Is Buy It Or Build It Season 2 Release Date Confirmed?

Are you one of those people who finds themselves in love with heavy-duty demolition as well as building staff to make their own space more fit to their aesthetics! Or are you the one who tends to buy houses that make you believe that they make your lifestyle one of a kind and better than any ordinary room or house? Well, you must have heard the name of the show called ‘Buy it or Build it’ which has been an absolute dream to the home decor shoppers all around as well as those who want to build their pieces one after another that indeed makes their space a unique one. It is the ultimate battle between the buyers and the builders. With its very first season on the line, the show managed to gather a huge fan base including a lot of design enthusiasts who are now thinking if their favourite show will get renewed for a new season or not! Let’s take a closer look to gather more updates on the second season of the brand new series called Buy it or Build it. 

Buy It Or Build It Season 2 Release Date

Buy It Or Build It Season 2 Release Date

Well, the very first season is still waiting on the queue of the brand new series that will get launched this month. Well, it is already confirmed by every officer of the production team that the primary season is very much ready to be released on the 18th of May, 2022. But with its unique and creative concept, people all around the globe have started counting the number of days left for the grand television premiere. In the meantime, they are also anticipating season 2 of this particular series to continue the plot right when the all-important six episodes of massive interior design end. No specific dates have been declared by any of the production members till today, but one can take a very wild guess because the initial season itself is yet to hit the market, the second season would probably take at least one year to get released in the full swing.

Buy It Or Build It Season 1 Release DateMay 18, 2022
Buy It Or Build It Season 2 Release DateNot Announced
Buy It Or Build It Season 2 Release Date

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Buy It or Build It Season 2 Story

The storyline of this series can be defined as a dream come true for any interior design or architecture enthusiast, the show tends to revolve around the plot where the licensed and twin contractors namely Chris and Calvin will be seen to expand their hands of help to clients based on different cities with different backgrounds and budgets. With having all circumstances in mind, Chris will help them renovate the house they live in to make it suitable for them or hunt for the existing properties that get resold and could be a good fit for the clients with a few updates whereas, Calvin will take his pens out to sketch down a new house design for the clients to build by staying on their budget. The second season is hoped to bring a lot of flavour to it along with several tips for the fans who are actually in search of a home that suits their lifestyle. 

Buy It or Build It Season 2 Cast

Buy It or Build It Season 2 Release Date

The series will be hosted by Dallas-based contractors who also happen to be twin brothers called Chris LaMont and Calvin LaMont and several common citizens who will be encrypted raw as the clients.

Buy It or Build It Season 2 Trailer 

The trailer of the second season has neither been released yet, nor any specific date has been announced about the date of the official release of the trailer of the upcoming season. The initial season is very new to the entertainment industry and how much currency it will make is still just some predictions, so we can say that the crew is not set to be on duty for the production of the second season. But we can hope to see a list of sneak peeks of the first season which is anticipated to get released on May 11th as well as the second season at least a couple of days before the grand premiere gets materialized.

Where To Watch, Buy It or Build It Season 2? 

The primary season is ready to make its debut in the public’s eye by getting aired on the television channel called Hgtv. It will also be available on Discovery Channel as well as MotorTrend+ and MotorTrend TV from May 18th. The second season is expected to follow the footprints of its father season and get released on the very same platforms that are mentioned above.  

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