When Is How We Roll Season 2 Release Date Coming?

The new age sitcom that is enough to make us all roll over the floor laughing, streaming with all pride and joy is what can be named ‘ How we roll’.The first season is very much ready to set its foot in the public from March,31st of this year. This globally cherished US sitcom is based on one of the most inspiring real stories of the events in the life of Tom Smallwood, a professional bowler. Hence it was initially titled, Smallwood. This series portrays the character of Tom Smallwood to be a man of great ambition, who gave up his career he started on a car assembly line and decided to pursue his dream to become a professional bowler. His character deserves appreciation for the hurdles he went through as a husband and father to support his family to the best of his ability. As the first season is coming to an end we are more than excited to anticipate what the second season of it would bring to us.

How We Roll Season 2 Release Date

How We Roll Season 2 Release Date

The pioneer season is going to be released in March 31, 2022. It is one of the most awaited series over the internet. Yet the second season of this series is not yet officially announced. But we all are eagerly waiting to get the news about the second season of it.

How We Roll Season 1 Release DateMarch 31, 2022
How We Roll Season 2 Release DateNot Announced
How We Roll Season 2 Release Date

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How We Roll Season 2 Story

Well, it is not a myth anymore that this series would revolve around the journey of a professional bowler named Tom Smallwood, from the suburbs of Michigan. He was seen here to pass several barriers and try to pursue his career in bowling to support his family after he just got terminated from his job. All the seriousness of his life was depicted in a lighthearted way with a hint of comedy in it. Tom was seen to be immensely supported by his mom Helen, his wife Jen, and his Coach and friend Archie kept being by his side and even let his son and mother dwell and continues to be by his side when he had no one else by his side. It was also a very real-life depiction of the relationship, friendship and several other issues to be succeeded. And thus we can expect that the second season of it would pick up the story right where the first one ended and continue the journey of life of Tom Smallwood.

How We Roll Season 2 Cast

How We Roll Season 2 Release Date

This series is blessed by the universe of big names in the entertainment industry. The protagonist of the series, Tom Smallwood was unbelievably portrayed by Pete Holmes. Whereas one can find the exceptional performance of Katie Lowes plays Jen, the very supportive wife of Tom while his mother Helen is depicted by Julie White. Chi McBride made justice to the role of Archie, Tom’s friend, and his well-wisher. Moreover, Tahj Mowry also starred in this series providing a face to the character of Lew. This was also cherished with the presence of Matthew J. McCarthy as Carl, Mason Wells as the baby boy of Tom and Jen named Sam, Judy Kaine as Mimi, Amanda Perez as Tia, Rondi Reed as Ruth, Laura Buckles as Brenda, Dominic Pace as Suede Wade, Brian Dare as Sean, Nik Shrineras Scott, Greg Winter as Ben, McKale Jude Bingham as Lee, Sean Cook as Brad and many more. Moreover, the work of Mark Gross as the plot writer, David Hollander as the producer deserves the limelight. The phenomenal hard work of every member of production is why it would make the second season of this series sensational.

How We Roll Season 2 Trailer

No official announcement of trailer release is out for us yet. But we can expect the sneak peek of the second season at least some week before the premier. The trailer of the first season was published on 11th March of this year.

Where Can You Watch How We Roll?

The series How We Roll is aired under the umbrella of CBS Television Network. The second season is supposed to follow the footstep of the preliminary one on CBS, and would probably be streamed on a leading social platform called Paramount +.

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