When To Expect Rock The Block Season 4 Release Date?

Does home design immune the blood through your creative veins? If it is so, you must be familiar with the show that has been cherished by all the creative minds and hearts all across the world running successfully for three seasons. I hope you guessed it right, It’s our good old friendly show called Rock the Block. Now the question emerging as hot cake can be rephrased as ‘ Is there a renewal of season 4 and if so when is the golden time?’ Well, let’s dive in together to gain more updates on the fourth season of Rock the Block.

Rock The Block Season 4 Release Date 

Rock The Block Season 4 Release Date

HGTV’s famous show under the name ‘Rock the Block’ has been gaining a huge fanbase since it started being in public eyes. Season three was seen to premiere from the last of  February to early April of the year 2022. This one-hour show was a blessing to the huge number of fans who started following it without a fail, well those are the fans raising questions about the renewal of Season 4. But no official announcement has been done by the production team about the release date of the TV series called Rock the Block. But we can expect good news by the end of this season. Let us not lose our hope and check out the updates we know so far.

Rock The Block Season 1 Release Date October 21, 2019
Rock The Block Season 2 Release Date March 8, 2021
Rock The Block Season 3 Release Date February 28, 2022
Rock The Block Season 4 Release Date Not Announced
Rock The Block Season 4 Release Date 


Rock The Block Season 4 Story

If constructing a house and designing it is one of your obsessions then, the Rock The Block is clearly heaven for you. It can be named the dream come true as it consists of a group of experts who put their own spin on designing the houses appointed to them. Induced with artistry and their highly-skilled house renovation ideas they are meant to design a specific part of the house assigned to them. They are also expected to execute all the necessary constructions within a specific budget which they have to keep in mind. Each week, renovators would be seen on work in that particular house, which would later be judged by a very expert panel who ends up deciding the winner on the basis of the approximate assessed market value of the totally finished house which later opened for selling and gets the opportunity to entitle the entire street after their name.

For the last three seasons, the plotline has been very much the same but the fourth season is expected to have several twists and turns to make it more special.

Rock The Block Season 4 Cast 

Rock The Block Season 4 Release Date

The cast list of the series called Rock the Block is undoubtedly an example of the big-named critics in the industry of interior design. Ty Pennington had been hosting the show for the last two seasons and is expected be starred again in the fourth season. Since the last few seasons, it was also enriched by the presence of  Jasmine Roth, Scott Cross, Alison Victoria, Mike Jackson, Egypt Sherrod, Lyndsay Lamb, Dave, and Jenny Marrs, Keith Bynum, Brian Kleinschmidt, Nate Berkus, Leslie Davis, Evan Thomas, Tarek El Moussa, Drew Scott, Mina Starsiak, Ari Smejkal, David Bromstad, Mika Kleinschmidt, Steve Ford, Mike Holmes, Heather Rae Young, and many more.

Of all of them, Jasmine Roth was announced to be the winner of the first season, the second season was won by Brian and Mika Kleinschmidt whereas  Mike Jackson and Egypt Sherrod stole the victory of the third season. In the fourth season, we are expecting to see more new faces along with the former contestants who would be back for a second chance to win it over.

Rock The Block Season 4 Trailer 

The series named Rock the Block has been the number one passionate show that deals with home aesthetics and utilities. Although no official statements have been posted by the production units we may expect some sneak peeks really soon.

Where Can You Watch Rock The Block Season 4?

All three seasons of the series Rock the Block were seen airing on HGTV in the year 2019. It was also seen to stream over Amazon Prime Videos. So we can expect the fourth season to follow the footsteps of all the prior seasons and would be available within all of our reaches very soon in the near future.