What Are The Updates Of Relife Season 2 Release Date?

Written by Michiko Yokote and Kazuho Hyōdō in the direction of Satoru Kosaka, Relife is an anime television series that is based on the manga webtoon series written and illustrated by Yayoiso. Released under the production of TMS Entertainment, the premise of the series revolves around Arata Kaizaki, who is being unemployed for several years, but got the opportunity to go back to his life when he was a high school student. What problems and tasks will come along his path? Will he be able to overcome them? Read further to know.

Relife Season 2 Release Date

Relife Season 2 Release Date

A long 13 episodic season 1 aired from July 2, 2016, to September 24, 2016, on the original networks of Tokyo MX, GYT, GTV, and BS11. A 4-episode finale was also streamed on Amazon Prime Video and released on Blu-ray & DVD on March 21, 2018. The series got 7.8 ratings on IMDb and 78 % on AniList. It is also liked by 85 % of people. With its popularity in its anime version, people also liked its manga series and a live-action movie.

About its season 2, there are no updates and announcements. After two years of season 1, there comes a four episodic special release, but it seems that it was the end of the series perhaps. From then onwards, there have not been any updates or news, which makes it more suspenseful. Well, you can wait for some time more, or the chances are that it will not renew for the second installment.

Seasons Release Dates
Relife Season 1 Release DateJuly 2, 2016
Relife Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Relife Season 2 Release Date

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Relife Season 1 Recap

The series focuses on a 27 years old Arata Kaizaki, who has just been fed up with his life, as he thinks he is a loser. He is just a patient-less person and wishes for some better, not even trying something hard. He just jumps from one job to another, hoping that he will someday get a job, offering him better opportunities. At last, Ryō Yoake came for his help, and he offered him a pill that will entirely change his life. Arata, ate that pill without thinking anything and woke up the next morning being a 17 years old high school student.

Thinking it would give more fun, he was very happy, until he realises that he was wrong. Although, he got to know about his new classmates, and with many issues, he thought to end this all but was he able to do this? He has to live like this for a whole year, and if successful, would be offered a job offer in the ReLife Research Centre. In the end, he understands everything and was able to achieve everything.

Relife Season 2 Characters

The main character of the series is Arata Kaizaki who is played by Taishi Nakagawa and voiced by Kenshō Ono and Micah Solusod. He is an unemployed man of the age of 27. He does not find himself to be fit in any of the job profiles and is unemployed for several years until gets an opportunity to work in ReLife. Chizuru Hishiro, voiced by Ai Kayano and Jeannie Tirado and played by Yuna Taira is a classmate of Arata, who is a socially awkward person but scored the top grades in her school time. She is also the ReLife subject and later got a job there.

Relife Season 2 Release Date

Ryō Yoake who is voiced by Ryōhei Kimura and Josh Grelle and played by Yudai Chiba is the supervisor of Arata and notices him all the time, making his report. He is a cheerful person and in a relationship with An. Rena Kariu is also a classmate of Arata who is very competitive. She is genuinely proud of herself, a bit confused inside all the time. She is voiced by Haruka Tomatsu and Alexis Tipton and played by Elaiza Ikeda. Kazuomi Ōga, voiced by Yūma Uchida and Blake Shepard and played by Mahiro Takasugi is the class representative and does well academically, but is poor in athletic abilities. He likes Rena and wants to be with her all the time. His brother used to be a ReLife subject.

The list is long, and every character has done his / her role amazingly and beautifully. The same cast could reappear again if the series renewed for season 2, but as there are no updates, so is the cast. Well, hope for the best and wish it come back.

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