New Heights Season 2 Release Date Expectations!

New Heights (Neumatt) is a Swiss German Series written by Marianne Wendt. It is a modern family drama which talks about farmers’ issues, farmer suicide, LGBT, family relationships, drug addiction, depression, and the next generation’s way of whether to choose the family tradition of farming or go their own way by choosing a different profession. It is also the story of the protagonist trying his best and existing in both professions while facing problems and stress from both sides. 

New Heights Season 2 Release Date

New Heights is not getting a season 2 as of yet. The end of the series shows multiple signs of a possible sequel with the same cast and characters and/or new characters. The series has gained a lot of attention and compliments on its storyline and is a worthy show to watch. Netflix is yet to renew their contract for a second season. So, for now, season 2 is just speculation. 

New Heights Season 1 Release DateSeptember 26, 2021
New Heights Season 2 Release DateNot Announced
New Heights Season 2 Release Date

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New Heights Season 2 Story

Mitchi Wyss is a financial consultant for a Zurich firm whose family profession is farming. Mitchi and his father (Kurt) are not on good terms. So the entire burden of the farm (Neumatt) is Kurt’s responsibility. He works hard with Lorenz’s (Mitchi’s) younger brother, who wishes to continue the lineage. Lorenz is the only help he could get from his family as his mother, Traudi, is a senior citizen and his wife Katherina, is sexually involved with their neighbour Martin, a married man. He has a daughter who is the head of a gym nearby. Like Mitchi, Sarah had not kept in constant contact with the family. One day, Kurt goes to visit Sarah at her gym but is hesitant to approach her and returns. He calls Mitchy and asks him to come home and help fix the barn roof. Mitchy has grudges against his father and starts boasting about his successful and happy life. He rushes the call and goes back to his team dinner with his love interest, Joel.

He spends an intense night with him and wakes up to hear something shocking. Katherina calls him up to inform him that Kurt is no more. He attends an urgent meeting and goes straight back home. At home, everyone questions Katherina about his sudden death, to which she replies saying he fell to his death. The previous night, while fixing the shed roof, Kurt slipped from the ladder. On hearing this, Mitchi feels guilty. Lorenz is quiet the whole time processing his father’s demise. He is worried about something. Lorenz was still a high school minor and hence was not eligible for all the loans and government facilities which would help the farm. Ursula Halter, (Mortin’s wife) suggests the farm be sold off as it already has potential buyers who are interested.

Katherina, Lorenz and Traudi are completely against the idea. Sarah thinks the offer is more profitable and persuades Katherina to think it over. Lorenz finally reveals the secret of Kurt’s death, saying he committed suicide and hanged himself. Mitchi reads Kurt’s letter and complies with his request. He decides to manage the farm until Lorenz is of an age to take over. He searches for all the places on the farm where he owns money and starts by persuading the banks. But things don’t go smoothly and he is at a loss. 

New Heights Season 2 Cast

Julien Koechlin (Michi Wyss), Sophie Hutter (Sarah Wyss), Jérôme Humm (Lorenz Wyss), Benito Bause (Joel), Rachel Raunschweig (Katherina Wyss), Marlise Fischer (Trudi) ,Nicola Perot (Döme Boveri), Roland Bonjour (Pablo), Hans-Casper Gattiker (Thomas Peterhans) , Judith Hotmann (Gemeindepräsidentin), Cristoph Gaugler (Werner Fuchs), Lou Haltinner (Elodie Duchamps) , Aaron Hitz (Loris Schwab), Nick Dong Shik (Fang Li), Matthias Schuppli (Pfarrer Victor).

New Heights Season 2 Review 

New Heights Season 2 Release Date

The series is majorly focused on Mitchi’s dilemmas after his father’s death. It is rather heartbreaking to watch him and Joel put so much at stake only to part ways. Mitchi’s guilt towards his family is a realistic and original approach and causes a lot of mixed emotions. He invests his everything in bringing the farm back to its feet and tackles all the problems faced by it. He only realises his family’s importance after the death of his father, about whom he was arrogant till the end. The plot and characters used in this show are noteworthy. Although the show proceeds at a slow pace, trying to make it look more realistic, it gained its popularity rather quickly. 

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