Is Normal People Season 2 Release Date Canceled?

Complex dramas have always been a great hyped-up topic among teenagers. Normal people are one such Irish romantic series that depicts the complexity of a teenage relationship beautifully. The show has the complete set of a small coastal town of Ireland where the two lead protagonists are in secondary school coping with their personal problems along with failing expectations in the relationship. The show has got a huge fanbase with only one season in hand, it has also received an 8.5 IMDb which makes the show worth a watch for all. After season 1 of the show, fans have now come up with questions regarding season 2 of the show. However, the series is actually based on a novel of the same name written by Sally Rooney, and the first season has cinematized the entire story written in the novel thus at this point the makers clearly don’t have enough material to work on for the second season.

However, we have received a great response from the lead actors regarding their anticipation to be working again as Marianne and Connell. The makers of the show have also given us hints that there may be a second season for the show but it will be after a long-time gap with a well-written script to do justice to the first season. Thus, we still have hopes for the renewal of the series but we surely have to wait for a long time for that.

Normal People Season 2 Release Date

Normal People Season 2 Release Date

The series is already regarded as a mini-series and thus with only a total of 12 episodes, the first season came to an end. Each episode of the first season has a total runtime of approximately 25-35 minutes.

Though there are many rumors regarding the cancellation of the show for season 2, there hasn’t been any confirmed information, and keeping in mind the hints from the makers of the show, there is actually a chance for the renewal of the show but according to the actors that may happen nearly 9-10 years later as no current initiative has been taken by them. We have also received word from them stating that some things are better left incomplete and open for the future. The novel on which the entire series was based came out in the year 2018.

Seasons Release Date
Normal People Season 1 Release DateApril 29, 2020
Normal People Season 2 Release DateNot Confirmed
Normal People Season 2 Release Date


Normal People Season 1 Story

The show mainly starts with the last secondary school years of Connell and Marianne where they grow slowly close and end up having a secret affair with each other. however, the social standing Marianne has started affecting the relationship, though they are trying their level best to work it out teenage love seems quite tough for both of them. Soon we see a breaking point for both of them Connell having his popular and successful kid social standing doesn’t help Marianne while she goes on being bullied and ends up pulling out of the school because of the emotional turmoil she is going through.

After getting into college, they have their own personal struggles regarding their family along with social circle, and with more efforts from Connell’s side, it becomes tough for him to adjust anymore. Soon they again grow apart because of their personal life problems and we soon see Marianne moving abroad makes it tough for both of them however through all those struggles they end up sticking to each other trying to be constant support towards the ending of the season. We see both of them uniting in trinity however there always remains a chance for them to grow apart and end things just like their previous years. Though we all hope for them to be together because they surely look so sweet and mode for each other throughout the series.

Where Can We Watch Normal People?

Normal people are currently available on the Hulu platform for streamlining in the USA, BBC player in the UK, CBS’s gem in Canada along with stan in Australia. The show originally started premiering on BBC Three for the first season and then was moved to BBC One.

Normal People Season 2 Trailer

Normal People Season 2 Release Date

As we already know we haven’t received any update regarding season 2 of the show, thus we also haven’t received any trailer for season 2, though the trailer for season 1 is currently available on YouTube.