Our Kind of People Season 2 Release Date, Cast, And More!

Our Kind of People is an American tv series that debuted on Fox on September 21, 2021, as part of the tv season 2021–22. The program, produced by Wendy Calhoun and Karin Gist, is based on Lawrence Otis Graham’s 1999 novel of the same title. The story takes place in Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts, and features single mum Angela Vaughn as she attempts to restore her family’s identity. However, she soon uncovers a horrific revelation about her own mother’s history that will completely turn her life upside-down. A dramatization of Lawrence Otis Graham’s 1999 novel Our Kind of People: Inside America’s Black Upper Class, proposed by Wendy Calhoun, was under production at Fox in September 2017.

Our Kind of People Season 2 Release Date

Our Kind of People Season 2 Release Date

For the time being, fans can rest assured that showrunner Karin Gist has great plans for Season 2 and that the absence of a production order beyond the first twelve isn’t an indication that Fox is losing interest in the program. And supporters can only pray that Fox makes a choice as soon as possible! However, the program is not the biggest rating winner, and its numbers aren’t the best moving into the conclusion. Our Kind of People presently has a 0.3 rating and a 1.35 million viewership in the important 18-49 age category, thus according STVPlus. Even though those aren’t the lowest ratings in primetime, they don’t guarantee that Fox will renew the show for a second season.

In November, Fox published their midseason schedule, confirming that Our Kind of People would never be renewed beyond the original twelve-episode order. A freshman program not obtaining a backorder for additional episodes in the second half of a TV season can be a bad indicator for its survival, but Deadline revealed in the autumn that Our Kind of People Season 1 was meant to end after a short sprint, with Fox anticipated to decide on Season 2 in spring 2022.

Seasons Release Dates
Our Kind of People Season 1 Release DateSeptember 21, 2021
Our Kind of People Season 2 Release DateJanuary 25, 2022
Our Kind of People Season 2 Release Date


Our Kind of People Season 2 Cast

The main cast includes Yaya DaCosta as Angela Vaughn, Nadine Ellis as Leah Franklin Dupont, Rhyon Nicole Brown as Lauren Dupont, Lance Gross as Tyrique Chapman. Alana Kay Bright as Nikki Vaughn, Joe Morton as Teddy Franklin, Morris Chestnut as Raymond Dupont.

The recurring cast includes Raven Goodwin as Josephine, Nicole Chanel Williams as Taylor Woods, Debbi Morgan as Patricia. L. Scott Caldwell as Olivia Sturgess Dupont, Melissa De Sousa as Alex Rivera, Susan Spain as Rose Franklin, McKinley Freeman as Nate Robinson. Jeff Hephner as Jack Harmon, Ahmarie Holmes as Sloane, and Kay-Megan Washington as Jackie.

Our Kind of People Season 1 Recap

“Our Kind of People” features Angela Vaughn, a strong-willed single mother who sets out to recover her family’s reputation and make a difference with her groundbreaking haircare product that celebrates black women’s innate, natural beauty. But she eventually uncovers a horrific revelation about her own mother’s background that will flip her world on its head and forever disturb this neighborhood. The show is a soapy, exhilarating study of race and class in America, as well as an unabashed celebration of black persistence and accomplishment.

The most under-the-radar hamlet of Oak Bluffs, located on the well-known Massachusetts island that has become a world-class vacation spot, is a location where Black members of the super-duper elite have resided and gone on vacation for decades. Oak Bluffs becomes a neighborhood where riches, relationships, and prestige are everything in the melodramatic, fictionalized light of Our Kind of People, and one woman wants to seize what is rightfully hers.

Our Kind of People Season 2 Release Date

According to rumors, FOX has been engaged in adapting the novel into a program for several years. The network reportedly formed a writer’s room in 2017 to hash out a script for Graham’s book, which was published in 1999 after Graham spent six years researching some of America’s most notable Black families. In 2020, a new group of writers gathered, and FOX ordered the show straight to production without a pilot.

Obviously, some clunkiness is to be anticipated in the first few episodes of a show, particularly if it’s a soap trying to cram in as much melodrama as feasible. “Our Kind of People” establishes the Vaughns’ difficult past on the island, hosts many parties and a fashion show, contains a secret group initiation, a sisterhood brunch, a threatening corporate takeover, as well as several family secrets, and sends a woman overboard in the first episode only.