Sunderland Til’ I Die Season 3 Release Date And All Other Updates!

Most of us here already know what this series is about. The Sunderland fans must be there in the audience because they can be regarded as one of the best fans any football club could ever get, they stick to their team in every situation. For those who don’t know what Sunderland AFC, is it is the English professional football team that plays in the Ligue 1 and is based in the city of Sunderland. The team has got a rich history with continuous ups and downs. The series is mainly based on the club’s activities since 2017 and we have already received 2 seasons of the show, we can be considered a superhit for the makers of the show.

The show has got a huge audience, not only does that include the natives of Sunderland, but fans all over the world, the show is a must-watch for all the football fans out there, to know the struggles and the ups and downs of a team goes through while chasing glory. The series has received quite positive remarks from the critics along with an 8.1 IMDb rating which speaks for itself and makes the show worth a watch for every football fan out there. Now we have also received certain questions from all those Sunderland fans regarding the series renewal for a third season.

Fortunately, we have a piece of good news for you all, the show hasn’t been canceled yet, and based on the success of the series, this show isn’t seeing a conclusion so soon. Even if this series isn’t very successful, it will surely be worth it for the makers to make the show only for all those Sunderland fans out there. Though we haven’t heard of any updates regarding the renewal of the series from the makers yet, there is a big chance that the show will get renewed real soon based on the past few events that the team has been going through.

Sunderland Til’ I Die Season 3 Release Date

The first season of the show came out in the year 2018 with a total of 8 episodes and follows the story of the club through the season of 2017-2018 where they have been going through great ups and downs. The second season of the show came out in the year 2020 and has got a total of 6 episodes. as we have already discussed we haven’t received any updates regarding the third season of the show, but there is a great base for the show to get renewed, and the earliest by which we can get the third season is by the third quarter of 2023. The third season if it happens is predicted to have approximately 6-8 episodes with each episode having a runtime of approximately 40 minutes.

Sunderland Til’ I Die Season 1 Release Date14 December 2018
Sunderland Til’ I Die Season 2 Release Date1 April 2020
Sunderland Til’ I Die Season 3 Release DateNot Announced
Sunderland Til’ I Die Season 3 Release Date


Sunderland Til’ I Die Season 3 Story

The show is quite suggestive from its title that it is based on the famous and historic club Sunderland and the relationship it has with its fans. The first season of the show is based on the events of the team in the year 2017-2018 and the second season is based on the activities of the show in 2019-2020. The first season mainly follows the downfall of the team in league 1 and how the technical problems along with the shortage of money in the club bring frustration among the fans and the players. Towards the ending, we see a bit of glory with a new start. In the next season of the show, we see the club is handled by the new club owners and the new problems along with the dedication the players have towards the game. this show is a very beautiful documentary for all football fans and is worth watching.

Sunderland Til’ I Die Season 3 Trailer

Sunderland Til’ I Die Season 3 Release Date

As we know there haven’t been any updates regarding the third season of the show from the makers yet, thus we also haven’t received a trailer for season 3 yet. However, the trailer for the previous seasons of the show is available on YouTube and can be checked out by the audience.

Where Can We Watch Sunderland Til I Die?

This show is a complete Netflix original series and thus the streaming rights to the show are available only to the Netflix platform currently.