Criminal France Season 2 Release Date Confirmed Or Cancelled?

Criminal: France is a 2019 French-language cop drama anthology series developed and featuring  Jérémie Renier, Nathalie Baye, and Sara Giraudeau. Criminal: France is part of Netflix’s Criminal crime drama, which consists of 12 episodes, 3 of which are set in every one of four nations and recorded in native languages – France, Germany, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Within the constraints of a police interrogation chamber, French detectives indulge in severe psychological cat-and-mouse tactics with their suspected defendants in order to obtain the information they need to conclude their investigations.

Criminal France Season 2 Release Date

Criminal France Season 2 Release Date

Season 1 of the program was regarded as wholly unique within the genre since it enabled viewers to analyze a suspect’s behavior to determine their defendant guilty, right simply the way they shifted in their seat and fiddled with pens. Everything is significant and has a hidden significance, and based on the preview photographs given by Netflix today, season 2 appears to be the same. With the same obsessive concentration on the interviewers and the interrogation room. Netflix didn’t officially announce the release date yet. Even if the series is renewed for a season 2, it will most probably release around 2023.

Criminal France Season 1 Release Date20 September 2019
Criminal France Season 2 Release DateNot Announced
Criminal France Season 2 Release Date


Criminal France Season 2 Cast

The main cast of the accused includes Sara Giraudeau as Émilie Weber, Nathalie Baye as Caroline Solal, and Jérémie Renier as Jérôme Lacombe. The cast playing as the cops involves Margot Bancilhon as Commander Audrey Larsen, Stéphane Jobert as Commander Gérard Sarkissian, Laurent Lucas – Captain Olivier Hagen, Mhamed Arezki – Brigadier Omar Matif, and Anne Azoulay as Brigadier Laetitia Serra.

Criminal France Season 1 Recap

The first episode of Criminal: France is about Émilie, and it stars Sara Giraudeau as the show’s title role. The storyline centers all around terrorist assaults at Paris’s Bataclan live music venue during an Eagles of Death Metal show. This segment isn’t about terrorism because it’s entirely about Émilie. Detectives grow sure that a woman is concealing something as she recalls her experiences of the Bataclan tragedy, which killed her partner.

Criminal: France episode 2 is all about Caroline, and it has a guest appearance by excellent veteran performer Nathalie Baye. Caroline is a genuine boss lady who isn’t afraid to use coercion. Unfortunately, an employee at her building site has suffered a severe fall and may not live. So the detectives are attempting to pierce her armor. Following a fatality on a construction site, the team interrogates a construction executive who appears to know more about the victim than she is letting on.

Jérémie Renier cameos in the season finale of Criminal: France. This is yet another narrative that has a very natural sense to it and might well be inspired by an actual crime. Similar to the first episode of the French part of this Netflix anthology. Jérémie Renier portrays Jérôme in a very sophisticated and meaningful way. It isn’t anything new, however, that doesn’t make this any less valid. The crew is called to work early morning to question a sales manager accused of a horrific hate crime. Audrey attempts to gain the trust of her coworkers.

Where To Watch Criminal France?

Criminal France Season 2 Release Date

Criminal France Season 1 is available on streaming platforms like Netflix and JustWatch.

Criminal France Review

Everybody’s appearances are fantastic this time around, and it’s great to see all of the members of the team feel emotional and perform a role in the show as a whole. Obviously, there was something about the somberness that Lucas gives to Hagen, and Audrey’s arc is strengthened by Bancilhon’s portrayal. Viewers also loved Serra’s real emotion through Azoulay’s portrayal since it made her a highlight throughout the entire franchise and got the audience highly immersed in her plot.

Within a few minutes of greeting the crew, the audience can sense the animosity surrounding Audrey and the rest of the squad, as well as the fact that feelings are running high in general. After a little tense scene with the team seeking to pin a leak of personally identifiable information to an accused’s lawyer on Audrey. Everything came along, and the hopes that we’d been developing within ourselves of what would transpire in the final episode turned out to be true and did not fail.


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