What Are The Updates On Barbie Release Date?

Barbie is the favourite toy of young kids around the globe. This toy girl made by Mattel is a very popular kid’s toy for more than two decades. Not only toy girl, but Mattel has also developed a series of animated Barbie movies from 2001 to 2017. All the Barbie movies by Mattel are available on Netflix. Seeing the popularity of Barbie toys and Barbie animation movies, Warner Bros Pictures is bringing a live-action movie. The preparations for this movie have started back in 2014. But finally, very soon the movie s going to release for the fans of Barbie around the globe. So, get ready to experience the beauty and innocence of Barbie and the beautiful love story of Barbie and Ken.

After a lot of discussion on the script, cast, dialogues, change of actors, and change of distributors since 2014, finally, the date of Barbie’s release is announced. Continue reading to know the release date of the Barbie movie, its story, and cast.

Barbie Release Date

Barbie Release Date
Barbie Release Date

One of the most awaited movies for a long time, Barbie is all set to release in theatres worldwide next year. The official release date of Barbie is announced as 21st July 2022. After years of pre-production and shooting, the movie is finally in its final stage of production. The distributors of Barbie, Warner Bros. have announced the release date. So, fans of Barbie you just have to wait for one more year to watch your favourite toy girl and her whole life in an action film.

It took a very long time to take Barbie to theatres. The continuous changes in the script, cast, and crew of Barbie took so much time. As a result, its distribution rights with Sony Pictures expire and are given to Warner Bros by Mattel. However, due to this process, earlier also various dates of Barbie’s release have been announced between 2017 and 2020. But this time, the date is seeming more genuine. The first look of actress Margot Rabbie has also been released by the makers of Barbie. So, this time let’s hope that the movie Barbie releases on its said date.

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Barbie Movie Story

Barbie is the one story that we all have been watching for years. Mattel has already released various animation films of Barbie. Hence, the fans are wondering what new the makers will show in the live-action film. However, the screenplay of the movie is written by Greta Grewing. This fact is making fans more exciting about the movie. The makers are supposedly trying to bring some new story. The plot of Barbie is not going to be the traditional one that we are watching, read, and listened to over the years. Now, what new the makers are going to do is a big suspense.

Any trailer for Barbie is not yet released. hence, no predictions about the story of the upcoming movie can be made. However, apart from Barbie the character of Ken is also announced for the movie. So, it is confirmed that we will get to see the romance of Barbie and Ken in the upcoming movie. But where the movie actually heads, what will be the equation between Barbie and Ken, and how will be the Barbie’s character is totally unknown.

Barbie Movie Cast

Barbie Release Date

In the Barbie movie, the lead character of Barbie is played by actress Margot Rabbie. Her first look as barbie is also released by makers and she is looking a very pretty Barbie. Notably, earlier actress Amy Schumer was finalized for the role of Barbie. But she left the movie because of continuous delay in its production.

The role of Barbie’s love interest Ken is played by actor Ryan Gosling. Notably, Ryan’s The Grey Man is going to release in July 2022. Apart from these two lead characters, Barbie also got a list of supporting cast. America Ferrera, Simu Liu, Kate McKinnon, Ariana Greenblatt, Alexandra Shipp, Emma Mackey, Michael Cera, Rhea Perlman, Will Ferrell, Emerald Fennell, Hari Nef, Scott Evans, and others are also part of Barbie’s cast.

Where to Watch Barbie Movie Online?

There is more than a year’s time for the release of Barbie worldwide. Its makers have only announced the release date of the movie. On 21st July 2023, the movie will be released in theatres worldwide. After a few weeks of release in theatres only, it will be available for viewers online. However, the platform of online streaming is unknown till now and is not expected to be announced anytime later. The announcement regarding the online streaming of Barbie will be available only after its theatrical release.

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