The Lake Season 2 Release Date, Story, And Cast Details!

The Lake is Amazon Prime Video’s first Canadian series. Released on 17th June 2022, The Lake is comedy web series on Amazon Prime Video. Written by Julian Doucet, The Lake is set in a family cottage of Justin and his step-sister Maisy-May. The Cottage is on the shore of a lake from where the name of the series is derived. The Canadian cinema industry did a great debut on Amazon Prime Video with The Lake after which many more Canadian movies and series are expected to release on Amazon Prime Video.

But before the launch of any more Canadian movies there started a buzz regarding The Lake Season 2. The humour and comedy of The Lake impressed the viewers from the trailer release itself. Hence, now viewers are expecting a season 2. Do the makers of The Lake planning a season 2? What will be the story and cast of The Lake season 2? To know every update about The Lake season 2 read the full article.

The Lake Season 2 Release Date

The Lake Season 2 Release Date
The Lake Season 2- Prime Video- June 17

In the summer of 2022, Amazon bought various Amazon Original series and shows from around the globe. Amazon had an abundance of Indian as well as foreign content this summer. Among these series, one was Amazon’s first Canadian Scripted series- The Lake. Amaze Film’s The Lake comedy series was released on 17th June 2022. The comedy series was widely liked by the audience of Amazon Prime Video and now there are talks about its season 2.

Notably, there is no official information about the release of The Lake season 2. But looking at the response to the first season, the makers may plan to bring season 2 anytime soon. The subject that Julian Doucet chose was also new for a comedy genre series. Then, the series was also nicely created. Currently, there is no prediction about The Lake season 2 release date. But you can follow Amazon Prime Video to not miss any updates about The Lake season 2.

The Lake Season 1 Release DateJune 17, 2022
The Lake Season 2 Release DateNot Announced
The Lake Season 2 Release Date

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The Lake Season 2 Story

In The Lake season, 1 Justin comes to his homeland to meet his teenage daughter Billie and make some familiar bonds with her. Notably, he left her for adoption earlier. Justin brings Billie to their family cottage near the lake. But soon after he reaches the cottage, Justin realized that his dad has transferred the cottage to her step-sister Maisy-May. In the series, funny actions and an exciting bond among the family members are shown.

The success of The Lake is these complications but love in relations. Hence, in The Lake season 2 also the same story is expected to follow. It has to be seen what development happens in the three main characters of the story in season 2. However, officially there is no announcement regarding The Lake season 2 story.

The Lake Season 2 Cast

The Lake Season 2 Release Date

Among the main cast of The Lake, first is Jordan Gavaris who played the role of Justin. Justin came back to his homeland to see his teenage daughter and make a familiar bond with her. The next main character in the series is Maisy-May who is the step-sister of Justin. This character is played by Julia Stiles. While the third main character is Justin’s teenage daughter Billie who was left by Justin for adoption. Her character was played by Madison Shamoun. In season 1 of The Lake interesting bonding among these three was shown. Whenever season 2 of The Lake will release, these three will be definitely part of the series because they had left a considerable mark on viewers.

Apart from these main characters, in season 1 of The Lake, Terry Chen as Victor Lin, Travis Nelson as Riley, Natalie Lisinska as Jayne, Jon Dore as Wayne, Emily Roman as Jeri Moore, and Carolyn Scott as Ulrika played crucial characters. However, in season 2 of The Lake, some addition to the cast is also expected to grow the story. Notably, there is no official announcement regarding the cast of The Lake season 2.

Where To Watch The Lake Season 2?

The Lake Canadian web series is available on Amazon Prime Video. It is the first Canadian series that sold its streaming rights to Amazon and also received a good response. Hence, season 2 of The Lake will also stream on Amazon Prime Video. However, there is no official information regarding the making, release, or platform of the release of the series. But, whenever The Lake season 2 will release it will stream on Amazon Prime Video. 

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