they stop just at one point and that is their feelings towards other people and nature.

Time Season 2 Release Date

Time Season 2 Release Date

The series premiered on June 6, 2021, and, has grossed satisfying ratings. Writing for Metro, Billie Schwab wrote about the performances of every character. She focused more on the performances of Bean and Graham, writing that they have beautifully portrayed their roles. They have showered the beam of light in the presence of darkness. The series has also won the Best Mini Series, Best Actor, and, Best Supporting Actor awards under the category of British Academy Television Awards.

After gaining satisfying reviews and ratings, the makers are planning to release the next instalment of the series. The audience is going to have the next season of the series as they have officially confirmed it in March 2022. Well, they have not clearly mentioned the release date of season 2 but, it can soon come by the end of this year.

Time Season 2 Release DateJune 6, 2021
Time Season 2 Release DateNot Announced
Time Season 2 Release Date

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Time Season 2 Story

The plot of the series revolves in and around the prison and the life of both; Mark and Eric. Mark was a teacher who was sentenced to imprisonment after accidentally committing a murder. Being an alcoholic, his habit brings him behind the bars, when he accidentally killed a cyclist after returning from the bar. On the other hand, Eric is in charge of the prison where Mark entered.

While Mark was handling the issues in prison as he was a new one there, Eric was too solving his issues after being judged by the prisoners over his son’s imprisonment. Although both personalities differ in many things, they reside on one thing and that is the human feelings and emotions. When Mark accidentally killed the person, he first ran from the spot but, his guts and the inner image were cursing him to hide it from everyone. After getting behind the bars, he has to fight the attacks of other prisoners both; physically and mentally.

Eric is a very good father but, he doesn’t show it at all just because he is a man, as society thinks. He is making the balance between the law and his son. The series, which seems to be simple, contains all the complex human emotions and nature that have beautifully shown with just the two characters.

Time Season 2 Cast

Time Season 2 Release Date

Season 1 had an amazing, talented, and fabulous cast of Sean Bean as Mark Cobden, Stephen Graham as Eric McNally, James Nelson-Joyce as Johnno, Nabil Elouahabi as Patterson, Natalie Gavin as Jardine, and Hannah Walters as Sonia McNally. The audience also saw the performances of Nadine Marshall as Alicia Cobden, Jack McMullen as Daniel, Sue Johnston as June Cobden, David Calder as John Cobden, Jonathan Harden as Brendan Murphy along with Siobhan Finneran as Marie-Louise.

Other than these characters, the audience also saw Kadiff Kirwan as Pete and Aneurin Barnard as Bernard. As season 2 has been confirmed by the makers, the cast of the series is yet to confirm. There is a possibility that the previous cast can come again in season 2 too but, it would be better when the makers will officially announce the same.

Time Season 2 Trailer

The audience who has already watched season 1 would know, how incredible the series is. The graphics are wonderful and the actors have done their jobs very well. Well, the fans have to wait for some time more for the official trailer of season 2, and, those who have not gone through the trailer of season 1 can go now.

Where To Watch Time Season 2 Online?

Season 1 of the series was originally released on BBC One and season 2, it gets renewed would also release on the same platform.

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