Rat In The Kitchen Season 2 Release Date All Updates!

If a non-fictional culinary competition series is what attracts you, you must have been familiar with one of the upcoming shows that would make you enjoy the battle in the kitchen but a never seen some of the very unpredictable twists in it. This marks it as one of the most cherished cooking shows ever aired in the United States. We hope you have guessed which show it is. Well, it’s the legendary Rat in the Kitchen, the modern take on age-old culinary war. The first season featured unscripted culinary chaos of an hour every week where the results would end up sabotaging the rat in the kitchen. The second season is supposed to follow the footsteps of the father season and would keep on continuing the battle to bring on the hunt of the rat in the kitchen.

Rat In The Kitchen Season 2 Release Date

Rat In The Kitchen Season 2 Release Date

We all know from the trailer of the preliminary season that it will begin to air on the TBS network on and from March 31, and will go on airing for 10 episodes with a running time of 10 hours in total, consisting of a set of six participants to fight out the culinary competition and at the end, the rat of the kitchen would be indicated. Well the second season is very much anticipated to follow just the way the first did, yet the official date of season 2 is not announced yet but we can expect it to come soon after the first one seizes.

Rat In The Kitchen Season 1 Release DateMarch 31, 2022
Rat In The Kitchen Season 2 Release DateNot Announced
Rat In The Kitchen Season 2 Release Date

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Rat In The Kitchen Season 2 Story

The series of Rat in the Kitchen can be typically referred to as the cultivated culinary chaos with the new age idea of sabotaging the fellow contestants of the show under the name

of the ‘Rat in the Kitchen’. Well if we try to understand it thoroughly, it would consist of a band of six contestants cooking for their life, but the catch is that it will consist of a chef undercover as a rat of the kitchen who would keep on vandalizing the other chefs on stoves. Eventually, later in the episodes, the rat would be discovered by his or her behaviors.

Hence, would consist of a number of wild guesses, chaotic situations, and what we can call the ultimate culinary craziness. And by the end of which the rat who would successfully sabotage others will win the ultimate prize. The second series, very much likely to the first one, would follow the same plotline to continue the search for more such rats disguised in a friendly kitchen.

Rat In The Kitchen Season 2 Cast

Rat in the Kitchen: Season 2

This show will be produced under the umbrella of the Warner Media-backed network. The first season is being confirmed to be hosted by a very star comedian called Natasha Leggero and would be co-hosted by Chef Ludo Lefebvre, one of the most prominent names in the culinary world. It has also been enriched by the presence of a number of six contestants fighting for their place and saving their food from the ‘rat’ while the undercover one would be seen to try to sabotage the food of other people every episode.

It would also be obliged to have big personalities like Adam Reed, Adam Freeman, Simon Thomas, Bernie Schaeffer, Kenny Rosen, Glenn Hugill as the executive producers. Moreover, the immense hard work of each crew member has made the first season such an eminent one. The second season is expected to mark the return of the same hosts or may get updated by more new personalities and a bunch of skilled chefs.

Rat In The Kitchen Season 2 Trailer

No official announcement of the date of the trailer release of the second season of this brand new show has been put out to us by the TBS network. Not even a rumor is found to build up regarding this situation. The trailer of the very first season was published on the 15th of February of this year. So we can expect a little sneak peek of the trailer of the second season before a week of the official premiere of the ‘ Rats in the Kitchen’.

Where To Watch Rat In The Kitchen Season 2?

The first season will primarily be from 31st March of this year aired on the TBS network, whereas one may stream it through the IOS and Apple devices of the TBS network. The second season is supposed to follow the footsteps of the first season and would probably be found in those places once it starts the premier.

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