Hobbs And Shaw 2 Release Date And All Other Updates!

Now come on, all the car fanatics and the car community guys have watched one movie franchise for sure and if they haven’t watched it, they actually don’t belong to the car community properly and that movie franchise is none other fast, and furious. Recently as we know the fast and furious movie franchise has been diversifying a lot and we all know how much the character of Hobbs has meant in this series over time.

Now recently we received a new movie from the Fast and Furious franchise only and that has been titled Hobbs and Shaw, now something that we all have noticed regarding this movie is that the audience response hasn’t been that excellent but at the same time, most people can’t ignore it because it is a part of the fast and furious franchise. now one of the main reasons for that is because both the characters who end up being the main characters of this movie, actually sided characters in the main line of fast and furious.

For those who don’t know anything about the first movie, it’s basically about Hobbs and Shaw forming an alliance with each other and fighting off a futuristic type of villain who has got more capabilities than any other human villains which we have seen in the past,

Though fast and furious movies have always been full of cars and action, in this movie we also see a lot of comedy as both of these characters surely do not get together with each other. Now the ratings of the movie have actually been moderate and moving towards the comments of the critics, which have also been quite mixed. There have been a lot of questions regarding the second installment of the Hobbs and Shaw movie series, but as of now, we haven’t received any updates.

Hobbs And Shaw 2 Release Date

Hobbs And Shaw 2 Release Date

Now as we have already mentioned there have been no announcements regarding the sequel to the movie and there have been no leaks too regarding any movements in the production line. In a recent interview, the makers of the movie also mentioned that the story ended in such a manner that a sequel can be made out of the first movie however nothing has been initiated by them, or the actors as of now. So, there is obviously a chance for a sequel but as of now, we see a green light, neither from the maker’s side nor from the actor’s side.

Now as we all know the first movie did take a long time in the making procedure and finally made it to us on the 2nd of august 2019. Now based on how much time it takes, if the second sequel starts its production procedure even in the middle of 2023, there is no way that we getting the movies before the third quarter of 2024. However, for any more updates, we will have to wait for a little longer.

Name Of The MovieHobbs And Shaw
Part NumberPart 2
Genre action
Hobbs And Shaw Release Date2 august 2019
Hobbs And Shaw 2 Release DateNot Announced

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Hobbs And Shaw 2 Story

As we all know there haven’t been any announcements or trailers regarding the sequel of the movie and thus, we also haven’t got any updates regarding which way the Hobbs and shaw storyline may go.

However, based on how the story ended in the previous movie, we may end up seeing some new villain, and this time even the fast and furious team may join these two to help them out in a certain manner to complete some mission. There are many possibilities of what can happen and to know more we will have to wait till the trailer drops.

Hobbs And Shaw 2 Cast

For the cast of the sequel of the first movie, we haven’t got any updates regarding who will be the new addition to the cast line that we have seen so far however something that’s for sure is we are going to get The Rock and Jason Statham again in the upcoming movie. There is also a great chance that we will get to see Vanessa Kirby again in the upcoming movie.

Hobbs And Shaw 2 Trailer

As we all know there has been no confirmation regarding the second movie as of now and thus we have not received any trailer as of now. However, the first movie trailer is currently available on the YouTube platform.

Where Can We Watch Hobbs And Shaw 2?

Hobbs And Shaw 2 Release Date

The second movie if it happens will be available in the theatres first and then it may be available for streaming on certain platforms such as Netflix.


The Fast and Furious franchise this movie has 6.5 out of 10 ratings on IMDb.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.Will there be a second season of Hobbs and Shaw?

Though nothing has been confirmed, there is a great chance.

2.Do Hobbs and Shaw belong to the Fast and Furious Universe?

Yes, they do belong to the Fast and Furious Universe.

3.Where can I watch Hobbs and Shaw 2?

As of now, nothing has been confirmed, but it will be available on the Amazon Prime platform whenever it releases.

4.Who is Owen Shaw’s brother?

Owen’s brother is a very famous character named Deckard Shaw.

5.Will there be more Fast and Furious Movies?

Yes, fast and furious X has been confirmed just a few days earlier.

6.Is Deckard Shaw still alive?

According to all facts and scenes, yes he is alive.

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