Is Head Of The Class Season 2 Release Date Cancelled?

One of the famous American sitcoms of 1986 called Head of the Class ran for 5 seasons with pride and recently gave birth to another sitcom of the same name in 2021. It has been very popular and celebrated by fans all over the world. Recently the second season of it has been a huge topic of conversation, let’s note down the updates we got about it.

Head Of The Class Season 2 Release Date

Head Of The Class Season 2 Release Date

The initial season was seen to get aired on and from the 4th of November, with 10 whole episodes of 27-30 minutes each that we’re entitled to be Pilot, Moms Be Momming, As the World Sa-Turns, The Stare-Master, YOLO, All We Do Is Win, The Escalante Minute, Beaks and Cheeks, Frozen Dinner…Party and Three More Years are mentioned according to the sequence they were released. With its unique picturization, the show did prove to be a stand-out in 2021. It was majorly popular and was blessed with a vast fanbase all around the globe. With the major success in the first episode, no certain announcements have been done about the series once it got ended. But the fans are lately been very curious about the fact that Is season renewal of their favourite series called Head Of The Class is happening or not! Well, no clear answer to that has been received yet but the fans are still hoping for the series to come within late 2023. 

Head Of The Class Season 1 Release DateNovember 4, 2021
Head Of The Class Season 2 Release DateNot Announced
Head Of The Class Season 2 Release Date

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Head Of The Class Season 2 Story 

The first season was seen to roll with the storyline of a bunch of teenagers who go to the Meadows Creek High School and were depicted as more an overachiever who is always thinking about good grades and devoted themselves to the competition of creating a good career. This is a good thing but it made them more serious in life and slides them away from the childhood of fun that they never really experienced. Over the course of time, they met their teacher named  Alicia Gomez in a debate competition, who challenged them to really focus on their studies to the level they need to and achieve the goals that are not oddly over the top. She thought them to live their present and plan their future at the same time that changed their life.

They really started to enjoy smaller things in life rather than thinking their world be in the pages or books they read. She helps them to experience life in a better way. But when the season ended, fans all around the world felt that there is more to the story of what goes behind the studies of the Creek High School, that contains many ups and downs and several emotions that were not very clear in just ten episodes they saw, hence they are expecting the series to get continuous and the second season to begin addressing the way the initial one ended. 

Head Of The Class Season 2 Cast 

Head Of The Class Season 2 Release Date

The series included various prominent names of talented personalities from the entertainment industries all over the world. It featured Isabella Gomez to be depicting the character of Alicia Gomez, a new young teacher of Meadows Creek High School, Dior Goodjohn was seen as the captain of the debate time Robyn Rook whose secret pleasure is playing games, Gavin Lewis as Luke Burrows, a student who was seen to be overly obsessed with business and politics, Adrian Matthew Escalona portrayed the role of Miles Alvarez, who was very passionate about singing, Brandon Severs was seen as Terrell Hayward, who was a very potential swimmer, Jolie Hoang-Rappaport was found in the shoes of Makayla Washington, the student who has a keen interest in big social issues. Whereas Jorge Diaz enacted the role of another teacher in the English department of Meadows Creek High School called Elliot Escalante,

Moreover, the character of Sarah Maris, the daughter of the principal and a student was played by Katie Beth. In the upcoming season, the fans are crossing their fingers to get to see more known and unknown artists playing major roles in making the second season a dream come true.

Head Of The Class Season 2 Trailer

No certain dates have been announced about the official date when the trailer of the second season will get released. But fans all around are hoping to get a few sneak peeks at least a few days earlier than the main release of the show.

Where To Watch Head Of The Class Season 2?

The first season of Head of the Class is available to be watched on HBO Max, Amazon Instant Video, or iTunes. The second season is hoped to be available on the same platforms.

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