Is Interceptor Based On A True Story?

Interceptor is the upcoming action and thriller movie by Ambience Entertainment Foryor Entertainment. Interceptor is the story of a female Captain JJ Collins and her every possible effort to save the country from a nuclear attack. The movie is full of stunts, actions, and thrill. The whole story of the Interceptor is carried on a ship in the Pacific Ocean which is the nuclear missile interceptor base. In the movie, Collins will be seen fighting the enemies. At a point, she is shown alone fighting to protect the nation from attack.

Interceptor is going to release in June and before release, this short movie has created a buzz because of its story and thrilling action. People are also wondering whether Interceptor is mere a fictional piece or a true story. Because the movie covers military and intelligence background and is about a nuclear attack, people are thinking it is inspired by some true events. So here are here to tell everything about Interceptor that we know so far. 

Is Interceptor Based On A True Story?

Is Interceptor Based On A True Story?
Is Interceptor Based On A True Story?

No, Interceptor is not based on any true story. It is an American-Australian action and thriller movie with a military background. As the movie’s plot is set in an Interceptor base in the Pacific Ocean and the man character fights to protect the nation, this movie seems quite real. But it is a work of fiction. The Interceptor base, the ship, the nuclear remote trial, and the attack on the ship are all imaginary. However, makers and actors had put lots of effort to make the action and thrill look real. Special training is also taken by the lead cast for action sequences. Notably, the trailer of Interceptor was released earlier in May and it got a very good response from the viewers.

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Interceptor Release Date

Mathew Reilley’s action movie, Interceptor is all set to be released in the theatres of Australia on 26th May. The makers of the movie were earlier planning a large-scale theatrical release of Interceptor. But due to certain reasons, the theatrical release is compromised. After a week of the theatrical release of the movie in Australia, Interceptor will stream on Netflix worldwide. The release will take place on 3rd June 2022. Interceptor is a short movie of one and a half hours duration. So, in just 92 minutes, you will experience full and worthy action and thrill.

Interceptor Story

In the movie Interceptor, Captain JJ Collins was given the charge of an Interceptor ship in the Pacific Ocean. From this ship, a nuclear missile trial procedure was about to conduct. The team was in the last point of defence of the country. When everything was seeming fine, a former intelligence officer of the US military Alexander Kessel attacks the ship with his man. He wants to take control of the ship’s control room and divert the direction of the missile launch towards the city. In such a short time, evacuation of people from cities was not possible hence Collins take the charge to eliminate the enemy and protect the nation.

Interceptor Cast

Is Interceptor Based On A True Story?

Interceptor is a small film whose shooting is done on only one set because all the sequences are supposed to be on the Interceptor ship. Hence it also has a small star cast. The lead role of Captain JJ Collins is played by Elsa Pataky. In the negative role, we see Luce Bracey as Alexander Kessel, a former intelligence officer of the US military who attacks the Interceptor ship.

Apart from these two, the other major cast members are Mayen Mehta, Belinda Jombwe, Rhys Muldoon, and Marcus Johnson. 

Interceptor Trailer

The official trailer of Interceptor was released early in May with the announcement of the official date of release on Netflix. The two minutes trailer is full of action and self-belief of the main lead Elsa Pataky in the character of Captain JJ Collins. In the trailer, Luce Bracey is seen as Alexander Kessel who attacks the Interceptor ship and tries to get access to its control room to launch the nuclear missiles toward the cities. While Captain Collins is shown fighting hard with the enemies even after suffering certain injuries.

Where To Watch Interceptor?

Interceptor’s worldwide release is planned on Netflix in English. So, viewers who want to watch this action pack movie can switch to Netflix after June 3, 2022. Notably, on 26th July 2022, the movie is also released in the theatres of Australia. So Australian viewers can also watch the movie in theatres for a while.

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