Chief Of Staff Season 3 Release Date And Other Updates!

One of the most prominent political dramas that ever aired as any South Korean television series, could any day be known as the Chief of staff. It is a perfect example of a movie portraying a political crisis as it revolves around the life of politicians and their aides who involve themselves in the voracious games of power and influence.

The initial season of Chief of Staff was first seen on television on June 14th, 2019, and was seen to come to an end on July 13th of the same year. Meanwhile, the second season aired with its very first episode on November 11th, 2019, and it ended on December 10, 2019, as well. It has become one of the most celebrated political dramas and we could be no more excited for the third season of it.

Let’s find out more information about it!

Chief Of Staff Season 3 Release Date

It has been over two whole years since the very fascinating second season was streamed over leading OTT platforms like Netflix and JTBC and the fans were overjoyed with all the episodes. And since then its fans are counting dates, but have not reached their goal yet as no official statements have yet been published. But we can hope to be treated by the third season of the Chief Of Staff.

Chief Of Staff Season 1 Release DateJune 14, 2019
Chief Of Staff Season 2 Release DateNovember 11, 2019
Chief Of Staff Season 3 Release DateNot Announced


Chief Of Staff Season 3 Story

Written by the famous South Korean author, Lee Dae-il, the last two seasons of the show Chief Of Staff tended to revolve around the life of Jang Tae-Joon, making him the protagonist of the story, depicted as a young man fresh from University who was once a very potential detective yet decided to join the National Assembly as an aide to gain more power and be more acknowledged in the society. He worked as the chief of the aides to a four-time lawmaker and was extraordinarily skilled with a massive amount of intuitive skills and tremendous intelligence, as a result of which Jang succeeded in securing his boss a spot as a party representative. Eventually, as the series progresses, Jang came to know Kang Seon-Yeong, a neophyte lawmaker, the one who is elected through proportional prosecuted representation.

Now we found Jang and Kang to be equally highly ambitious and talented and in due course, both developed a romantic relationship. As a result of which they initiated dating secretly while the circumstances surrounding their career grew increasingly intense. Thus we can guess that when the show gets renewed for the third season, the story would find its root from where the last season ended and would frame more and more drama and crisis unfold as Jang keeps on navigating the repugnant world of politics.

Chief Of Staff Season 3 Cast

Both of the former seasons were obliged to have prominent names of the Korean entertainment industry, some of which includes Lee Jung-Jae who was depicted as Jang Tae-Joon, Shin Min-a was seen as Kang Seon-Yeong, Lee Elijah portrayed the character of Yoon Hye-won, Kim Dong-jun was phenomenal as Han Do-kyeong, Jung Jin-young was seen to be as Lee Seong-min, Kim Kap-soo as Song-Hee-seop, Jung Woong-in was unbelievable as Oh Won-sik, I’m Won-hee was cast as Go Seok-man, Jung Man-sikas Choi Kyung-Chul, Park Hyo-Joo as Lee Ji-Eun, Jo Bok-Rae was framed as Young Jong-yeol.

Moreover, the work of Kim Hong-pa as Jo Gap-Yeong, Lee Chul-min as Kim Hyung-do, Ko In-beam as Seong Yeong-gi, Yoo Sung-Joo as Lee Chang-jin, Jeon Jin-ki portrayed as Lee Gwi-dong, Jun Seung-bin as Kim Jong-Wook, Do Eun-bi as No Da-Jeong, Park Myung-shin starred as Yeo Sook-hee, Kim Seo-ha was seen as Lee In-soo, Kim Ik-tae as Lee Sang-gook, Nam Sung-jin cast as Ahn Hyeon-min, Park Geon was seen as Seo Hyung-Chul, Lee Sun-won as Lee Hyung-sa, Yoo Ha-bok depicted as Park Jong-Gil, Ji So-Yeon as Kim Mi-jin as the supporting actors were phenomenal and we don’t want to miss out on any of them in the third season.

Chief Of Staff Season 3 Trailer

The trailer release date for Season 3 of Chief Of Staff has yet to be officially announced. Yet we hope to have a few sneak peeks as soon as possible.

Where To Watch Chief Of Staff Season 3?

The third season of Chief Of Staff Season 3 is supposed to follow the two initial seasons and would premiere globally on Netflix and JTBC.