When Will Almost Happy Season 3 Release Date Be Announced?

A comedy series is any day one of the most choice-able options if you want to get entertained. Well, if Argentinan comedy stories attract your attention you must be knowing the name of the show called Almost Happy. This is one of the most cherished web shows in the last couple of years that revolves around the life of a radio jockey named Sebastian. Throughout the reign of the two former seasons, the series had gained a lot of fanbase along with which they are now having the responsibility of meeting up the expectations of the viewers. Well after the last episode was aired, every fan is now expecting to know more about the story and thus is anticipating the third season of Almost Happy. 

Almost Happy Season 3 Release Date

Almost Happy Season 3 Release Date

The first season of the series Almost Happy was seen to premiere on May 1st, 2020 whereas the second season was seen to come to public eyes on April 13th, 2022. It is without a doubt a very popular web show that has been making all of us laugh and at the same time teaches us the values of life. Although the third season is what we are counting days for, no official announcements have been published about the release date of Almost Happy Season 3. But digging deep into it and outsourcing several pieces of information we can interpret that the third season would be coming at the reach of all of us by early to mid-2023.

Almost Happy Season 1 Release DateMay 1, 2020
Almost Happy Season 2 Release DateApril 13, 2022
Almost Happy Season 3 Release DateNot Announced
Almost Happy Season 3 Release Date


Almost Happy Season 3 Story

The story of the series called Almost Happy frames a man called Sebastian who is a host of a radio show called modest fame. The series takes us on the journey of his life where he tries to figure out the ways of living and being happy with his ex-wife whom he still has feelings and his two kids. The story although being a comedy plot has a lot of serious issues addressed within it. AS the third season ends, all of us are indeed curious to know if Sebastian can ever find the happiness he deserves and so the third season is expected to take over the story right where the second one ended and carry it out with its own unique twists and turns in it.

Almost Happy Season 3 Cast

The first two seasons have been enriched by the presence of a huge number of acting personalities from Argentina as well as the other parts of the world. Well, the list would include Sebastián Wainraich who was seen as Sebastian, the protagonist of the story, Natalie Pérez was seen portraying the character of Pilar, The character of Sombrilla was seen to be played by Santiago Korovsky, Lucas Wainraich was the face of Felipe, Hugo Arana was seen to be in the shoes of Sebastian’s Father, whereas Sebastian’s Mother was depicter by Adriana Aizemberg, Inés Efron was seen to be Tati, Peto Menahem was cast as  Gastón, Jesús Rocha was portrayed by Rafael Ferro, Benjamín Amadeo was seen to be Leon, Carla Peterson was seen portraying Eva, Cecilia Ferrari was depicted by Ulieta Diaz.

Moreover the presence of prominent actors like Adrián Suar,Malena Ratner,Juan Minujín, Gustavo Garzón, Ailín Zaninovich,Pablo Fábregas, Mariela Vitale, Paula Morales, Sebastián Presta, Dalia Gutmann,Wos,Pilar Gamboa, Mex Urtizberea,Maitina De Marco, Leticia Siciliani, José Luis Gioia, Lucila Mangone, Simón Guerschuny, Federico Wainraich, Kiara Wainraich and many more was the cherry on the top. We should also acknowledge the hard work of every individual in the production house who made the two former seasons successful and would not want to miss anyone out in the third season of Almost Happy.

Almost Happy Season 3 Trailer

Almost Happy  Season 3 Release Date

The trailer of the first season as well as the second was seen to come out a few weeks before the official release. But no specific date has been assigned by any official sources about the official trailer release date of the third season of Almost Happy. We can count days and hope to see some sneak peeks before the official premiere of the season.

Where Can You  Watch Almost Happy Season 3?

The third season is supposed to follow the footsteps of the former one and be available around the globe on one of the leading OTT platforms named Netflix.